Netflix documentary on Steven Avery case generating buzz, but some say it doesn’t tell the whole story

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MANITOWOC COUNTY — “Making A Murderer,” a 10-part Netflix documentary that focuses on Steven Avery and his history with Manitowoc County law enforcement officials premiered on Friday, December 18th, and it’s been generating plenty of buzz.

First, some background on the case…

Steven Avery served 18 years in prison for a sexual assault conviction, which DNA analysis later linked to another man. He was exonerated and released from prison on September 11, 2003.

Steven Avery released from prison in 2003

Steven Avery released from prison in 2003

After his release from prison, Avery filed a $36 million federal lawsuit against Manitowoc County, its former sheriff, Thomas Kocourek, and its former district attorney, Denis Vogel.

In 2005, he was arrested and convicted of the murder of photographer Teresa Halbach.

Steven Avery

Steven Avery

On October 31, 2005, the same day that Halbach went missing, state legislators passed the Avery Bill to prevent wrongful convictions. The bill has since been renamed out of respect for the Halbach family.

Sometime during the day on October 31, 2005, photographer Teresa Halbach was scheduled to meet with Steven Avery, one of the owners of Avery Auto Salvage, to photograph a maroon Plymouth Voyager minivan for Auto Trader Magazine. She had been there at least 15 times, taking pictures of other vehicles for the magazine. Halbach disappeared that day.

Teresa Halbach

Teresa Halbach

On March 18, 2007, Avery was found guilty of murdering Halbach, not guilty of mutilating a corpse, and guilty of illegally possessing a firearm.

On June 1, 2007, he was sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole for the murder of Halbach. He was also sentenced to 10 years for felony possession of a firearm, to run concurrent with the murder sentence.

He is housed at Waupun Correctional Institution. In August 2011, a state appeals court denied Avery’s appeal for a new trial.

Brendan Dassey

Brendan Dassey

On March 2, 2006 Brendan Dassey, Avery’s nephew, was charged with being a party to first-degree intentional homicide, mutilation of a corpse and first-degree sexual assault. However, Dassey’s attorneys have since asked for him to be released, or given another trial, on the basis that his constitutional rights were violated due to ineffective assistance of counsel and an involuntary confession.

Inspired by a newspaper article from 2005, producer/directors Laura Ricciardi and Moira Demos have spent the last decade documenting an unprecedented real-life thriller that spans more than 30 years.

Making a Murderer follows Avery’s story — an outsider from the wrong side of the tracks, convicted and later exonerated of a brutal assault. His release triggered major criminal justice reform legislation, and he filed a lawsuit that threatened to expose corruption in local law enforcement and award him millions of dollars. But in the midst of his very public civil case, he suddenly finds himself the prime suspect in a grisly new crime.

Netflix "Making A Murderer"

Netflix “Making A Murderer”

The documentary’s producers were New York film graduate students when a New York Times article about Steven Avery drew them to Manitowoc County.

They were able to boil hundreds of hours of footage into 10, one-hour episodes.

But the man who helped convict Avery of murder is critical of the documentary — saying it doesn’t tell the whole story.

FOX6’s partners in Green Bay, WLUK, spoke with the producers and the former district attorney who’s critical of this documentary.

“When we started this project, we cast a very wide net. People had very different responses to the invitation to participate,” Moira Demos said.

Members of Steven Avery’s defense team were among the willing participants. Throughout the series, the defense suggests the Manitowoc County Sheriff’s Department planted evidence to frame Avery for murder. It’s a theory viewers are heavily backing on social media, leading to online petitions to free Avery from his life sentence.

“We just think it’s important for people to be reflecting on this and talking about it and trying to process it in a healthy way,” Laura Ricciardi said.

Ken Kratz, former Calumet County district attorney

Ken Kratz, former Calumet County district attorney

“Anytime you edit 18 months worth of information and only include the statements or pieces that support your particular conclusion, that conclusion should be reached,” Ken Kratz, former Calumet County district attorney said.

Kratz was the special prosecutor on Avery’s murder case.

To avoid any appearance of conflict the Manitowoc County district attorney requested that neighboring Calumet County authorities lead the investigation.

Kratz says before the documentary’s release, he wasn’t provided the opportunity to answer any allegations made. Kratz says that’s led to him receiving dozens of threatening and insulting messages.

“Suggestions that I shouldn’t even be walking around was offered, the good cheer that I happen to develop stomach cancer for Christmas and really lots of really troubling pieces of correspondence,” Kratz said.

“Making a Murderer” producers say Kratz was provided opportunities to speak with them. Despite more participation from the defense than prosecution, the producers say they tried to show all viewpoints.

“We believe the series is representative of what we witnessed. The key pieces of the state’s evidence are included in the series,” Demos said.

“I believe there to be 80% to 90% of the physical evidence, the forensic evidence, that ties Steven Avery to this murder never to have been presented in this documentary,” Kratz said.

Kratz believes Netflix should provide an opportunity for his side of the case to be told.

You may recall, Kratz’ law license was suspended after he was accused of rampant sexual harassment.

Kratz testified in a state Office of Lawyer Regulation hearing in 2012 that his sexual compulsions didn’t affect his professional life until 2009, when prescription drugs lowered his inhibitions and he tried to spark an affair with a domestic abuse victim through a barrage of text messages.

Kratz resigned in 2010 after The Associated Press reported the texts.

As for the producers of this Netflix documentary, they say they plan to continue to follow any new developments with Avery.

The Halbach family did not return WLUK’s phone call about the Netflix series.

A month ago, family members said in a statement they were saddened to learn that individuals and corporations continue to create entertainment and to seek profit from their loss.

Steven Avery

Steven Avery

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  • Gia Ricker

    Netflix gave the world a view of small town injustice. Sheriff Herman, Ken Kratz… Shame on you! Karma is gonna be beautiful ;)

      • N Mai

        To Bob below since fox6 won’t allow direct response: you are a disgrace to the human race! Avery was PROVEN INNOCENT of the 1985 assault!!

    • KarenRSilva

      –($)–G­­o­­­o­­­g­­l­­e­­­ i­­s­­ <­­-p­­a­­y­­i­­n­­g­­ 9­­7­­$ p­­e­­r h­­o­­u­­r! ­­W­­o­­r­­k ­­f­­­­o­­r ­­f­­­­e­­­­w­­ h­­­­o­­u­­r­­s ­­a­­n­­d h­­a­­v­­e l­­o­­n­­g­­e­­r w­­i­­t­­h­­ f­­­­r­­i­­e­­n­­d­­s & ­­f­­a­­m­­i­­l­­y­­! ­­O­­n ­­t­­u­­e­­s­­d­­a­­y I g­­o­­t ­­a­­ g­­r­­e­­a­­t ­­n­­e­­w­­ L­­a­­n­­d­­ R­­o­­v­­e­­r ­­R­­a­­n­­g­­e ­­R­­o­­v­­e­­r­­ f­­r­­o­­m h­­a­­v­­i­­n­­g e­­a­­r­­n­­e­­d­­ $­­8­­7­­2 t­­h­­i­­s ­­l­­a­­s­­t­­ f­­o­­u­­r­­ w­­e­­­­e­­k­­s.­­.­­ I­­t­­ s­­o­­u­­n­­d­­s­­ u­­n­­b­­e­­l­­i­­e­­v­­a­­b­­l­­e­­ b­­u­­t ­­y­­o­­u w­­o­­n­­t f­­o­­r­­g­­i­­v­­e ­­y­­o­­u­­r­­s­­e­­l­­f i­­f ­­y­­o­­u ­­d­­o­­n­­’­­t­­ c­­h­­e­­c­­k i­­t­­…''
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    • Nje

      Karma is beautiful and it has started with KRATZ ACCUSED OF SEXUAL MISCONDUCT and ultimately his name destroyed and had to resign – that scumbag – i love it.

    • Chief Wiggins

      The odds are astronomical that Steven would commit this crime and even more that Brendan would!

      Colborn, and the others all smug and liars!

      I can only hope that every officer in that county gets buried on duty in a sewage ditch somewhere and I have nothing against good cops but these guys… Crooked good ‘ol boy network!

  • adriko555

    The minimum that should be done is to give Avery a new trial. The two officers that interrogated Brandon Dassey should be fired for being absolutely unprofessional and manipulating a 16-year old boy with limited intellectual abilities or in other words a 16-year old exceptional student. Shame on them!!!!

    • Margaret

      I think I had nightmares about Brendan Dassey last night after finishing the series….it is haunting me and I don’t even know him. How do Weigert and Fassbender, his pathetic (first) attorney Kachinsky, and the attorney’s even more pathetic investigator live with themselves? How can they possibly sleep well at night?

      • Rachel

        Margaret..I just got chills. I also finished up the series last night and just like you, I had nightmares about Brendan, practically a child at the time, who was completely and utterly failed by the entire justice system. This morning as I woke up I could still hear Brendan in my dreams, crying and begging police that he just wants to go home and will say anything they want if he can just go back to his life.

        Today is my 30th birthday and I have felt so disgusted since finishing the series that I have been sick to my stomach all day. I am TERRIFIED at the fact that the justice system has failed a kid so horribly. I’m heart broken for the Dasseys. I am also sad that Theresa was not given the professional and proper investigation and trial that she and her family deserved. Of course the family doesn’t see it that way but why would they? They had no reason to distrust a system that never failed them.

        I admit I can’t say with certainty that Steven Avery is innocent of the convicted crimes…but deep in my gut, I KNOW that evidence was planted in his case and that the ENTIRE town had it out for him. He was failed by the justice system for a second time no matter how you look it at. I also have NO DOUBT that Brendan is innocent and he was failed by everyone even…no, ESPECIALLY, his own public defender!

        I pray more than anything that the REAL TRUTH comes out one day. Please God let the truth come out and set Brendan free (and his uncle if he truly is innocent).

      • Fran

        I know in order to sleep I had to pray that was the only way that I could get this off of my mind because I watched the series from beginning to end.

      • rayray1223

        And what kills me….one of the many things actually…about this entire trial and investigation….how do you have SEVEN jurors say Not Guilty, 1 undecided and only 2 Guilty at the beginning of deliberations….and go from that outcome to (while 1 juror who was dead set on Steven’s innocence excuses himself) the final outcome is all jurors agree…Guilty??

        Some very serious jury tampering was involved in this, of that I am CERTAIN. By far the most disturbing failure of the United States justice system I have ever seen or heard of. Sad. Sickening. Horrifying. Shameful. Failures like this are the only reason I even question the death penalty…thank God neither Avery’s were sentenced to death.

      • TMReynolds

        Margaret, Rachel, Fran, RayRay – my husband and I just finished the documentary last night and I cannot stop thinking about the case. The amount of injustice, coercion, evidence tampering (the vile of blood alone – you GOT to be kidding me!!), bad press that made people believe he was guilty BEFORE the trial even happened – just all of it! And meanwhile Teresa’s poor family sitting there and no one acts like they care about the truth….disgusting and scary! I have two sons – 11 and 8 years old – we called them out to us and said to them that if they are ever questioned by police/investigators they shut down and ask for a lawyer immediately. To watch this 10-part series and see the evidence stack, not against Avery or Dassey, but against the police and sheriff’s department was something I have never in my 36 years witnessed. Here’s what I think: look at the letter Len’s PI, Mike O’ – whatever – read during Brendan’s trial (I know it’s separate than Avery’s, but still speaks to how people in this community view this family – that alone should be enough to move this trial to a new county), the fact that the evidence was found by a person of interest in Avery’s civil suit case – oh, and who, by the way, wasn’t even supposed to be part of this investigation! And what about the license call-in to dispatch by Colburn – we don’t know where he saw the car/why he phoned it in – he may have been the last person to see Teresa alive – we only know he called in her plates…and if you watch his testimony that guy goes from cool as a cucumber to shiftin’ in his pants (fidgeting hands/tight throat – the whole nine) when the defense plays back his words. I would love to hear an expert’s opinion on his body language…just all of it is disgusting. I wish we could donate money to help Avery with a team of great lawyers. The poor guy is sitting in prison sifting through all of the documents to try and prove his innocence alone – how terrifying. Here’s my theory: I think Lenk and Colburn wanted the civil suit to go away – they didn’t want to lose their lives as they knew it. I believe they were watching Avery – similar to the surveillance that was done on Gregory Allen – and they saw an opportunity in Teresa. I don’t know if they killed Teresa or if the guy who was stalking her did it and they just got lucky, but I have no doubt, none whatsoever, that they took advantage of what was presented and Avery had absolutely nothing to do with it. He couldn’t wait to marry Jodi – and look what they did to her – sad. This is not a man who is violent against women and definitely not a murderer. I LOVE the producers and directors for showing us this case. I pray for the Avery family and hope true justice will be served once and for all.

      • Ashlyn

        My mom and I have been doing the same. It is absolutely horrendous what this state has done and is still doing to that poor family. I wish there was something I could do. It makes me sick.

    • sweet

      AS well as Brendan’s,defense attorneys. They conspired against their own client who told them only of his innocence. They set him up! My heart feels bad for him and his uncle.

  • Injustice served

    The documentary was 100% fair. The prosecutions’ own words and actions make them deplorable, not anything the filmmakers did. Avery is clearly not guilty(legally), while Dassey is patently innocent. Those involved in this half-baked farm job are likely googling ” Argentina extradition” right now. When the officer is questioned about why he called in HallBach’s plates days before the car was found you can clearly see his demeanor change as he starts thinking he’s been caught, yet he’s literally the one escorting Avery out after he’s sentenced. America will demand justice and lucky for America they don’t have to rely on the manitowoc sheriffs office.

    • MM

      There were SO many moments like you’ve described here that left me totally stunned! If this was non-fiction, it wouldn’t be plausible. How do they live with themselves?

      • geekdome

        Thanks for pledging never to go to Wisconsin. The state doesn’t need an idiot like you who generalizes about millions of people on the basis of one story. And, in case you didn’t know, Wisconsin was the first state to abolish capital punishment, and had a very progressive history until that Republican union buster Scott Walker got elected.


