“He’s not a bad father:” Milwaukee man accused of not paying child support for his 17 kids

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MILWAUKEE -- He's either one of the worst deadbeat dads in Wisconsin, or a great, involved father -- depending on who you ask. Police are searching for a Milwaukee man to pay his child support for his 17 children.

Armond Curry

Armond Curry

Milwaukee police are looking for 36-year-old Armond Curry. He's also known by his hip hop name, "Money G Allstar Mack," at times being a prolific songwriter.

But a criminal complaint suggests Curry is prolific in another way. He has fathered 17 children and he is charged with 17 counts of failing to pay child support -- all felonies.

"He's not a bad father, he's a great father," said Antoinette James.

Antoinette James, who may be mother number two, says Curry does support his children. He just doesn't do it through officials channels, and she's OK with his other families.

"Their brothers and sisters come to my house and interact with my kids. I go pick them up or let them go over to their brother and sister's house. They all know their father and know how good a father he is," said James.

Antoinette James

Antoinette James

"I've seen him with all of them at the same time," said James.

"The state of Wisconsin doesn't have to support other people's children," said Bill Berens, Milwaukee County District Attorney.

The district attorney heading up the prosecution says many of the children are in public assistance. Bill Berens is trying to get Curry's Facebook records, which he believes may show an opulent lifestyle of a recording artist and rapper.

Money G Allstar Mack Facebook page

Money G Allstar Mack Facebook page

"Those records will overall show whether he intended to fail to pay his support, his ability to pay," said Berens.

FOX6 News reached Curry's mother out of state by phone.

Freda Curry

Freda Curry

"The reality is they're here. They exist now. They apparently are taken care of because none of them are in the system in foster care," said Freda Curry, Armond Curry's mother.

While Armond Curry does have his share of supporters, the state of Wisconsin is tired of being one of them and wants him to support his own kids, 17 times.

Milwaukee law enforcement is working on leads as to Curry's whereabouts. He faces a possible 3 1/2 years in prison for each of the 17 counts.


  • KayBee

    that makes a lot of sense, put him in jail (which costs a lot of money) because he’s costing the state a lot of money by not paying his child support? he’s not going to be able to pay child support from jail ya know…

      • Alan Watts

        ^This. You really want to see the movie ‘idiocracy’ come to life? This man has created 17 children who won’t have a father in their lives. And the mothers (who let guys in them without condoms) I doubt are highly sound of mind. What people seem to forget is that in the likelihood that these children’s upbringings will be missing out on important factors – the decision making of those kids can very well lead to a repeat situation and now instead of 17 kids with a troubled upbringing, we have exponential offspring of children that are missing fathers. You think that’s good for society? You think that’s going to help these children in life, and the children that are around them? Doubtful. And troubling if you ask me.

  • Shelly

    This is one of the things that I don’t understand either. How is putting a man in jail where he is unable to earn an income helping to support his children? I have an employee who has had his children over a year (mother didn’t want them) and is still required to pay support to his ex, current, plus arrears. Now talk about messed up. She has seen her kids a handful of times in that year. It sure doesn’t leave the man much to raise his children and he doesn’t qualify for assistance because she gets it for the kids she doesn’t have. Go figure.

    • Truth

      He already isn’t supporting them lol. Putting him in jail won’t change his support for his kids. It will stop him from having more kids that he won’t pay for though. How can you even start to defend a man who has 17 children and doesn’t support them, the whole thing is pretty sad.

  • DK

    not a bad father 17 kids tax payers are paying for his kids you really think this guy will work when they take his money for child support he needs to be neutered

  • Saipan Sam

    Feral beast. And to think YT ends up paying for this man’s out of control radiator hose. You sign up for public assistance? You get your tubes tied.

  • Truth

    These are the inner city kids role models. It seems like the more kids you have in the black community gives you more power like Africans having 6 wives. Those kids will now grow u misdirected because of their irresponsible father who has never grown up to take responsibility of even knows what that is.

    • anonthony

      Wisconsin doesn’t want to pay for this guys horde of kids, and we shouldn’t have to. Black Lives Matter, just not to this guy apparently, and apparently they only matter to white tax payers who have to keep paying so Black Men can keep knocking up a dozen different women and Black Women can keep squirting out 20 kids that White People pay them for. No, enough’s enough, toss this jerk in jail. It’s not like he’s working anyways, not like he’s contributing to society anyways. Take whatever he has, and they can use that to pay for these illegitimate children. Black Lives Matter? Apparently Black Families don’t matter.

  • Kiki

    What is wrong with these women? Have some respect for yourselves and stop having kids with (men) that already have a dozen with who knows how many other women. And then have the state support them. Black lives matter? The more kids you have the more money you get. Yeah. Black lives matter.

  • Alex

    Still deny there is a breeding war against you, cuckservatives? You paid for this. Most of you put off having kids yourself.

  • tracy

    What I don’t understand is why any of the females would keep having kids by him!ain’t no way he’s financially taking care of 17 children.

  • LC

    Putting him in jail is pointless. At lease one of the mother’s claim he supports his kids outside of the system. If he goes to jail, the kids will not have that small contribution , will still be on welfare & he will probably get one of the guards pregnant. If the mother’s don’t want him in jail, the state should forfeit their government support and be done wit it.

    • J.May

      At least one of the mother’s claim he supports his kids (off the books, so to speak). That means someone isn’t reporting the income they receive from him to social services, and is therefore defrauding the state. Seems to me, some of the mothers need to be in jail, too.

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