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“This is malicious:” Teen’s phone number attached to prostitution ad on Craigslist

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CAMPBELLSPORT -- A Campbellsport teenager says she didn't know why her phone started ringing in school. She was getting strange calls from strange men. Her mother says this is an extreme form of bullying -- and she has pulled her daughter from school.

This mother says her daughter's phone number was attached to a fake Craigslist ad for sex.

Isabella Spoerl

Isabella Spoerl

"I'm in class and I got a phone call. I didn't know who it was, so I hit decline," 15-year-old Isabella Spoerl said.

Then came creepy text messages.

"I got a text message saying 'hey buddy, listen up. If you're not going to answer your phone, then don't post ads on Craigslist for prostitution,'" Spoerl said.

Text message to Isabella Spoerl

Text message to Isabella Spoerl

Turns out, Spoerl's number was attached to an ad on Craigslist. The ad's author claims he's a man looking to have a sexual encounter with another man.

"I have at least two missed calls, three missed calls. And three to four messages," Spoerl said.

Spoerl says those who responded were given her number. Her mother says it's no accident.

"That is ridiculous, malicious, deliberate," Spoerl's mother, Andrea Perrote said.

Spoerl and her mother believe other teens at Campbellsport High School made the fake ad.

Ad on Craigslist

Ad on Craigslist

Spoerl's mother calls this extreme cyber-bullying.

"I think it's scary, and I don't think these kids realize what they've done," Perrote said.

School officials have launched an investigation.

Campbellsport High School

Campbellsport High School

Campbellsport High School's resource officer, a Fond du Lac County Sheriff's deputy is involved in that investigation.

Spoerl says a teen was forced to apologize after school on Monday -- but her mother says she wants to see punishment.

"I think they should be expelled from school, and criminal charges brought against them," Spoerl's mother said.

If that happens, Isabella Spoerl won't be around to see the outcome. Her mother has pulled her from the school.

"If you have the chance to start over and start somewhere fresh, you would instantly take it," Spoerl said.

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  • Anonymous

    All I have to say is Campbellsport will say they are going to do something to look good but they never will. Those kids will walk out of there like everyone else does, getting away with the most cruel things. Things I see day to day at this school, it will never end!

  • kw

    wow. this is just terrible!!!! shame on who ever did this and yes they should be charged criminally and also expelled. bullies are just people who are so unhappy with their life they try to make others feel bad too. I am so sorry this happened to this young lady she is beautiful and good for her mom taking action!!! Hang in there young lady!!! stay the bright beautiful young lady that you are!!!

  • Amy Rahman-Brzezinski

    If the school isn’t smart enough to do something about this, the Campbellsport PD should definitely press charges. I hope thy do the right thing. I live in Campbellsport (no children), but I would feel better knowing the Campbellsport PD handled this appropriately.

  • Kansas

    I think that’s hilarious. People in the last 10 years have became so.worried about stupid childish games. I think they the kids who did it should get point for originality

    • Mike Smith

      I have to agree that is hilarious and was simply a teenage joke which has been overplayed in the news. One of the comments made in a new cast indicated it followed her home. Well in years past who did not receive some bullying at home in the form of receiving a pizza that was not ordered, prank phone calls or even being decorated with toiled paper. In addition the girl did not appear to be bothered by changing schools and leaving friends behind. This leads me to believe there is a very interesting other side to the story. Congratulations on the mother and daughter getting their 15 minutes of fame.

    • Zawne

      What people don’t seem to realize is that using someone’s phone number you can easily track their IP address and find their location. I mean, if you had an underage daughter I don’t suppose you’d be okay with grown men anonymously sending her photos and calling her, and then knowing that they had the potential to locate her would freak out any parent. Also this isn’t original in anyway. This happened to my roommate last year and she actually developed a stalker because of it.

  • Anon

    Bullying has been a problem at Campbellsport High School for some time now. When I attended school at this establishment the administration had said they would look into the bullying. They never did. The bullying continued for the next 4 years. The bullying went to an extent of students mothers getting involved with the bullying. And still nothing happened. This school needs a different principal.

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