        Ya! Like he said, the state doesn’t need an idiot like you! Didn’t you see the documentary? It’s practically filled to the brim with idiots, corrupt cops, useless attorneys and…OH WAIT, I MEAN YAY WISCONSIN!!

    • N Mai

      So true! I find it outrageous that fox and other biased new outlets are trying to claim the documentary is propaganda when the injustices are meticulously documented by video and documents EVERY TIME!

  • Zeke Teke

    It’s really really simple. The kid said they spilled her blood in his room and the garage. There was not an iota of her DNA present in either place. Neither of them are capable of sterilizing the house of that kind of violence. His confession (obviously bullied into making it as well) is phony.

  • tom masterson

    You don’t have any idea what’s happening. I’d never heard of the Averys before this series came out 5 days ago, but the level of corruption and misconduct seen in this case is staggering. Your state’s reputation, as well as its court and police systems, will be tarnished for years to come. This is just beginning.

    • Theinspector

      As opposed to our crooked governor whose staff was under investigation and convicted, or the Milwaukee police force that shoots unarmed homeless people in broad daylight, or possibly the district give police that were doing illegal strip searches on the side of the road? This state has been a joke for years, corrupt through and through.

  • Jessica

    What a waste of an article…it says nearly all of the damning evidence tying Avery to the murder was not included and fails to cite even one piece of evidence that should have been discussed. If it is a matter of public record, which it would be as it was introduced in open court, then why not elaborate on just how this was a tilted portrayal of the trial? Probably because he can’t.

  • Tammy Sewell

    This is not only desperately sad for Steven and Brendan and the whole family but also for Teresa’s parents as well because there is still a killer out there and I whole heartedly wish that the brother ( who seemed to like the lime light just a little to much for my liking ) and his parents consider that No One else was investigated if for no other reason then to rule them out properly. To the Avery family I understand your view but I hope you know that people like my husband and myself did not view this story as entertainment but saw this as a huge miscarriage of justice and I would hope that the more people that see this story will be able to somehow make a difference and help your family come back together.

    • Rebekaah (@ImmaRebekaah)

      I agree whole heatedly. This was not entertaining, it was sad. It was heartbreaking and infuriating. Anyone with two brain cells could see this was not a fair trial. 7 people went into that jury room with innocence on their mind SEVEN! Three bullies with their minds made up before the trial began made sure this innocent man went to prison for life. He should have been tried in a different state, and certainly not have citizens of his own county be his jury. That was the most tragic mistake of all.

    • MMA

      So well stated Tammy. I couldn’t agree more. This is haunting me and I just have to believe that we can collectively do something to get them new trials and find the real perpetrator. There are three tragedies in this case….because everyone’s life matters.

  • Cheryl

    This makes me lose what little faith had in the justice system. How deplorable. I don’t know how Ken Krantz, the “officers” and judges sleep at night. With Brendan it was so completely obvious he was just telling them what they wanted to hear. His first lawyer should be disbarred. The Avery’s should set up a GoFundMe. I would contribute.

    • Billy

      At the beginning of the trial, I’d say the judge was just focused on making sure the trial happened. I’m sure he’s seen enough shenanigans from defense attorneys and he’s probably got a thick skin from it. But by the end, I don’t know but I got a vibe from him reading the verdict that he was a bit surprised by it. But yes, the cops and the prosecutors and total scum. Also, Brendan’s first court appointed attorney and his investigator were trash in suits.

      • Sad Man

        I don’t think the judge was surprised at all. If he disagreed he could have granted the appeal or motion for mistrial or motion for another hearing or whatever… he’s one of the cronies, just like the DA and detectives.

  • Vince In Chicago

    I just finished watching this on netflix. Steven Avery was set up I am 99% sure of it. Give this man another trial.

  • Ted

    Are you kidding me?!? You are just covering your a$$ since the media is just at fault for jumping to conclusions of assuming Steven Avery was guilty from the get-go. Fox 6 might as well have been working with Manitowoc Sheriffs is releasing the info they wanted the public to hear and not the true story. Shame on you.

  • Noelani Magnus

    This is a frightening story. A family of scrap metal dealers showed up the local law enforcers as negligent. No matter the official finding of “no wrongdoing”… when an innocent man spends 18 years in prison and the real perpetrator goes on to ruin another life – well, there’s plenty of wrong doing. The vengeance the officers of the law wreak on this unprepossessing family should chill everyone to the bone. The justice system is clearly not for everyone – it’s definitely not for uneducated junk dealers who stand to be compensated for the stupidity of the Sheriff’s office. A truly terrifying precedent – AND Teresa’s murderer is out there.

      • Nelle

        This debacle is a testament to the worst in human character–those who think they are better than others, especially better than the poor who struggle do honest work and who are easy to manipulate. The better-than-thou human beings who are so intimidated by simple humility. You could see the hatred in at least three of the cops’ eyes; you could see them squirming when their “plan” had loopholes. There is a ton of crookedness in our culture when power players gain and flaunt their power for the sole purpose of forcing their crooked beliefs against whatever group they grew up hating. There is not a vicious or hateful bone in Steven Avery. His kind eyes and his unwavering honesty and straight story. His ability to not fight back. HIs effort to find a way to prove his innocence. Guilty people couldn’t be bothered to do that. And Teresa’s pompous brother? Don’t get me started. They might find the new evidence they are looking for if they find out why he broke into her cell phone messages and deleted some.

  • Josh

    Wisconsin’s justice system is a pathetic joke. Corruption and sending these two innocent men to prison for something they didn’t do is sad. I hope heads start rolling and the Feds take action over this. All those involved in the corruption and framing of this “case” need to be jailed with the key thrown away. The truth will eventually come out, it doesn’t hide forever.

    • Sad Man

      Yea right, look at the “Feds” that were brought in on the case to do the blood testing. That guy was so arrogant. Had no problem lying on the stand… as if he could tell what samples did or not contain w/out testing them. He knew the jury was bought and paid for though (what other explanation is there when they begin to deliberate and 7 think he’s not guilty) so all he had to do is act confident in his answers and not blow it.

      But yea, I love how these guys could clean up 100% of a murder victim’s blood from the scene of a grizzly crime… an amazing feat. Yet, can’t dispose of the evidence of a car with their big old car smasher. A car that was found after 45 min of searching? Astounding.

      • mmad

        My sentiments exactly. He has a car crusher on his property and chooses not to use it (but chooses to burn a body 50″ behind his trailer) and park it high on an embankment at the back of the property putting branches around it making it as conspicuous as earthly possible! And amazingly the map given to the relatives by the ex-boyfriend and roommate takes them right there! AMAZING! And by the way do we have any right to our private property….random strangers walking all over someone’s property? He was framed…and they need to figure out who that was.

  • katie

    The officers’ actions were disgraceful and there’s no way to deny their actions with the facts that were proven in this Netflix series. The media clearly swayed the jury’s decision.

  • cindi harmer

    This is a case of IQ vs IQ…. A set up beyond ego. A disjustice that should make every single person in our democratic society understand… it is NOT Land of the Free. I wish for you justice Steven Avery! Big time.

  • Stefanie

    D.A. Ken Katz is a DISGRACE! What he said during the press conference was the most egregious false and over-the-top statements I have ever heard. Making sure to purposely make false lies to further his career and make the public consider Steven Avery guilty immediately. The police officers are a disgrace in every sense of the word! I am so glad that I do not live in that area. I pray for every resident that lives there. Every police officer and Chief of Police needs to be removed immediately! How many people have they done this to or will do this to in the future? Whether it be erroneous drug charges or false imprisonment for burglary someone did not commit. God help every single resident in that area if they ever need to call the police for help. Especially the Averies themselves. Be aware of what they are capable of doing. Mostly if they do not like you or if you are not in the same income bracket as they are and they consider you beneath them. Something has to be done. This can not go on any longer. They need to have criminal charges against them. Mostly Steven Avery’s nephew court appointed Attorney who left him in a room to be interrogated by Police by himself. People have got to get together and sign the petition at and they need to go to the GoFundMe page. And they need to donate to their commissary at prison so that they may eat well while they are there awaiting justice. I pray for the mom and dad I want them to stay strong. I think of them constantly. Avery’s do not give up the fight!! There are so many of us behind you. Tell us what you want us to do. People, reasonable people who see justice being wronged in this situation. Do not let this go. Help these people. They need you more than ever. News media need to pick up on this injustice. Good Morning America needs to pick up on this News and the documentary and what all of the people are saying about the injustice this family is getting. Please let’s get these men out of jail. Please! Do something do not just sit around and talk about it. Action is what needs to happen! Please help. This could be your family, your son, your daughter, your grandson and granddaughter, mother and father!

  • Bobby

    This documentary should be required viewing by every adult in this country. Sadly, this is how it goes with most trials in every County in the country. Shocking isn’t it? As someone who works in the legal profession, all I can say is welcome to the judicial system. The documentary accurately portrays the joke that is our legal system. This is how it goes folks. It’s not fair and almost everyone involved at every level is completely inept and incompetent. God help you if you ever find yourself tangled up inside of it.
    Having said that, we do not have all of the facts and we did not see all of the evidence. Do not be so foolish as to jump to conclusions based on a heavily edited version of the trial. The documentary has a point of view and the filmmakers skillfully presented it. Only members of the jury and people attending the trial saw EVERYTHING.
    Simply based off of the documentary, I won’t go so far as to say that Steven Avery didn’t do it or wasn’t involved in some way but I am inclined to say that I do not think the prosecution met their burden of establishing guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. I do have doubts that he did it the way they presented it.
    As for the cops planting evidence, all I can say is that what we saw absolutely looks suspicious but I can’t quite get there to think that they killed Teresa and staged the entire crime scene. We don’t know exactly what happened and probably never will.

    • billy

      I completely agree with you Bobby. If Steven did not do it, who did? I do not believe that Steven or his nephew did it, but i am not 100 percent sure that Steven did not commit this crime. What are the alternatives? I mean, who did do it, who can fit into this scenario where Steven is innocent, and somebody or others, planted evidence (the police) yet did not kill the victim? It was the defenses argument all along that the police did not kill her, but that the real killer took advantage of Stevens past relationship with the police dept, and then the PD saw this as an opportunity to use this situation to plant evidence and be able to get out of having to pay out on this lawsuit that Steven was bringing on the PD? This is what conspiracy theories are made from, JFK, 9-11, Lincoln, just to name a few that are still haunting us to this day.
      It is so easy to hate all those involved, i particularly did not like the officer who found the Toyota and appeared to have found it prior to it reported missing, and then to see him in full color, escorting both Brendan and Steven after their both losing in court!!! How insensitive and how confident they were. they could not have a different officer escort them? I just thought that it was so brazen on their part that they allowed this officer to do this? +
      Who really killed her. Who could fit the bill? Someone mentioned Stevens brother. I mean that crossed my mind as i was watching this, i also considered Brendan’s brother as a possibility. Again, who fits into this scenario?
      I so desperately hoped that at the end of this series that justice would be done. I really hope that Steven did not commit this murder, because if he did i would be really saddened.

      • GreyAlien

        I would like to see this played in a class for law students. I would also love to hear from attorneys all over the country about this case and about what they think, especially from the Constitutional Law Prof’s.

      • Tracie

        I was thinking that maybe Bobbie Dassey had something to do with her death. When you think about it, he had opportunity, access to Steven’s property, no real alibi except for hunting and knew the police would go after Steven.

    • Paul

      Wrong. Obviously NOT all the data was presented in the courtroom and THAT is why Steven Avery and Brandon are in prison. The video of special investigator getting Brandon to draw the crime scene was not presented in court. The entirety of the Brandon confession video where he says “they got to my head” was not presented in court.

      Please think more before you make such stupid comments. The goal here is justice.

  • Maricela Orozco

    I still don’t believe Steven did this … and I believe the crooked police/sherriffs dept and individuals associated with them did. They were pissed because he filed a wrongful jailed suit against them and wanted to make sure he never saw a penny and i also believe that some of his own family members who didn’t want him around helped. That is one dysfunctional family

  • Jurassic Dinobattle

    Exactly what I came here to say. There’s a pattern of shady behavior. The backbreaker on this, for me, like the cherry, was the broken tape and the needle hole in the vial… That’s…. disturbing, even. That needs to be explained.

    • TMReynolds

      YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And I want to know why Colburn phoned in her plates….his body language was so sketchy after they played the call back…I have so many questions.

    • fedup

      I agree, do they not have cameras in the evidence room ? It was obvious to me the blood was planted after finding the evidence was tampered with. Yet it doesn’t show any explanation of how it happened or who did it, it was like it was no big deal at all, that alone I’m sure is a federal offense and should be looked into more.

  • Black magik hex on ken

    So Mr Kratz, those drugs lowered your inhibitions and made you sexually harasse a young women? Did those drugs also lower your inhibitions and become a corrupt cesspool DA?

    • Andra

      Actually, oxycodone DOES lower your inhibitions. I know this because I’ve been on it for two years. It’s way easier for me to talk to people on this drug. It relaxes you and takes away anxiety

  • lead denk

    I would hold lenk in a concealed bunker until he tells the truth. The justice system isn’t for our benefit but our control.

  • J Riley

    Just finished watching the documentary. Wow! Who would want to live in Wisconsin after that? I’d be afraid to be on the wrong side of that justice system.. lack of justice. No evidence in trailer or garage until after Manitowac gets on the scene. I hope Steven and Brenden get justice!!!

  • Andy melton

    In my opinion I think Steve is innocent corrupt officers and just an overall miscarriage of justice shame on the justice system more worried about an conviction than the actual truth what a shame .

