Looking for a fun place to take the kids? Head to Bretty Brinn Children’s Museum

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MILWAUKEE -- If you're looking for a fun place to take the kids during the holiday break, head to the Betty Brinn Children's Museum. That's where Laura spent the morning to take you inside its Tinkertoy Exhibit. Click here for more information.

Exhibit Overview (website) 

TINKERTOY®: Build Your Imagination™ is a new educational exhibit that combines the open-ended and inventive play qualities of the timeless TINKERTOY® construction set with GE’s innovative technologies that enrich our lives and our global community. Giant TINKERTOY® building pieces create a fantastic framework for all of the exhibit’s activities, and real TINKERTOY® construction sets take center stage in an awe-inspiring collection of TINKERTOY® pieces featured in a creative play area. A special welcome gallery and nine unique activity stations invite children and families to explore contemporary topics like renewable energy and clean water technology, to experiment with ideas and create their own inventions, and to work as collaborators in the exhibit’s hands-on environment. Each activity promotes important developmental skills and reflects the high standards of our exhibit partners.