Kohler Company officials, UAW Local 833 officials meet to discuss contract amid strike

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Kohler Company UAW Local 833 workers on strike

KOHLER — A Kohler Company spokesman tells FOX6 News negotiations between the company and UAW Local 833 workers continue. We’re told Kohler Co. officials and union officials met Thursday, December 10th to discuss a new contract.

The two sides also met last week, according to the Kohler Company spokesman.

On November 15th, members of United Auto Workers Local 833 voted to go on strike.

The major sticking points in contract talks have centered on Kohler Co.’s two-tiered wage system and also on health care.

The striking workers are out on the picket line 24/7 — rotating in six-hour shifts.

It’s unclear at this point when the two sides could meet again.



    • Nick

      I may be wrong but a company can’t bring the same contract to the table once it has been voted down. The contract would have to be different

  • Common Sense

    Seems the Kohler workers don’t realize how fortunate they are… 20% wage increases, health insurance around $250/month for a family, pensions, matching 401k. Most companies these days are cutting benefits & laying off! Kohler has made it clear, Sheboygan’s production facility is the highest-cost of theirs in the WORLD. Layoffs are imminent if the union can’t get reasonable. See the facts on the Kohler offer here: http://www.corporate.kohler.com/bulletin

    • The Simple Truth

      Dear common sense, please try and keep up. Our contract five years ago froze are wages and raised our health insurance substantially for five years. That a total of 6 years without a raise, that means we lost take home pay.
      Now, you say we are the highest payed out of all his company, Okay, lets check the demograghfics of this fact.Wisconsin is one of the highest taxed states in the U.S., not to mention skyrocketing health cost, and the constant rising costs of groceries, fuel rates (all types), school tuitions, home purchase and maintaining a home (which is out of the question for tier B wages), Life and car insurances (and continuing repair cost on your used vehicle), which is just a few of the main costs in trying to raise a family in Wisconsin, not to mention the hundreds of nickel and dime costs and fee’s in raising a family.
      Now, if you give that employee a fair wage, that employee just might be able to work up to the point where he can save a down payment to buy a home, and can replace old furnishing in that home with a product that he helped manufacture.
      And if by some lucky chance in this day and age, they are able to help their child get a secondary education, and the parents are proud of the place they worked at, they would be an asset to the company as their parents are. That highly educated child just might come back to that company and help them expand into the future. And if you think some of the best and brightest minds only come from wealthy, and or Ivy League backgrounds you are sadly mistaken.
      Please take time to look back in history and find out just why Unions were created , and what they have done for the middle class. Who happens to be the largest part of the population that purchases the most products manufactured. Starving the employee that buys these products, you are killing the possibility of that company being all it can be.
      I believe Wisconsin has some of the brightest and hardest working employees in the Nation.
      And many company’s knowing this have always, and recently come to this state and thrived.
      Instead of lowering the ability of people trying to reach the American Dream.
      Why doesn’t big business go after the reasons the cost of living is so high in Wisconsin and the Nation.
      Why are the taxes so high here.
      Why is the cost of living so high in Wisconsin.
      Why is health and medical cost so high.
      Why is the food corporations aloud to poison the populations health with GMO’s,chemical sweetner’s,hormone additives,pesticides,dangerous drugs, etc.
      Why is the solution always take the money away from the little guy ? (Who you want to buy your product).

      The Simple Truth.

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