  • Virginia

    How hopeless and helpless Steve and Brendan must feel at the hands of the United States Justice system. Local news media today creates a guilty until proven innocent atmosphere. As a result, due to today’s technology, in an instant, pictures words etc., can go viral and taint the public view. Freedom of speech is great, however, due to the rapidly increasing improvements in technology, the United States Justice system needs to revamp or add a clause to this freedom of speech in regards to an ever changing world. Surprisingly,media, when it comes to shining light on law enforcement it focuses more on issues of prejudice than corruption. My heart is truly very heartbroken for the family of Teresa Halbrach. They too are victims of the criminal justice system, in regards that Teresa’s killer still is out there free to kill again. I hope that can be remedied soon so no others will suffer as she did.

    • 808 Hank

      Couldn’t have put it better, i.e., condensing the common sense in this unfortunate situation into the simplest matter.

      He had a chance at collecting a $36 million payout, and he had a new fiancee! No sane man in Steve’s shoes would commit murder and then shoddily try to cover it up, and risk losing everything for nothing.

    • Jodie

      That’s exactly what I was thinking!! I mean come on , he had his freedom back after spending all those years in prison for a crime he didn’t commit and if he wins the civil suit and all that money why would he go and kill that girl?! Just doesn’t make sense or add up!! I hope he eventually gets justice!!!

  • Sam

    Balanced news! shame of you fox6. Where was this headline when Steve needed it? Fox6 and Kratz can go ahead and do rehab together because you guys are SICK!!!

    • jim

      I agree Sam. Shame on you Katie and Fox news! Of course “some say it doesn’t tell the whole story”. Those same people already framed a man, perverted justice, and send a 16 year old innocent kid to jail for life. Why didn’t you report that the prosecuting DA had to recuse himself for sexual harassment. You are being selective for personal gain, and that is not ok when it comes to the issue of justice. If you call yourself a Christian, read Proverbs 6:16-19.

  • R.R

    This is a disgrace to our judicial system. The Police should be ashamed of how they clearly framed these two innocent men. As a retired Police officer where 18 OT 25 years as a Detective , 20 years in NYPD, clearly shows coersion by the investigators and how they clearly Put the words in the mouths of these two me . Shameful .and disgraceful . Karma my friends Karma

  • Rebekaah (@ImmaRebekaah)

    Where are Steven’s lawyers, and why did they abandon him when the money dried up? They almost show emotion and empathy when they talk about how tragic this is and how it’s an injustice, but they do nothing about it when they have the great power of “Pro Bono” to do everything about it. Pressure should be put on them to work to free Steven if they truly believe this stance. These are the people with the power to do something, so be human and DO SOMETHING!

    • Tman

      Because trial attorneys and appellate attorneys have different skillsets and are different professions within the legal industry. Even if he had money, he would have paid for appellate attorneys.

    • Victoria

      Rebekaah, his attorneys have not abandoned him. They have tried for a new trial as of 2011 and were denied. This case has me so messed up with emotion right now. I don’t know, it is funny how this story can grip all of us and cause us so much stress over this mans misfortune.

  • Miki

    Now Mr. Kratz comes forward to mention he has gotten threatening and insulting messages? That is pretty silly, and shouldn’t happen, but you had platform and showed your true snake like colors, sadly life is not fair.. As well as claiming Netflix “should provide an opportunity for his side of the case to be told.”. Seriously? It appears you had your opportunity Mr. Kratz.. Unfortunately the fires of hell are VERY hot…. The movie / documentary makes money of course, and will continue too, it’s the world we live in, you seem to think it is now not fair when you had more than enough chances to show you integrity throughout this story from beginning to end. But you failed to show any, even remotely any as far as I can see, before during or after this situation happened.
    You should be sorry for yourself and the black eye you gave this state!

    I am deeply saddened for both the Halbach family as well as the Avery family. I have NO clue who committed the crime..?? But with the FACTS as shown, this case was a complete joke for our state at the time of the case as well as ongoing. Sadly we will most likely never know who committed this horrible crime.

    Thank you NETFLIX for showing 99% of information the media did not share with the views or readers at the time……

    Congrats Laura Ricciardi and Moira Demos! You deserve a large heavy award! :)

  • SARA

    This man is innocent, netflix didn’t need to air this for us to know this Mr. District attorney. There were too many mess ups years before this aired to know he is innocent again!

  • Richard McLaughlin

    It may turn out to be that Avery is not innocent in the end, but what is abundantly clear is that he did not receive a fair trial at all. Not only were questions raised about how the evidence was found, but why were all the jurors in the trial from Manitowoc county? It’s obvious that they were going to go into the trial with preconceived biases. That in and of itself should be call for a mistrial…
    What made me the most angry at DA Kratz during the trial was his expression to the public that the idea that these “good, family men” of the Manitowoc County Sheriff’s Department being portrayed as corrupt by the defense was just deplorable. People in authority positions are not only just as capable as anyone else to be corrupt, but they should be more willing to be put under the microscope and scrutinized than others, simply because we depend on them to keep us safe and shouldn’t cower in fear of whether or not they would come after us if we piss them off.
    This case was clearly skewered to protect those in authority and not the average citizen. Whether or not Avery really is innocent he, like all of us, deserves a justice system that protects the average citizen, not those that are in power.

  • Margaret Denten

    In just two days I watched the entire series and am haunted by it; most especially because I grew up in Calumet County. I’m devastated for the Haibach family because they were duped by this DA and there is no question in my mind that a killer is freely walking the streets. The DA, the “special agents”, Dassey’s first attorney and his so called polygrapher, should be held accountable. It’s utterly deplorable and inhumane what they did to Brendan Dassey. I’m grateful to the producers for what they have put together and I pray that the State of Wisconsin provides new trials for both men. As defense attorney Dean Strang said, “until it is our innocence or someone we love, we will never really understand.”

  • timegrrl

    A lot was based on the nephew’s confession (at least that was my take on it). And if you’re going to believe the nephew’s admission, and go by that, then her DNA should be all over that bedroom, soaked into the mattress, blood spatter everywhere… Yet, they didn’t find any. They didn’t even find her DNA on her own key that they finally found, days later, in his bedroom. You’re either going to believe everything the nephew says or none of it. The other issue, why would someone locked up so long, who finally has their freedom… Do everything possible to destroy themselves?! All of it is questionable.

  • Realtalk76

    “What does inconsistent mean…” That kid never stood a chance. Conflict of interest, collusion, implicit bias, sketchy timeline, No DNA evidence to substantiate that “cocka-mamey” story he told the media, etc. These guys need a new trial somewhere outside of that county and preferably the state. That was a gross miscarriage of justice.

  • MAD

    I have to believe that the egos of these men will get the best of them and they’ll watch the series too….maybe this will be the thing that breaks one of them and they slip up. I jus have to believe there is justice somewhere in this.

  • Shameonyou

    Andrew Colburn and Lt. Lenk should confess to their part in this mess. That is the only way Avery will ever have justice.
    Obviously the criminal justice system is corrupt from the county up. Once accused, always the criminal. I can not even
    believe those jurors. I would love to hear what they have to say after the documentary. I sincerely hope either Colburn
    or Lenk feels some kind of remorse for ruining all of these people lives and making a joke of their departments and
    fess up. Such a shame!

  • CMC

    This was a good but frightening documentary to watch. It is hard to believe a trial which determines if a person is sentenced to life in prison can be so corrupt because egos got in the way of people doing their jobs. Is it just a matter of time for the murderer of Teresa Halbach to confess and let the truth be told? Ken Kratz’s behavior of preying on women who were/are already in such a state of pain and confusion was/is ugly and insane. When will Kratz get HIS day in court to pay for such awful acts of crime.

  • blahblah

    Were you a juror Dave? Have you seen the documentary? He said he killed one kitten….not animals. I suggest you watch all 10 hours before commenting if you want to hear a whole lot more than what you would have gotten through your media sources.

    • Andrea

      It doesn’t matter if it was one kitten or a thousand kittens. If you have it in you to kill an animal, then you have it in you to kill a human.

    • Dave

      Exactly Andrea. It’s been proven that people who kill and abuse animals go on to murder people. This documentary clearly crafts its edits to make Steven a victim, when anyone with a brain or intelligence knows he did murder that poor woman. He had a trial by jury, was convicted, and the conviction was fair.

    • Billy

      No Dave, you couldn’t have said that more wrong. People that abuse and kill animals COULD possibly go on to kill people. Not every animal abuser turns into a murderer. And not every murderer has abused animals. I have no problem with Steve Avery serving prison time for abusing an animal(as he should), nor would most people and in fact, he did serve time for that. But he should not serve time for a murder he did not commit. If you want to argue that prison sentences are too light for animal abusers then fine, but don’t confuse the issue. It’s not productive and weakens your argument. Steven Avery most definitely had a checkered past and plead guilty and served his time for all of his convictions. He even served 18 years for crimes in which he wrongfully convicted and thus was ultimately exonerated. Also, I think your priorities are out of whack. I would be a lot more worried about a corrupt justice system continuing as though they did nothing wrong and not taking steps to remedy their mess than a guy hurting one cat. In the big picture, Steven hurting one cat 33 years ago couldn’t possibly affect you nearly as much as a currently and continually corrupt justice department. Don’t be mistaken, I’m not saying to sweep the issue of animal abuse under the table, but again, he’s already served his time for that. It’s time to move on to more pressing issues now.

  • Amanda R

    This is one of the most heartbreaking situations I have ever had the displeasure of hearing/reading/researching about. I have a close friend from South America and she is BLOWN AWAY about how afraid the average person is of the police. Her questions: “They can pull you over for no reason?” “Why does it take two police cars and four officers if a headlight is out?” (personal experience). There is a reason why those involved in the justice department from cop to da believe they are above the law… it’s because they are. The police have created a brotherhood bent on making money for their local governing bodies and believe they are truly saving the people from themselves. How does one in this country protect themselves from their designated protectors?

  • BrettD

    So where did the murder take place, the bedroom or the garage?? During the circus side show press conference Katz said she was bound and murdered on the bed. At trial he said she was shot in the garage??? Neither spot had any DNA. A CSI team couldn’t clean that room of all DNA , let alone a couple hillbilly boys. Remember, her throat was supposedly slashed on that bed?? Where the hell is the blood?? That and that alone (although there are countless other flaws) convinced me he/they were innocent and or framed. The whole thing is pretty unbelievable!

  • Barry G

    I am surprised Kratz would take a break from sexting to comment on anything at all. And the sheriff who is slinging his opinion around without even watching the series I guess is giving his professional uninformed opinion, sounds about right from what I saw.

    I do not understand how anyone could convict a child without any evidence. If I had been on that jury I would have laughed the whole time if it were not for the reason that the situation was about the saddest I have ever seen. Unbelievable story.

  • Fran

    Look at it in a healthy way Laura Ricciardi? Really we all saw the same thing and the most important thing of all is the fact that this doc was not based on hear say it was based on actual testimony Laura! What these people have done to the Avery family is not only a disgrace to the justic system it is a direct assult on humanity. These scumbags were caught in outright lies, tamping with evidence, manipulation of a minor and every unwitting participant of this case.

    On the flip side everyone that had a hand in these people’s demise is going straight to hell so have your fun while you walk the earth. That poor girl Taresa was killed by someone involved in this frame up of Steven Avery and his nephew, there was no killer on the loose. These people are epitome of EVil!

  • Wayne Murray

    Just finished watching this series Making of a Murderer. I’m in absolute shock that this injustice has taken place. I’ve been a detective for 49 years and have worked on criminal cases involving police officers. Yes there are bad cops and they should be prosecuted when there is a good reason. It look like they are breeding in Wisconsin. Most discusting unprofessional group of criminals I’ve ever seen. Not only the officers but the DA his staff the judges. So many conflicts of interest, violations of civil rights it’s hard to phathom. I incourage everyone to watch and research the Avery and Dassey cases and the contact your state reps feds and ag s and voice your outrage asap. I wish I were younger and I’d be on my way there.

    • rayray1223

      I love the cold, I’m a die hard Green Bay Packer fan as we have a family member who played for them in super bowl 1 and 2…I was seriously considering moving there with my fiancé and our little boy from CT. I am so glad I saw this docu-series. I am now so afraid of the Wisconsin government that I worry about traveling there for our long anticipated trip to Green Bay to watch the Packers play…which has been on my bucket list for years. This is one of the most disturbing cases I have ever seen and I’ve been a huge true crime fan my entire life. I never thought it possible that so many police officers, prosecutors, public defenders, judges, jurors could be such criminals in the same state!

    • casey

      Mr. Murray , your comments ,with your experience as a detective carry so much weight . Thank you for caring so much about this atrocious injustice . I am still deeply affected by this conspiracy and I watched the documentary 3 days ago. What a wick evil staged, event to frame an innocent man . I am outraged ! The courts refuse to hear the appeal !!! Our system is so badly rigged .This is right up there with the CIA murdering JFK . Stunned beyond comprehension that this outrageous betrayal of Justice and all the smoking guns that are being ignored while a killer remains on the loose . Tragic and monsterous that this kind of corruption can occur . Absolutely horrific ,diabolical masterminded ,evil ,murderous agenda at work here . Heads must roll !!! From head to toe ,corruption at its colossal ugliest !!!

  • rayray1223

    I have a theory that neither Avery will ever be set free for the simple fact that our country does not want to admit that the disgraceful justice system failed utterly and completely on not just 1 but TWO very serious high profile cases…involving the SAME MAN! Imagine the implications of admitting this horrifying failure! Especially considering the fact that the public already has such distrust in law enforcement. Our government will never allow these 2 victims to be set free. Never. I am so grateful this documentary series was created. We, the people of this country deserve TRUTH and TRUE justice!

  • casey

    What a blatant miscarriage of Justice , So obvious , No DNA , Jury members bribed , why hold the trial in Manitowoc? Only place your able to bribe selected jury members . Entire criminal system corrupt so as to avoid paying out 36 million in wrongful conviction lawsuit . Just follow the money . Horiffic disgusting appalling evil agenda at work here to sacrifice 2 mens lives for the preservation of an entire corrupt criminal operation in both Manitowoc and Calumet ! May God’s wrath reign down on all the greedy conspirators ! Steve Avery deserves a new impartial trial in a neutral county .Not another day in Jail for this man or his nephew !!

  • Mark

    If Kratz was immoral enough of a human being to victimize a crime victim in the course of carrying out his public duty, then it shows he was the kind of person that would care more about personal gratification than doing the right thing. The “sexting” scandal that got him run out of office proves that. The case against Avery is something that he still advertises on his own website and he knew he would gain from it by convicting Avery. It is a documented fact that he broke the rules by victimizing women he was responsible for protecting. There is little question that the guy who was abusing prescription drugs and victimizing women is not the go-to guy for an honest reaction to the documentary.

  • Craig

    Why am I not surprised it’s Ken Kratz that is saying this? What a crooked pathetic human being, Kratz deserves to be sitting in prison for christmas!

  • lovessence

    I’m just upset watching this series. free steven avery!!! all the corruptions is unreal and an innocent man have to pay for with his life. to teresa family! u guys are crazy to even believe that the corruptions have nothing to do with this karma will get ur family again. these sheriff are mess up people and karma will get u when least expected.

  • Michael

    I recommend folks watch the documentary. See for yourself. Notice that local law enforcement somehow found evidence in plain view that the outside investigators somehow missed during multiple prior searches. Notice the victim’s key somehow didn’t have the victim’s DNA on it, only Avery’s. Notice Avery somehow left a few drops of blood in the victim’s car, even though his only cut was on a finger and he left no fingerprints in the car. See a vial of blood from Avery’s first trial found tampered, a needle hole in it. See interrogators ask leading questions until a disabled 16 year old boy finally starts repeating what they’re saying. And more. Watch it for yourself.

  • Dave

    I am baffled by the rulings of the judges in the appeals process (not the same judges who conducted the trials – but the actual appellate judges). I cannot fathom why they would not grant a new trial to Brenden based on the info presented in the documentary. Is there other compelling evidence that points to guilt that wasn’t presented?

  • DonnyB

    I grew up nearby the Avery place and have family and friends there. When this case first happened everyone was in denial and thought I was crazy for thinking he did not do it. I always asked 1) Who leaves the vehicle there in one piece when he could easily destroy it and make it difficult to identify? 2) who leaves bones in a burn barrel out in the open 3) Where were the murder weapons? 4) You saw the video of the nephew being spoonfed info and it doesn’t bother you? 5) Who commits a murder with a lottery payout on the way? The answer always was that I am crazy yada, yada. No one ever could answer my questions. The people in that area have their heads in the sand and cant deal with the fact that people in law enforcement can be evil. Not just them but people all over the country are naïve when it comes to criminal investigations.
    Hopefully someone involved in this case develops the conscience that they all seemed to have lost since childhood. Would love to see a news story alerting that the house of cards they created has fallen.
    The most painful part still has to be the fate of the nephew. That poor kid did nothing and is rotting for it. Even if you think Avery did it, you cant possibly think the nephew had anything to do with it. He was just an unfortunate pawn used by the prosecution to try and insure their case.

  • S

    I absolutely know for a FACT that police officers will try to frame others for a crime if they don’t like them….. A police Sargent tried to get me to finger someone that was not the person that robbed me! I am sick watching this!

  • Truth Seeker

    Well apparently the world wants to hear what he has to say. There’s a small percentage of people who believe he is guilty and those small minded percentage of people obviously don’t care to educate themselves and don’t care that an innocent man sits behind bars along with his even more innocent nephew. I hope the ice stacked around ur heart melts enough for you to seek the truth and give Teresa Halbach the justice she so greatly deserves.

    • Sigel

      Actually if there is missing info I would like to see it,
      Usually I don’t like to take parties, and I cannot judg without hearing the whole story, so before going out in the street and shouting FREE STEVEN YOU A-HOLES, I wanna know if I’m on the right side of justice.

  • Gator

    The people of the State of Wisconsin should be outraged that such gross incompetence exists within their judicial system. Obviously you need to take a more active role in your local and state elections. It’s your only hope for reform. Once the feds get involved, and they will, it will be even more of a fiasco. And we wonder why more Americans than ever are purchasing firearms!!!

    It’s baffling that the Holbach family does not seek the justice they deserve on behalf of their daughter. It’s almost as through they were listening to testimony in a different courtroom. Very sad.

  • Michael

    Interesting doco, whilst actually watching it, it is impossible to not fully jump on Stevens side, especially since there’s emphasis on his previous wrongful conviction.
    But upon stepping back and peeling the layers back a little, it is clear, as all documentaries of this nature are, that there is a significant bias. If you look at the facts, Occam’s Razor clearly suggests that Steven is guilty, the doco is presented in a manner which skews you to believe that the most reasonable solution is that someone else committed the crime (Crooked cop, ex partner) and then planted evidence to pin Steven Avery. Objectively, it is hard to draw the conclusion that Steven had nothing to do with this, but subjectively, based upon the documentary, you could conclude that he is a fully innocent.

    On the other hand it was gut-wrenching to see the treatment of Brendan, who truly seems like an innocent party who’s been chewed up and spat out by a flawed system, but in saying that none of us really know the full story and it’s impossible to form a valid opinion knowing that potentially key details have been left out.

    • zeke bratkowski

      I’ll side with the two defense lawyers for Avery as opposed to Kratz and his boys. I don’t think the two defense lawyers made up the blood vial evidence; and prosecution getting protection from the judge when it was presented in discovery.

  • Wayne Murray

    Casey and others adding their comments please go further with your feelings. I’m confident that the thousands of detectives in our great country are going to see this along with attorneys and judges who will be just as angry. This is only the beginning of a movement. Tell all your friends and associates to watch it. The more we spread the word the more attention it will get. Have faith there are honest people in our judicial system and this is where to start. They will come out of the woodwork when they see this. Recall the investigator from Illinois and his comments. The men depicted in this travesty are insult to our profession and to humanity. Tomorrow xmas eve I’ll be calling as many people as I can to encourage as many as I can to watch and spread the word. You should all do the same. God Bless you all for caring about justice for all.

  • Virginia

    With all of the tampering with evidence, I feel as though this case should have been dismissed and feel as though it is a misjustice that this man and nephew are in jail. This whole story sheds light on the injustices within our legal system especially smaller towns.

  • Jamieson

    People keep saying the phrase “Justice System”. I would contend that it is a “legal system”….there was nothing but injustice here. Personally I think everyone should unite and protest for as long as it takes outside the prison and the courthouse to get these obviously innocent men feed.

  • R. Kelly

    This documentary was shocking and sad and demonstrates an egregious miscarriage of justice. Unfortunately, this happens more than you would think. Look up the Brad Cooper case in Cary NC where a husband was framed by police in the murder of his wife without one shred of physical evidence. Phone records were erased, leads were ignored, and a google map was planted on his laptop. Add a healthy dose of hearsay and judicial bias and another innocent sits in jail and a killer goes free.

  • DG Michael

    With all due respect to the Halbach family for losing their daughter, Avery was railroaded big time. As I watched Kratz in the show, one thought kept coming back – “What a sleazeball this guy is.” And this was before I just read the above story about him being suspended for being a pervert. And Kachinsky came across as a hokey “Fargo” character.

    I sincerely hope something is done for Avery…at most a new trial. And not to point fingers but that ex-boyfriend of Halbach’s seemed to have a slightly unsettling demeanor for me when he was up there on the witness stand. As in most murder cases, it’s almost always someone close to the victim. Why in the world would Avery just all of a sudden flip out and do this to her? It just goes too much against logic for it to happen the way they’re saying it did.

    • billy

      and what about the phone call recording of Stevens girlfriend calling him from jail at about the time he was supposedly in the act of raping, killing that woman! to hear them two talk, was very innocent and tender and intimate. And in all of the recordings of phone calls and taped recording of Steven anytime during this series, i never heard him once swear or’
      go off in a crazy pissed off fashion that most people in his predicament would of. i thought that spoke alot of his moral character.

      • DG Michael

        i Agree and thought about the GF phone calls too. Steve seems like a nice easy-going guy, as do the parents. I would absolutely love to know who really killed that poor girl. And then, I’d also love to know how the police actually got involved to put one and one together and say “This is gonna be perfect for framing Avery.”

      • Mikomi

        Absolutely. Through all these predicaments what strikes me most about Steven is his patience and his honesty. All of the things he was accused of prior to the two wrongful convictions, he owned up to and took the consequences. You look at the pictures of him and his kids in ’85, a young proud papa with a BEAUTIFUL young family, and he looks like a grandad now, his life is mostly over and he still has hope??? Unbelievable.

  • zeke bratkowski

    The police, county attorneys and judges really hated this guy Steve Avery. All the publicity and sympathy he got after being released after 18 years of wrongful imprisonment stuck in their craw; not to mention the thought of him getting compensated for 18 lost years for their screw up.

  • Chuck

    The main question that comes to my mind is did they only test the blood found in the RAV 4 for EDTA? Did they also test the remaining blood in the tube which is known to for sure have EDTA, to then determine if their test was even adequate enough to identify the presence of EDTA? Furthermore, do they still have the evidence of Steven’s blood found in the RAV 4 to test it today or in the future when better tests could become available?

  • Concerned WI resident

    Lets summarize. First and foremost thoughts still go out to lot family of Teresa and fact there was a loss of life. But in regards to trial… A DA that is morally and ethically compromised that would sext a victim. Then after several searches from trained CSI professionals and other law enforcement officials, suddenly plain evidence is found in the wide open. One being the key suddenly next to the stand, and the bullet that was plainly in sight on the floor by the toolbox but missed how many times before that if ti was really there? Then why did the key only have Avery’s DNA, and nobody elses? No CSI professional much less lay person could purely clean that much DNA if so horrific. Officers with conflicts of interest showing presence on the property, one of them calling in the plate and vehicle before being found and totally lying and being called out on the stand. How about looking into the phone records of the number and person that was hassling her as stated by her business acquaintance? How come if Dassey’s sibling was also home playing video games and living close did nobody else witness anything, except a distant in-law who’s statement and testimony was proven invalid and showed his pleasure in the guilty verdict? Almost every witness and testimony presented by prosecution was discredited. I won’t even get into all the questions of the handling of the Dassey boy I could go on for pages about that.

    My beliefs is the person who was hassling her (possibly ex-boyfriend who was so involved and even hacked her cell phone account) most likely committed the murder. The officer who called in the plate found the car and body and they believed they wouldn’t have much chance of catching the killer or after researching found out the car was at Avery’s found as a chance to protect themselves and county from facing disgrace of admitting wrong doing of sexual assault case and save large financial burden to the small city of something like 34 million dollar loss. Then steps as suggested in video showed evidence was planted to make Avery appear guilty (as they may have fully believed he did it but could not prove). Then when the steps to make their case were becoming questionable with lack of supporting evidence they attacked a minor, and used the media to sway opinions of everyone around that small country community. I myself come from a rural community in WI and know how people talk and make opinions especially after the dramatized and graphic news conferences the prosecution put on. I mean like other comments on here state, when he was guilty of actions when he was younger he owned up and plead guilty or no contest and did his time. Both through the sexual assault case and now he hold his same tone and stance about innocence and even is studying and learning how to try to keep fighting, when he could have clearly just went off the edge and turned to the side of the supposed “pure evil” he was labeled by others. Based on my statement I cannot say if he is in fact innocent but I personally believe there is enough here to at least prove he deserves a new trial, an neutral jury, and the latest testing and forensic evidence.

    • worddrunk

      I very much agree with the beginning of your second paragraph. The ex-boyfriend inserts himself into the case, hacks her phone (possibly to erase messages), and seems to be cozy enough with law enforcement to have either exploited their desire to get Avery or to have been a willing participant in a frame up. He even has the charisma of a classic pyschopath. If he’s the one leaving all those messages, he’s surely the one that killed her. The question is then: how did he manage to burn the body on the property without being noticed? It seems clear that the body was burned in the burn barrels first and then dumped behind Avery’s garage. Halbach’s blood and hair pattern in the back of the RAV4 suggest she was killed elsewhere and brought to the Averys to be dumped. This could only have been done by someone who a. knew that she was going to be there that day, or at least, knew that she was regularly there; and b. who knew he was ripe for framing due to his past issues with the police. Granted, “b” would cover anybody in Manitowoc country who followed the news, but “a” would be a very small group of people. The ex-boyfriend was never asked for an alibi, nor was his DNA taken. I think a proper investigation that focused on the classic suspects (i.e. people who were close to her who had motive, means, and opportunity) would have uncovered the real killer.

      • Mark

        I would say it’s more likely her body was burned out at the gravel quarry – a much more isolated spot where they found bones – and then the cremains transferred onto the Salvage lot. Not only that, but if the body, cell phone, and camera were disposed of at the Salvage lot, you would think that the smelter would have been used, at least for the cell phone and camera.

    • Cathy

      There are two people who should’ve been investigated more. The step dad of Brendan and the ex boyfriend of Teresa. I feel the ex boyfriend hacking teresa’s password to retrieve her messages and then erasing messages. There was probably a message of Teresa leaving the avery property and going to her brothers place or wherever that was where the boyfriend lives. The way he sent those women in to search for the car and Teresa. He knew that car would be found there. As for the step dad, did Brendan see something happen where he suspects the step dad but is afraid of him to say anything. Steven was about to come into millions of dollars in the lawsuit. Jealousy is motive. Also, wasn’t the van Teresa was photographing belong to Brendan’s parents? Just sayin…

  • DW

    My husband and I just finished the documentary. And all we did was shaking heads. I am mind blown how this is happening.. It also scares me.. What if I am one day at the wrong place at a wrong time?? What if I or my family has to go through something like this too?? Or the law just doesn’t like me ( family ). Very scary!! Steven and Brendan are extremely strong. I hope and pray that justice will be done right. And they can live the little bit of life that’s left for them in peace. Something has to be done!!! A Petition or something. Let the entire world know how corrupt the system is. Karma will come for them!! THEY DID NOT DO THIS!!

  • worddrunk

    This story doesn’t support the headline. There’s actually nothing offered in the story that substantively shows the filmmakers left out key elements of the trials or the state’s “evidence.” The statements by Kratz are completely self-serving, given to us by a known liar (he lied repeatedly in regards to his sexual harrassment), and not supported by citation of any evidence. It’s this kind of shoddy journalism that made it so easy to railroad Avery and Lassey in the first place. They both had already been tried in the court of public opinion.
    As to the real killer(s), find out who was actually the last person to call Teresa Halbach and who erased those messages (a fact testified to by the phone company representative–as a prosecution witness–in Avery’s trial–and you’ll be well on your way to actual justice for her.

  • jay

    Every time Ken Kratz spoke my skin crawled with anger. His narcissism and incompetence were truly hard to comprehend. The dereliction of duty the powers that be showed is so blatantly obvious. The sheer frustration almost outright malice I have with the parties involved are indescribable. What do they even stand for? Why are they even allowed to walk amongst us, let alone prevailing in our communities? Do these sick people even understand Justice? No, they really don’t. Their names will forever be remembered as dirt, grime, and the scum of existence. Ken Kratz. James Lenk. Andrew Colbern. Who by the way, still works for the Mantiowoc County Sheriffs department. He can be reached at Phone: (920) 683-4216
    Fax: (920) 683-4946 and the two “investigators”

  • ME

    I believe that Stevie Avery is innocent. A family member that knew and had access to Stevie’s property could be the one who committed the crime. Avery’s brother-in-law was trying to sale a gun, 22″ and why? Did anyone investigate him? Tadych also got his time-line wrong twice, very suspicious. There is so much wrong with how this case was investigated it’s unreal!

    • ME

      Why would Avery park the victim’s vehicle on his own (family’s) property if he was guilty knowing how he served an 18 year sentence for something he didn’t do? Why would Avery burn the victim’s remains in his own back yard if he was guilty? Why did the two investigators that seen to it that Avery was wrongly convicted and ended up serving an 18 year sentence for a crime he didn’t commit investigating once again Avery for the murder of Halbach? (Conflict of Interest) and especially during a lawsuit?

  • superspecificdevices

    If anyone can find sources regarding that “80-90%” of physical evidence that Kratz purports is “missing” from the documentary please share it with us who are interested in finding out if AVery received a fair trial or not.

  • Matt Talarico

    A jury isn’t supposed to incarcerate people because they think that person is guilty. The prosecution is supposed to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that said person is guilty. It should not be placed upon the defense attorney to prove there was a staged crime scene – only to open up a reasonable doubt that it may have been. Not only did they do that, but they clearly demonstrated that it would be reasonable to think that someone other than Avery could have committed the crime. Guilty or not, the system failed Avery – again. Kratz skillfully manipulated the jury into thinking that a guilty verdict would automatically prove a couple of “officers of the law” were guilty of staging a crime scene which is untrue. Not surprised Kratz was removed from office for harassment.

    • kathleen

      If the truth be known Kratz with all his shenanigans with women he probably did it and blamed it on Steve. . What a cover up. … Think about it. .. Just a thought

  • Megan

    The filmmakers requested interviews with him on numerous occasions and he turned them down. Now he wants his side of the story told? Sorry bro, everyone already knows you’re a scumbag already.

  • Mikomi

    This documentary proves that now-in-days, people are tried and convicted or exonerated based on press coverage. The time the press spent spreading the lies from the false confession, crafted by immoral techniques used by the detectives, and illegaly obtained from an underaged teen without parent or counsel, was given more press than any of the truths presented by defense. In this way, the pressure from the sheeple (the unquestioning masses) was already in place to put this man away before the trial ever began.

  • Ann Marie Chao

    Mr. Ex DA has been too busy sexually assaulting individuals to remember one of the core foundations of law. The burden of proof is placed solely on the prosecution/state and that the defense only has to show reasonable doubt. In this documentary it is showing the case of how significant the reasonable doubt it in this case. It was not one or two items that presented doubt, there was a laundry list. It may not show his “whole” case but the doubt here is beyond significant and maybe those who do not work in the legal community do not understand how trials and law works but your not fooling us who understand the court proceeding processes and jury trials.

  • Cactus Joe

    hey it’s a free country, free press, free speech. the film students had every right to look into this project. the netflix film has the wisconsin innocence project re-examining avery’s case. if he gets out this time, manitowoc county police are royally phukked. they will have framed an innocent man twice. calumet county is hardly an independent police force. they are right next door and you can bet they are all buddies with a code of silence. kratz’ sexual misconduct makes him a miscreant and totally untrustworthy. nyu film students who never heard of this case before are a far more objective and independent body. calumet and manitowoc refused to talk. if they had just been more open and honest, their side would have been heard. but they were keeping everything quiet, which says a lot in itself. but that’s just me.

  • Leo

    Steve Avery tossed a cat into a fire for kicks,and did six years for running a lady off the road and tried to pull her from the car while pointing a gun at her.. Cat story was glossed over in the beginning,and the almost forced kidnapping was not mentioned at all,,Something was sure wrong with this trial,but this dude is no saint

  • Michael May

    please explain how that little drop of blood got on the the top of the blood tube. having drawn thousands of tubes of blood I have never seen this except when puncturing the top with a needle and syringe to put blood in the tube. If there is a drop of blood on the top of that tube a needle on a syringe has gone through the top. Test that its simple.

  • Shocked and Saddened

    I have also been deeply disturbed by this documentary and simply cant get it out of my mind. Its very very clear that the DA’s fantasy story did not occur in Steven’s home or garage, as there simply was zero blood or any other DNA evidence of that poor girl.

    I feel like she was either followed coming out of the Avery property and then murdered by the LE, or that her death occurred later in the county (from whatever means) and the LE found the Avery appointment in her notes or phone, in her vehicle – and constructed the scenario to end the 39M lawsuit, which included PERSONAL liability. Of course they could justify such violence if the were set to personally lose everything. As soon as the news of the lawsuit was out, Steven was being watched.

    The blood is planted in the vehicle, the vehicle is dropped just within the property line and her burned remains are left in one of those garbage bags that Steven and Brandon collected for the fire. ……. The key fob is disturbing,. as well. Where are the rest of her keys? What female keeps one single auto key on a lanyard?… I apologize for the speculation, after watching the documentary, its hard to remain neutral when the corruption is so blatant, and so completely entrenched.

    Truly a heartbreaking story.

    • Justin

      Leo…Yea, just read the True Crime XL article. I found nothing in it that even remotely suggests Steven Avery is GUILTY like you say. Yea he broke into a bar and stole some beer and was accused of burning a cat. He also pulled a gun on a women that was spreading rumors about him being a sexual predator. I believe this is even more telling of innocence because there is MOTIVE here. She was telling lies (or truth) about him exposing himself to people driving by etc, so he did this to make her stop–>MOTIVE. Where is the MOTIVE in killing Halbach? There is NONE! On the other hand you have mountains of evidence pointing directly to a police cover up (Blood vile, signing out of crime scene, calling in plates before vehicle was found, voicemail deleted, planted key, planted bullet, etc). I truly believe Colburn and Lenk were watching the Avery’s, followed Theresa when she left the Avery’s, pulled her over, abducted her and killed her. Then they covered it up and framed Avery.

    • zeke bratkowski

      I believe the doc making a murderer is a lot more detailed about what happened than than true crime xl story. It’s my opinion that avery’s 2 defense lawyers were more dedicated to the truth than kratz & company.

    • Mikomi

      Even if he is guilty, they didn’t PROVE it in court and that is the least we ask when a person’s life is at stake.

  • fedup

    How do u not find any blood trace in the house, where they said it happend first, oh but then changed it and said that it happened in the garage Brandon never mentioned moving the body to the garage and then slitting her throat, whether it was in the garage or in the house and then a gunshot wound yet no blood at all was, it boggles my mind that the jury would give life to an innocent man. And what about her roommate ? And ex ? And hacking her phone and deleting voice msgs? I think they were involved in one way or another, and the fact that they gave the lady a map of the salvage yard, was not mentioned, funny how she found it within 10 min. (With a map) so many things point to framing of Steven. I could go on and on and on lol

  • Stephen Doar

    Oh my lack of a god in the state of Wisconsin. Look like all law enforcement related to these cases should be the ones in prison! I have no problem pointing to the police for the murder of Teresa. Most unjust story I have ever seen. The only three people in the movie with a brain were the lawyers for Steve and the last lawyer for Brandon. Even the judges were more stupid than dirt!

    • Steve

      Stephen, absolutely right. Those two judges should have never heard the motion for a new trial when they already heard the case. They would have had to found some wrong doing on their part. They were both pathetic.

  • Ken Kratz tastes his semen

    Thanks Dave. Way to completely ignore the facts with your blanket statement suggesting that everyone who has killed an animal will eventually end up killing a human. I sure hope you have some quantitative data to support that claim. Nothing like letting facts get in the way of your narrative though champ.

  • Gelmast

    Dear America.

    Watching Making a murderer on Netflix makes me sick. Therefor, I have to comment. All the way from Denmark with love.

    Sometimes, like now, I just wanna grab your Country by the arms and just.. shake it! You know? Like a parent thats out of options. “Stop it! (shake) your justice systems making no sense! (shake) Its embarrassing! Look at it.. I SAID LOOK AT IT, (shake) THATS NOT JUSTICE IS IT!!! (shake)
    Are you kidding me? What year is this?? How can you be okay with this?

    With my jaw still on the floor,

  • Mikomi

    The most disturbing part of the trial was when the FBI agent said he needed to prove their was no EDTA in the blood because its the FBI’s job to ensure there is no corruption in local law enforcement agencies?? Then, not only said there was no EDTA in blood swabs from the car he tested–he also said that he was 100% positive the other blood spots in the car… the ones HE HAD NOT tested, were also negative for EDTA. The lawyer did a brilliant job of showing the FBI had a motive in proving the blood did NOT have EDTA which made them biased and therefore the wrong agency to perform these tests.

  • Paul.

    Just finished the documentary and found it very well made and a compelling story, one thing in particular I found odd (setting aside some apparent rampant corruption by officials/lawyers) was that during the parts showing the Steven Avery murder trial, nothing was shown of Brendan Dassey either giving evidence or of his various video interviews being used as evidence, yet the jury broke deliberations to request that Brendan Dassey’s testimony be read back to them? Jury questions during deliberations, especially to review evidence tend to be extremely crucial, often helping to sway the verdict one way or the other, so what was that about?

    • Mark

      Paul – The jury asked for *Bobby* Dassey’s testimony (Brendan’s brother). Avery’s lawyers listed Bobby as a potential suspect in this portion of a document filed by them before the case began (in accordance with Wisconsin’s Third Party Liability law) listing possible potential suspects. The court ruled there wasn’t enough evidence (which the lawyers, not the police, would have had to gather on their own), and denied the defense the right to bring these people up as potential suspects in court.

  • Kayla

    Yay for Netflix to expose corruption! Now everyone knows the corruption of Manitowoc county! Nobody is gonna wanna come to your mess of a town! And you ask Kratz for an opinion?!?! The dude is a perverted pig! We’re rooting for you Steven! Justice will prevail! If not in this life, then the other!

  • Ross

    It’s obvious to me and everyone else I know who have followed the Avery case that there has been a gross miscarriage of justice. The police,and prosecutor’s office are clearly intimately involved with each other and are mutually covering up the facts because the exposure of the truth would shut them all down and hold them all accountable for the real crime. As many times as lies were exposed by the sheriff’s department and protocols were flagrantly ignored is evidence enough to logically-minded people that the sheriff’s office is the real criminal in this case. The prosecutor aided them in getting away with planting false evidence and tampering with DNA evidence previously collected from Avery in his 1985 false sexual assault case. This is malicious prosecution at it’s worst. The conduct of the Manitowoc sheriff’s department,prosecutor’s office,judge Foxx and the jury will forever set in my heart a distrust and absolute lack of faith in our criminal justice system and humanity. A man and his nephew are locked in a cage for the rest of their lives because the “authorities” messed up in 85 and are afraid to face the music. There is no solid physical or circumstancial evidence that excuses this farce.

  • Steve

    What an injustice in our justice system. Kratz, the cops, the two judges and all their minions should be reprimanded by the Supreme Court. This goes to show you that numerous individuals are found guilty by incompetent jurors when they are actually innocent. I work criminal defense and have seen DA’s twist the truth and cops lie on the stand. But nothing usually happens because who is going to charge a lying cop when they are in the same bed with the DA. And, as one DA put it here in CA, “We are very powerful.” She was absolutely right, they can take your freedom away from you in a heartbeat. The Sheriff’s Dept. in the Avery case had it out for the whole Avery family. That was obvious with the emails. I think the cops stumbled across the young lady or in fact killer her to set up Avery. The evidence used just to doesn’t add up to Brenden’s story or add up to the lack of evidence of a supposedly gruesome crime scene. DA’s and cops are supposed to be the good guys but I haven’t believed that for years. And, there should have been an entire investigation on that crooked cop who phoned in the license plate two days before the vehicle was found. One thing about jurors is that they will always bring in their biases during a trial. You can try to weed them out but if one wants to sit on a jury they will tell you how fair they can be. Just not true. This is happening all over the US because the DA will slap on as many charges as they can and see what sticks or to get a plea deal and drop other ridiculous charges. One thing that also gripes me is the DA use of informants. I have seen the DA use child molesters, drug dealers and other low lifes just to get a conviction. It’s not about being fair and just, but it is all about winning their case and they don’t care how they do it. What a shame. I hope the Supreme Court wakes up and gives Steve Avery and Brenden a new trial. Jurzynski and his PI should both have their licenses taken away. They are pathetic.

  • Alice

    I would like to the thank the producers for this documentary and making it known to the public. It was very disturbing and truly heartbreaking for the Avery family. Unfortunately the judicial and legal system are the true criminals here. There is so much to be said, but if you watch the documentary you will see the cover up first hand by the Manitowoc Police Department. There were a number of people involved; unprofessional investigators, dirty attorneys, biased judges, lying cops and they all covered each others back. It is scary how they can get away with it. They were so obvious in what they were doing, even as disgusting as it was. What I could not understand is, when they kept going back for their appeals, how the heck they kept getting the same biased judges they had on their previous court hearings. Gee, go figure! Only in our wonderful judicial system! I work along side my husband who is a criminal investigator. He always tells me “it’s not the criminals you need to worry about it is the police and our judicial system”. They can take your life away from you in an instance, they have the means and the power to do it. I am sad for Teresa’s family and the loss of their daughter. Her life was sadly taken to save face of the Manitowoc Police Department and the lawsuit that was filed against them by Steven Avery. I will pray John 8:32 for the Steven Avery and Brendan Dassey, “Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free”. I will continue to follow this case and I hope and pray to see the truth come out. Kratz’s lifestyle was made known and is no longer in office, “Thank God”. I am a firm believer, what goes around comes around. I have faith in God he will make the truth known on the others involved in this case!

  • JD Smith

    The interrogation of the nephew was disgraceful and the fact that his attorney allowed a 2nd interview w/the cops rises to the level of criminal.That guy Len should be disbarred.

  • dave

    this is a scary life.When something can happen to a person like this. Just think walking to the store at the wrong time and BAM!!!!!!! Your life is over and nothing or no-one can help. Or should say will help cause they are scared of the outcome. the appeals never work 90% percent of the times cause they dont want to step on others toes so they deny and say not enough evidence. The system is made to fail.

  • D

    Ken Krantz should not be allowed to say anything regarding this case. It is clear that the lack of evidence (i.e. blood spatter from a gunshot) would make it clear that Halbach was not killed by Avery or his nephew. How the prosecution can ignore this lack of evidence is unbelievable. If the prescription drugs lowered your inhibitions (as you admitted), then clearly you had ethics issues before the drugs were involved.

  • Kate

    The state of Wisconsin should be ashamed. Whether Steven or his nephew are guilty or not – it’s clear your law enforcement and justice system is full of corruption. It’s utterly disgusting, but I am happy to see that there is some exposure to this through the documentary. Shame on the people of Manitowoc County – for being more stupid and negligent than your law enforcement. You’re all an embarrassment to the US justice system, and to the human race as a whole.

  • waken

    Len Kachinsky and his crying investigator should be barred – they clearly had some back door deal with the prosecutor in the Avery case – the deal included selling the life of a 16 year old boy. Kachinsky must be held accountable for this atrocity by his family, peers and the public because it is obvious that the US legal system is inept.

  • Sc

    Did you even watch the documentary and research the topic before writing the article ? You contribute to injustice by perpetuating the bias. The article is biased, useless and embarrassment to society.

  • Maeggles

    ”’And I also want to emphasize that the Manitowoc County Sheriff’s Department’s role in this investigation was to provide resources for us when they were needed. As we needed items on the property to conduct searches, they provided that piece of equipment and that’s their role and their only role in this investigation.” -Sheriff Jerry Pagel of Calumet County. Their only role? Their ONLY ROLE??? So then why were Lenk and Colborn and other Manitowoc sheriff department employees there AT ALL?! I just find this case so disturbing and so scary! This could happen to anyone in any county, anywhere. Of course I cannot say what happened, but from what I have seen even in just the documentary, whether or not we’ve seen the whole story as per Kratz, as a jury member I would have so much reasonable doubt. I hope this case is looked at again and these families, both the Avery’s and the Halbach’s, can get some much needed, truthful, and unbiased peace.

  • zach

    If you think this was an unfair trail. Go watch a movie called devils knot. Not saying it’s worse or this trail was worse but, both were a tragedy in the family’s involoved.

  • kathleen

    It was just a day the way back. That county did the Avery family they had it in for that family and then that settlement that he was going for that’s what turn the tides and that’s when they began their little evil ways if they wanted to do I had a plan I believe they killed that girl the police said or had somebody do it burnt her bones and then when they had human jail they planted all the evidence cuz I had to come up with something their guilty guilty guilty guilty that crooked judges crooked police crooked counties the whole state is crooked in the way they did that Brandon I just couldn’t believe it I hope them guys never get a peaceful rest asleep ever as long as you’re on this earth and they don’t get caught while there on this earth come judgement day it will all come out

  • Alana

    Guys the brother f Teresa halbech deletes her voicemails after her death. What the hell was he hiding?
    He’s guilty his smug grin and fake tears or the roommate who didn’t report her missing or the ex bf . they were all way too helpful setting up searches on Steve Avery’s property or the cops downright murdered her themselves so Avery could npt get the million doll pay out

  • Boy

    Makes me sick. How the judge over and over thinks evidence is irrelivent. All the piled up evindence that shows Steven is innocent and all the misleading testimonys…

  • Holly

    I don’t see this as entertainment at all. I see it as it is, exposing the corrupt and unjust legal system that still continues today. This man has been railroaded. They couldn’t admit wrongdoing by paying him out 36mil so lets frame him for murder. Thats what has happened here. More people need to be exposed…….this isn’t just small town anymore.

  • Deborah

    Netflix you need to show states evidence, (forensic). In doing so, I believe this will stop all questions on innocence with both Avery and Brendan. I’ve noticed just by watching documentary that Brendan is a semi quick learner. You have to show both sides. It is only right and just…shame on you, Netflix

    • IStandWithJustice

      The state wasn’t cooperating with the filmmakers. Do a little research, you will find that out. They refused to be interviewed, they refused to work with the filmmakers, they didn’t want anything to do with this. So who really is the disgraceful one?

  • June

    I suspect that this documentary has left out A LOT of the damning forensic evidence against Steven Avery and his nephew.
    The nephew told police that Teresa Halbach was shot in Avery’s garage and that they used paint thinner, gasoline and bleach to clean the floor. A bullet with Halbach’s DNA was embedded in the floor and bleach spattered pants were found at the teen’s home. Further, both Halbach’s and Avery’s blood were in her S.U.V. and on her car key, which was retrieved from Avery’s trailer.

      • Albert8184

        I’m curious to know what the program had NOTHING to say about the results of forensics testing on the mattress, the bedroom and the garage floor. Can’t believe it didn’t touch on the forensics. I also want to know where the deputy was when he phoned in that question about Theresa’s liscence number. My theory is we can’t really know unless we saw the whole trial, but I think everybody is lying.

  • phillip kinard

    Brandon got off the school bus, check the mail , took a letter to steven to hear a woman’s cries at 3:45, but the school bus driver told cops she let brandon off the bus at 3:45 and the woman was taking pictures of the van. That did not happen the way brandon said.

  • DianeC

    If Steve didn’t kill Teresa—- who did? I’m still watching the documentary. So far I’m really confused. I’m going to watch it twice.

    • Jgbarge

      I am watching it now for the 2nd time. It does help since I would be in such disbelief that I missed a few things. I definitely will keep this situation in my prayers. I wish there was some way to expose the truth.


    Oh my god, the key, you’re right. It didnt have any other keys on it, or her DNA…. It was a spare the cops picked up from her house. Then they find the car on the side of the road and move it to the Avery’s…… That means her actual keys are still out there somewhere. If they could be found near the alternate burn site, that would prove it wasnt done on the Avery property.

    I was honestly never sure he DIDNT do it, and never cared too much for Avery. I am still unsure. That is because the detectives never looked at any exculpating evidence OR other suspects. It’s ‘beyond a reasonable doubt,’ not ‘of the selection of (1) person(s) in front of you, which do you most feel committed the crime.’ I dont know if this jury was misinformed about their duty or what. The fact that it was done in Montiwhatever county is LAUGHABLE. This should have been a mistrial several times over. When the prosecution obscures the truth, they are responsible for the mistrial. It doesnt even matter if he did it at that point.

    The thing that bothers me the most is that you know this is how small town justice is run all over the country. It also really showed the holes in a trial where you ONLY interview people, as opposed to examine timelines, evidence, and data. It is not at all a holistic view of the events.

  • LJ

    Kratz should be searched, questioned, & put against a wall with a waterfall of questions!
    Look at his past with those women…maybe he put pressures on the victim and things got violent.
    There has to be tests to run again on the evidence and seen with non-biased eyes.
    If there was a way to put money towards both of their new, deserved, rightfully trials I would!
    It’s not like this would be the first time the law was corrupt.
    Thank you to the film makers!! Excellent film.

  • c h moller (@chmoller)

    I just watched chapter 9 and I have no doubt this was a set up. I mean, c’mon… this might come across as judgmental but do we really believe that Steven and Brendan were capable of cleaning EVERY PIECE OF EVIDENCE (blood, hair, nails, skin, etc.)? They are simple people living simple lives… They are not bright masterminds of crime, are they? If they were then how come the blood was still on the RAV? Did they have time to clean up everything but the car (the main reason the officer went after Avery)? If the trials were not scary enough because everyone could be accused of a crime (as the defence attorney said) the real assassin is at large… waiting for an opportunity.

  • albert8184

    What disgusted me about the prosecution was their constant misportrayals of the defense team as “accusing the LE community” of this or that, when they were doing nothing of the sort. And condemning them for basically being good lawyers defending their clients. The judge should have intervened in those instances, and squashed those inflammatory prejudicial statements. The judge should have imposed a GAG ORDER before the trial also.

  • stevehofsaess

    This was a case of corruption and greed,, Why not give the people of Manitowoc County what they want? Post a large reward for the arrest and conviction of the killer of Teresa? If the reward is large enough, somebody will talk.. I will donate $25,000 for the arrest and conviction , just to see the house of cards collapse and free Steven.

  • SdW

    I am wondering if anyone else besides me noticed that during episode 6, while Teresa’s ex-boyfriend, while on the court stand, stated that he did not remember the time of day when he ran into Teresa at her brother’s place. However, when asked what time he ran into Sturm, on the day of the search for Teresa, he remember the exact time. Isn’t that odd? He doesn’t remember the time that he ran into his ex-gf, but he remember’s the exact time that he ran into a stranger?

    • Cathy

      Murders are almost commited by someone the victim knows. The ex boyfriend is who I think did it. Him not remembering the time of day he last saw her was definitely odd.

  • GreyAlien

    Lawyers Dean Strang and Jerome Buting are awesome and they have to be the baddest two attorney’s in the United States right now. They came off as professional, almost like actors, but with realism and knowing exactly what they were doing and seem very intelligent. Perry Mason is looking down from Heaven with a smile on lawyers Dean Strang and Jerome Buting.

  • DemandJustice

    I believe there should be a U.S. Governmental Federal investigation by the U.S. Justice Department and Washington, D.C. needs to get involved.

    Write or call and demand that they get involved to exonerate these two guys:
    Department of Justice Main Switchboard – 202-514-2000
    Department Comment Line – 202-353-1555

    Correspondence to the Department, including the Attorney General, may be sent to:
    U.S. Department of Justice
    950 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
    Washington, DC 20530-0001

  • DemandJustice

    My old Tort I Prof said something that I will never forget. He told me in class, “cops lie, and they lie all the time”. This documentary is first-hand proof with how they lie straight-faced and then lie about their lying. And I am so sick and tired at how cop’s venerate themselves as though they would NEVER lie. Oh no, cops have a halo above their heads and they’re all just good guys, doing a good job (wink, wink). BS. Also my Torts I Prof said, “NEVER talk to a cop without a lawyer”. You have that right and never let a cop intimidate you or manipulate you into thinking otherwise.

    And by the way, I bought a car cam and it’s on my windshield and it records everything.

  • IStandWithJustice

    The damage control being done now that the documentary is out there is amazing. The media was just as responsible for this as are the investigators, judge, prosecutors, and jurors. Now the media wants to put doubt into the filmmakers, who did a great job really explaining this case. I cannot help but to feel bad for both Avery and Dassey — these are two individuals who were born with lower intelligence and unable to truly understand what was happening to them. Then, take the media who paints them guilty before proven innocent (backwards, by the way to what our constitution says). Brandon Dassey — 16 year old, scared, verbal IQ of 69 — in fact, he doesn’t even know what the word “inconsistent” means. His confessions were inconsistent and he didn’t understand what that meant. And what does the media do? Call them “evil incarnate.” Their innocence is on your hands as well — so do what you do best and try to make these filmmakers to be untruthful or biased. Steven Avery’s entire life has been decided by folks in Manitowoc County.

    The only thing the filmmakers are guilty of are not being able to show the world that there are good, decent, Constitution loving people in Wisconsin. Well, except for that whole John Doe thing…right, John Chisholm?

  • Wicked

    I just watched it. The bias towards the defense is very evident and it’s obvious the people who made the movie wanted to push their opinion that Avery and Dassey were framed by law enforcement, crime labs, horrible attorneys with hidden agendas and the FBI. In my opinion, I don’t know if Avery is not guilty. No proof was offered as to how the police planted evidence. The defense attorney said one officer could have planted all of it. I disagree. There would have to be numerous conspirators in several different agencies to pull it off. I think Brandon is innocent however and its horrible what they did to him.

  • Paul

    People are so occupied with their lives that they don’t have the time to travel to Manatowoc to actually form a protest.

    We need to bombard news media – CONSTANTLY. Tweet to the hosts on CNN. Non stop. Bombard all of their social media connections to the public and demand more light be she’d on this. Bombard ALL news agencies. Dictate to the news outlets what should be put front and center and deride them for anything else…..

  • Josh

    These two below average intelligence people were smart enough to clean all the blood leaving zero DNA blood evidence behind in the house and garage yet dumd enough to leave behind a key and blood in car? Also how does one murder have separate locations for where the crime was committed? Steven’s prosecution said it took place in garage and Brendan’s case stated the murder took place in the bedroom.

    • IStandWithJustice

      11 shells in the garage. But no blood anywhere? But according to what they fed to Brandon for the timeline, they killed her in the bedroom and slit her throat — which by the way, where is all of that blood?? How is the mattress not covered in blood? They drug her to the firepit — trail of blood through the carpeting and trailer? No? Anyone? Then according to the story they fed Brandon, they shot her in the head and stomach in the fire pit. That’s two shots, in the fire pit — not 11 in the garage.

      It’s enraging. They don’t know the meaning of the word “inconsistent” but they are capable of cleaning up an incredibly messy murder?!

  • christafer03

    Now we know……so let’s let the outrage and disgust become much needed action. Demand that both men receive a new and fair trials. I believe these men are innocent and that charges should be brought upon the corrupt individuals who framed them, I will leave these men/women unnamed as this should all be sorted out in their new and fair trials.

  • Bobby

    Given the information provided by the documentray I would have to say there was plenty of reasonable doubt produced in the trial. It should have been a hung jury and and a mistrial, Most of the prominent elements presented by the prosecutors was well countered by the defense. Avery may have done it but based on the info the jury really got this wrong. I’m especially upset with the original 7 who said innocent and then changed their mind. With that being said i wouldn’t put it past a film maker to tilt the information to create drama and controversy. I get the feeling alos the was some bad boy history with the Avery (Avery’s) the film didn’t tell us about if the county hated them so much. Also if I was Avery I would have pursued the lawsuit instead of taking the offer of $400,000 (half of which went to the lawyers probably).

    • Js Cantrell

      “Also if I was Avery I would have pursued the lawsuit instead of taking the offer of $400,000 (half of which went to the lawyers probably).”

      the approx $400,000 was completely separate from the millions he could have potentially won in a lawsuit. it was not a settlement. it was something that the “Avery Bill” by the Wisconsin state legislature was going to give him…give him without limiting his right to sue for the millions whatsoever.

  • Belinda

    They are 110 percent innocent. It makes me sick to my stomach to know how corruped our justice system is. Kenneth Peterson and his whole dept should go to jail for murder and do life for what they did to the Avery family. It is so obvious and clear I am. Discussed

  • SRD

    Katz should be ashamed of himself a the lack of credible evidence that that presented. Where was the blood in garage? So many inconsistencies to count. Did the jury sleep through th trial?

  • Brad

    Manitowoc County is officially jerk water USA. Sad such a nice place with so much corruption in the legal system from top to bottom. It appears you don’t even need to be a good liar when the judge is as narrow minded as law enforcement and has no intentions of doing what the law requires of him.

  • Brad

    Judges in both cases sure don’t measure up to what you expect from someone educated in criminal law or are they just elected politicians with no law background?

  • Js Cantrell

    If A (I strongly believe Avery and his nephew to be innocent), Then B (the only rational conclusion is that Lenk, Colborn or someone in league with them killed Teresa).

    • Js Cantrell

      by “in league” I mean a friend, colleague, or someone they hired. It wasn’t the former boyfriend, roommate, or anyone unconnected with Lenk and Colborn. If A, then B, period!

  • Heather H

    It is important to remember that the jury saw and heard far more evidence than what we saw in the documentary. For every clip of witness testimony we saw, there was a lot of additional testimony and cross examination. Media productions can have a tremendous impact on perception.
    From watching he documentary, I got the sense that many law enforcement officials were corrupt, others were inept, and Steven Avery didn’t come across as innocent. I would like to read more transcripts of the trial and of interviews.
    I think his attorneys did a through and competent job, and I admire Dean Strang’s commitment to his client’s cause.

  • A.B.

    I’m seeing lots of comments about disciplinary actions against the police but I ALSO think that the testimony from Marc LeBeau with the FBI should examined closely.

  • jerry person

    just imagine the officer who did this. It took two to plant the suv, Did the officers burn her alive, she was not burned at the junk yard there was no ash just bones

  • sandman54862

    lets see who says this is not the whole story. Is it Mr Kratz the pervert DA who had calimed they were squeaky clean until he was caught with text assaulting his victims for decades. Or the word of the cops who planted evidence against Avery in two cases before this one. Or the word of the FBI who we all know lied.

  • Jake

    Face reality folks … Stars Wars is NOT real and Steven Avery is GUILTY. To believe he is not guilty is to assume the Police killed Teresa Halbach, burned her body on Steven Avery’s property, planted her keys in his bedroom, placed Steven Avery’s blood in her covered car placed on Steven Avery’s property. All done to avoid mitigating a lawsuit and police conspiracy to send Avery back to jail. Impossible -no, Improbable – YES. Foolish people. Only the bar flys here in Manitowoc believe he is innocent.

  • Jay

    I’ve read many comments but nothing that says anything about the jury. I sure hope those people can live with themselves. I they truly say they can, I don’t believe them to be human.

    • Heather H

      They saw and heard far more evidence/testimony than what was shown in the documentary. In order to evaluate his guilt or innocence fairly, you would need to see and hear everything they did. The documentary is a powerful media tool, just as the news reports at the time were.

      • Jay

        I’m sure they heard more testimony but I doubt they saw more evidence. There was no evidence that would have convicted this innocent man other than the evidence planted by the corrupt Manitowac county sheriff’s office! No traces of blood on the mattress or in the garage.

      • N Mai

        I think you need to update yourself on the case. A juror has come forward to say there was rampant jury tampering and coercion going on, that one of the jurors was the son of someone working in the sheriffs dept! It was crooked and dirty as all hell.

  • Denis Jones

    I think he did it! He got released and thought wow I can really do this now and I have a free pass to do it. Brendan helped cause he’s an idiot. But yeah he did it, cause he thought he could. I’d bet my life on it

  • albert8184

    I’m curious to know why the program had NOTHING to say about the forensics testing on the mattress, the bedroom and the garage floor. Can’t believe it didn’t touch on the forensics. I didn’t think you could clean blood up that good to completely eliminate all traces of it; especially on the floor. I also want to know where the deputy was when he phoned in that question about Theresa’s liscence number. My theory is we can’t really know unless we saw the whole trial, but I think everybody is lying.

    • SunnyC

      It did…they tore the garage floor up with a jack hammer because of a big crack. They just knew they would find blood there but they found none. It was the lady who botched the DNA testing.

  • Dawn Marie Robeson (@DawnRobeson)

    Lord have mercy on the injustice and conspiracy against Steve and his family just because they were gonna have to pay up for their wrong doing. Steve should have been protected until they got the money and never went back. Instead we watched a second trial that was botched and they preyed on a family member who was not mentally cable of seeing what we saw. He was told what to say and what to draw. The State and all the officials including both judges got by for all their injustice to the Avery family. Teresa’s family will never no the real murderer of their daughter. The juror that had to be excused even said that the jurors were already ready to convict from day one. They all will pay when they have to give an account of their life before the Lord. We all do it does not matter if you do not believe in God you will stand before him.

  • Nelle

    I wish more could have been investigated regarding (1) the blood connection between the Halbachs and the Averys; (2) Teresa’s erased cell phone messages and their connection to the person who was harassing her; and (3) the complete absence of emotion in Teresa’s parents and her brother’s pompousness and blatant denial of all clear evidence against the cops. It made us think he got paid with Steven’s restitution to set something up against Sreven.


    I have known people that have experienced this same type of interrogation. Never give a statement without an attorney present.

  • Disgusted

    If that were my daughter, I would want the truth.The title says there is more…well Mr. Kratz, bring it on. Let’s hear it.

  • Doris Bezio

    I remember this case well, and wish, for the sake of family, it would not be dredged up again with the purpose of making a violent, evil man look good. In several cases, there seem to be those who would let all these guys loose. I think those who do that should take these guys into their own homes instead of inflicting them on the rest of society. See how safe their family members would feel.

  • Doris Bezio

    This man committed a heinous murder in which he coerced his nephew to help him. Just because he was wrongly convicted for a crime previously doesn’t mean he didn’t do this. I followed the case, knew some of the people involved…This is a vicious man who would murder again.

  • Lauren

    They are never getting out! They are political prisoners now! Imagine the lawsuits they could bring if they were released? These men will never see the light of day or freedom again and they will be forgotten! This sin’t the first time a travesty like this has happened! They were buried by the Judge, the police, the prosecution and many others at the state and federal level. Your petitions will never get them out!

    • TED

      In a closer look on Avery’s property authorities would find a burn pit where it appeared there was bone fragments of a young woman. Later analysis would prove that those bones were indeed those of Teresa Halbach, but that was not all. It was apparent that Teresa had suffered a brutal attack.
      Months later authorities released in a press conference that there was another person involved in the murder of Teresa. Shockingly it was a 16 year old nephew of Steven Avery. The boy claimed that Avery brought him into his house to where he had Teresa’s hands and feet shackled. He instructed him to sexually assault Teresa. After the assault, the young man claimed Avery told him “good job”. Begging for her life, Steven Avery walked over with a butcher knife and stabbed Teresa in the stomach. Still not dead from the stab wound, Avery instructed his nephew to cut Theresa’s throat. Teresa was still alive when she was then transported to the garage where she was shot several more times when she finally died.
      Avery claims he is innocent of all charges that have been filed against him, although his blood was found in Teresa’s car, her blood in his house, her keys, and some other items.

  • Js Cantrell

    Like everyone, I was shocked and appalled by Making a Murderer, but now I’m wondering about stuff that the documentary possibly left out.

    From the web: handcuffs, leg irons, broken glasses, necklace, hair, fibers, dried blood found in his bathroom? Teresa didn’t want to go out to Avery’s b/c Steve was “creepy” and he was the harassing phone caller? She *67’d his number?

    The cat was mentioned, but not that he first put gasoline on it. Another thing, regarding Avery’s tampered blood sample: I never heard any explanation of why the tape on the styrofoam box was cut, and why there was a hole in the test tube cap the size of a hypodermic needle. If there is any possible legitimate reason, I certainly expect the filmmakers would have mentioned it…to be fair to their viewers.

    I’m obviously getting obsessed with the case, and there’s sure lots and lots in the documentary that make the justice system look terrible. Still trying to get to the truth.

    • Doc Holiday

      Virtually everything you note in paragraph #2 is completely untrue, or debunked during the proceedings. Careful what you read, without proper sourcing.

  • Patti

    There were many unanswered questions after I finished this very well-done documentary:
    1) Was no one else home at the Avery property the afternoon Theresa was killed to hear the screams that Brendan said he heard all the way across the yard? Where were his parents and the rest of that family?
    2)Where was Officer Colburn when he called in asking for the name associated with those plates, when he told the clerk the Make and Model of the car that he was clearly looking at? The defense should have gone there and matched tire tracks and established that Theresa left the Avery property that day. The fact that Theres’s blood was found in the back of the car and a blood expert said it was from a swipe of “bloody hair” was a very damaging piece of evidence for the prosecution and the defense should have made them explain it.
    3) Her cell phone would have had GPS tracking but that was never discussed. Even if the phone was destroyed in the fire, it could have been tracked later.
    4) The prosecution never presented a motive–just a brief discussion of Steve being “angry” over his lost 18 years in prison, and yet the defense never addressed whether Steven talked about being angry, acted angry, or for that matter why he would take out that anger on an Auto Trader photographer. Huge gap there, in my opinion. Establishing motive is the very first thing a prosecution does.
    5) Not one word about Brendan and Steven’s relationship prior to the murder. Did Steven have enough control over his young nephew to make him do something so heinous? The prosecution would have to make that link, and they never did, and the defense never questioned that. Was Steven some kind of feared tyrant in the family that everyone obeyed without question? I realize that Brendan was easily manipulated, but I would have questioned that if I was on that jury.
    6) The defense should have given the jury some doubt about both Steven and Brendan’s guilt by introducing some evidence that Theresa had enemies somewhere. Somebody killed her maliciously (probably not Steven or Brendan in my opinion) so at least raise the possiblity that someone had a reason to do that. Even without a specific name/person to blame, that would have been in the back of each juror’s mind. They never maintained that the police killed Theresa, just that they framed Steven for it, but so then, who did?
    7) Was Steven paid for this documentary? I hope Netflix and the producers don’t add themselves to the long line of people who have exploited this man and his family. They are going to make some profit on this series, and the Avery family should share in that.

    • Js Cantrell

      Reply to Patti regarding her #4 Motive
      I was devastated by Making a Murderer and the appalling distrust I now feel for the US justice system. I’ve been looking for a transcript of the trial b/c the documentary obviously doesn’t cover everything, especially things that point to Avery’s guilt. In my obsession I’ve come across a few things so far that might address you question about motive. Check out the sources and decide the credibility for yourself.
      His [Steven Avery’s] reminiscence with a Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reporter after his exoneration about how he used to sit on a picnic bench in the prison yard and count the jets that flew by is instructive: “Sometimes, I feel like it’s easier in there,” he said a few months after moving into an ice shanty with its jail-like confines, “some days, just put me back there, get it all over with.”
      “It ain’t nothing to put on a hundred miles,” he told the same reporter, explaining how he would take a drive in his truck to escape his anger and frustration. “There’s probably too much going on inside my head – brain can’t put it all in,” he said. “Sometimes it’ll last all day, that’s when I try to stay away from everybody, sometimes I cuss them out, sometimes I just go for a ride.”
      “Steven Avery has a long history of acts of violence, mostly perpetrated against female victims, which acts include physical and sexual violence,” the motion said. Among other documents filed in support of his motion, Kratz submitted the transcript of a 1993 hearing before Manitowoc County Circuit Judge Fred Hazelwood that said Avery, while in prison, threatened to mutilate and kill his former wife, Lori Mathieson…Kratz also included in Wednesday’s filings statements from prisoners who served time with Avery at Green Bay Correctional Institution. They said Avery talked about and showed them diagrams of a torture chamber he planned to build when he was released. The filings also include statements from a woman, now 41, who said she was raped by Avery, who told her “if she yelled or screamed there was going to be trouble.”…There also is an affidavit from a girl who said she was raped by Avery.”The victim’s mother indicated that the victim does not want to speak about the sexual assault between her and Steven Avery because Steven Avery told her if she ‘told anyone about their activities together he would kill her family,'” the filing said.The affidavit said Avery admitted to his fiancee that he had sexually assaulted the girl.

  • The Safe Space

    Hello friends and fellow safe spacers. I come to you today with what I hope is a solution to the vile comments that permeate this site. It occurred to me today, while reading these comments, that what is missing here is a buffer zone. A place that your comments can be placed, and be surrounded by an aura of safety. This epiphany led me to create “The Safe Space”. A place where you can post your comments, within the comments section, but know that they are “protected”, along with your feelings. You know, a virtual “I know you are but what am I?” or “sticks and stones…etc”. You may mock this idea, but as creator of “The Safe Space”, I’m automatically protected and your vicious attacks do not affect me. See? It’s working already. “How do I participate in this excellent idea” you may ask? It’s so simple, I can’t believe I didn’t think of it sooner. All you have to do is look for this post in the comments section, and hit reply to it and put your post there instead of out in the open, outside of “The Safe Space”. College campus students are able to have their safe spaces, and even get their mean professors fired, but out in the real world they have had little recourse, especially on the Internet. That is until today. Rejoice millenials. The days of having hurt feelings are near an end. Special snowflakes will prevail!

  • Adrian Black

    Lets get it straight that “Making A Murderer” is not entertainment it is a documentary. I watched it for the reason I watch other documentaries and that is for the purpose of learning something. This documentary showed the corruption and flaws of a judicial system in a small county that is representative of the entire world at times and how this system does not bring about true justice.

    Kratz and all others in the prosecution were given a fair voice in the documentary, their actual words coming from their own mouths are in there. How can they consider at all that they were not given a chance to respond? There is enough there to see flaws in the case against Steven and Brendan, number one being where is all the blood from what should of been a bloody murder because of the way in which Teresa was claimed by the prosecution to have been killed? Where is all the blood?!

    • chuck b

      Before you all are swayed by the “documentary” consider that S.Avery specifically asked for Theresa to come, he called her anonymously on the phone that day, his g.f. was in prison so, was probably lacking affection, bought handccuffs and leg irons just before this, probably thought with him in line to get millions and the cops on the defensive, he’s invincible, he was the last one to see her, he had a fire that night, brandon had bleach on his pants when he returned home,… Mighty compelling. Someone killed her and my money is on s. Avery. Like most of you I was convinced he was innocent, but, things just didn’t add up.

  • Doc Holiday

    Let’s say – just for arguments’ sake – that Avery is guilty of the crime and that everything in Dassey’s confession is true.

    1) Why did the Dassey prosecution state that the crime was committed in the bedroom, yet the Avery prosecution stated she was shot in the garage?
    2) If the car was spotted two days prior to the victim being declared missing, the absolute best case for the police is that the officer was on the Avery property without a warrant and spotted the car. There is zero doubt he was in the same place as the car, as he recited the make, model, year and color. That is an illegal search and anything found woudl be fruit of the poison tree. Of course, it is more likely that the car was spotted elsewhere, but none of us know.
    3) In what jurisdiction would the police department allow two parties to a civil lawsuit participate in a criminal investigation of the plaintiff in that lawsuit? This, even after the local county poassed the investigation off to a neighboring county?
    4) Are we really supposed to believe that it took 7 visits and searches to finally find the car key in Mr. Avery’s bedroom? Similarly, there were at least 3 comprehensive searches of the garage, with no sign of the bullt nor any chemical cleaners. All of a sudden, an officer involved in the civil suit finds a bullet?

    With all these patently absurd inconsistencies, it is clear that Avery deserves, at utter minimum, a new trial. Even if he is guilty, this is the United States, not some Soviet era gulag. As sad as it might be for the victim’s family, the only manner in which to preserve the integrity of the American juris prudence system is to take the risk that 100 guilty men go free in order to prevent one innocent man from being unjustly convicted.

    I cannot say that Mr. Avery is innocent. I can say, with complete certainty, that the Manitowoc County offices completely trampled over every aspect of the investigation and prosecution. They should be held accountable for their actions.

  • Scott

    WOW what a tragedy,, gotta say though, its perfect example of why more and more people in our country are joining the Trump campaign. Mr. Trump, as harsh as he can be, likes to present truth – plain, straight forward and simple. It is the finding and facing the truth that will set Steven and Brendan free. Somethings I see that need to be done:
    1. This hasn’t been brought up, Steven should seek and receive his recovery of the 36m dollars for the 18 years of wrongful imprisonment – that issue needs to be resolved NOW. This would go a LONG ways in hiring attorneys to finally get his release from his current wrongful imprisonment.
    2. Brendan should be released just on the fact that his attorney and investigator sold him out, what on earth ever happen to attorney client privilages.. Talk about CROOKED!
    3. In Episode 10 where DA Ken Kratz is FINALLY found out and resigns – Ken, YOU are the true scum bag in this whole crisis! Abusing your power and status to take advantage of those people who came to you seeking help – I believe the filth of your true moral center was finally revealed and I hope that somewhere down the line, someone puts two and two together and realizes that if any one in this whole God aweful mess had the power, the means and the reason to do to something like this to Teresa and the Avery family it would be someone like you!! It was pointed out when the 15 year old testified that “family’s will do stuff like that for each other” – Ken, I want you to know that most of us out here in the society that people like you, who have taken advantage of folks like the girls you abused with your elite power, also use your “family” (the Court system) to do exactly the same thing. One can only hope and pray that somewhere down the line YOU get what you have earned!!
    4. A “go fund me” account needs to be set up for Steven and Brendan along with the petition that is being circulated. Because of the obvious status of our judicial system right now, there is probably no way Steven will ever see the 36m award for wrongful imprisonment he has coming and those fellows need the cash to proceed I am sure.
    5. Join the many of us who are praying for TRUTH and justice in this whole matter. Also pray for Teresa’s family that they will find peace, comfort and that someday – the REAL person)s) that committed the crime will be found!

    • jeff

      I noticed you support trump. Since your not very bright, let me point out that steve can not get the 36 million dollars because he already settled for 400,00.

  • Teri

    Just started the series tonight…three episodes and I don’t know if I want to watch the rest! I’m so disgusted already it makes me sick. Those pieces of shat that call themselves law enforcement officers need to be dragged out in the street and shot!

  • Mary Jones

    A UK citizen: what can I say, Fox News is not a broadcast service I take seriously. This probably won’t even be published but for us it’s like a Mickey Mouse show full of entertainment of the ridiculous type. Gosh this stuff pure awful. So anything that fox purports I take with a gallon of salt, your angle on this hook is a load of tripe!

  • v

    really you think you gonna go to jail twice for being innocent??? that doesnt happen, he did it, they both killed that poor woman, nobody seems to feel sorry for her.

    • Joe

      Um let’s see you obviously did not look t any of the facts in this case. If you had and had an ounce of logic you would see all the problems with the supposed evidence against stephen and the evidence proven by the defense that stephen Avery did not commit this act and that yes that “police” depth had to get rid of the problem named stephen Avery or they would be on the hook for 36 million dollars and ruined reputations. If you have an ounce of intelligence you would see the barrage of video showing the crookedness of SOME cops and that there is nothing to disprove the defenses allegations against this dept.

    • Nelle

      Include the parents (big time) and brother in on your comment that “no one feels sorry” for Teresa. I’ve never seen less emotion from supposedly grieving parents and more pompousness from a supposedly grieving brother. Seemed a lot like he took a pay-off and told the parents to be quiet about it. They were obviously so uncomfortable about what was going on at the trial–and not from grief. Did you even wonder why, in Teresa’s selfie video about loving her family, that she mentioned her parents and sisters but NOT her brother?

      • ToWhomCares

        ooo interesting. . . but do you think he would go as far as putting the car and planting the key in the house? i mean it all points to the police being behind all of this how would it e connected

      • Nelle

        I don’t know, but just because they may have paid him off doesn’t mean they got him to do any physical dirty work. He just did the emotional dirty work in court of maintaining his smirky stance of “Steve and Brendan are lying and guilty,” no matter what the evidence was. His responses always sounded like he was not listening at all.

  • Annie

    I live in Switzerland and there are sooo many things wrong in the american system, really. The shocking thing at the beginning was, how Kratz and his gray haired mate poured the whole gruesome story about Teresa’s death in front of the media. All the “details” with extra subjective drama input from Kratz. This alone is a no go because of so many many reasons… E.g. following more than one leads, don’t want to uncover too much to public while still investigating on suspects. But it seems all of those kreeps were to keen to shine for the media than shine for justice.

  • Tleny

    The Halbach family committed the largest injustice, to their daughter and sister, in this whole case, they should be ashamed of themselves. Not a loving way to remember a family member by leaving the remaining residents of Manitowoc county at risk. (in many ways)

  • joe

    One of the things that bother me the most is how Teresa’s family could sit there and listen to the evidence, ie. Her throat was slashed she was stabbed she was shot in either or both the house and garage yet they could find no blood or DNA anywhere. When a throat is slashed the blood spurts uncontrollably everywhere. With as much junk and ckutter that was in both the house and the garage they are not smart enough to be able to sanitize each and every item in those locations. As her family looking for the murderer to be caught didn’t that raise serious questions that maybe the police got it wrong and that their daughter never received justice and that her murderer is still walking around free. In their blind grief were they so full of hate that they were willing to ignore the science just so they could put someone….anyone behind bars so they could close that chapter in their lives and move on? If so how can they look in the mirror and have any kind of peace about their daughter’s supposed justice.

  • Ryan McKenna

    Watching the series made me feel physically ill. After witnessing the convictions, I took a break from watching to go online and do research. I was hoping to find evidence that the show was biased, or to find any kind of substantive rebuttal from Krantz et al, but I couldn’t find any such evidence. Ken Peterson, Lenk, Kolburn, Kocurek, Rohrer, should be put on trial. Mob rule, hasty conclusions justified after the fact, and breaking the rules of our carefully constructed American justice system got us into this mess. I want to call for Krantz etc. to be horribly punished, but that is exactly what they would do. They deserve justice. The Avery’s deserve justice. Teresa Halbach and the Halbach family deserve justice. It seems to me that through their monumental failures in these matters, Manitowoc County denied justice to all of their citizens, and they damaged the machinery of American justice.
    Our justice system is not perfect. Even when all the rules are followed, it does not produce perfect results. Counter intuitively, that is exactly why I believe that the imperfect rules of our system must be followed precisely. I would say that doing so is the sacred duty of all participants in the system- attorneys, judges, cops, jurors, clerks, etc. I say that we must follow the rules precisely, so that the flaws can be exposed and repaired.

  • Jac

    This series is just 2 women trying to get their fifteen minutes of fame. Nobody is going to pay any attention to their ten wasted years of work if they just lay out all the evidence and it shows Avery and Dassey are guilty-the jury and court already did that, so nothing new. But twist this, tweek that and leave out most of the evidence and wow the case is totally different and suddenly Netfix wants a deal for a 10 part series and everyone is talking about the writers and those ten years may not be such a waste after all. Do NOT take this series as the definitive authority on this case. Do a little internet research and you will see this series is a fairy tale and not the truth.

  • Christene

    The entire Manitowac community is now a pathetic joke in the eyes of the entire country. How do you people sleep at night?? I couldn’t even get through the entire series, I was so sickened and infuriated by what I saw. Absolutely disgusting.

    • Jac

      The entire state is sleeping better because these creeps are locked away. The only people who look stupid are the people who believe a Netflix documentary without doing any further research. The documentary is a one-sided piece of fiction.

      • Nelle

        I think it’s sad–inexcusable–that it takes something as open as a documentary to wake up people. That’s the sad and inexcusable story of ALL the horrendous cruelties and injustices in our history that those in their positions of power attempt to hide from the wider population, whether it’s animal cruelty, government corruption, abuse of cultural groups, you name it. Making this documentary was not frivolous time spent for no reason. It was 10 years of serious work to expose just one more nauseating abuse happening right under our noses. How many would rather turn away and assume everything is right and all people are good, as long as you are not personally affected? What have any of us spent 10 years doing to help the cause of fairness for all people? I know that I am selfishly focused more on my personal life, so I welcome it when someone who has a more humanitarian and knowledgeable outlook shows me what’s really going on.

  • Candlewycke

    This is about communal guilt and shame. If Avery is innocent then the police used an innocent dead woman to frame him for their own mistakes. The police, DA, these are people of trust in the community so to admit they did something so horrible is to confront your own tragically misplaced trust.

    It is no longer even about Avreys guilt or innocence but the clear fact that the authorities went so far to score a conviction. The reality is the whole community is tainted.

  • N Mai

    What a disgusting article. Fox News and this Katie person clearly doesn’t care about injustice at all. I love how Delong cannot even be bothered to make it clear in her text that Avery is INNOCENT of the sexual assault! So appalling. You people will clearly do anything to spew political propaganda. ew! Shame on you!

  • Jen

    The DA and sherriff how aweful of persons they are if it is true that they subcum to corruption. And did not listen to the officers. Karma will get these aweful people. People like them give the justice system a bad name.

  • Darci

    It’s disgusting and horrible that these officers got away with the cover up! I’m disgusted!!! I am not poor and I would sue their assessment like no tomorrow! What a joke makes me sick!! They should be ashamed of them selves! ! There would be some evidence of her blood in his residence! It shows they planted the evidence and the sheriff should he ashamed of themselves! I will never visit there and they will get their time in hell!!! I will pray for the innocent man Steven For his release!! What a shame!

  • jeff

    Thanks for making sure to tell Ken Kratz side of the story! It is refreshing to see fair and balanced journalism. Thanks again for telling about his sexual misconduct while in office. I actually believe he was abusing prescription drugs for many years.

  • jeff

    I guess in Manitowoc anybody who received a unknown call to come to his property would just look at the adress and not question why it’s the adress of the guy’s house you claimed you wouln’t go back too.

  • jeff

    There should be huge demonstrations in Manitowoc county to demand Steve Avery get’s a new trial, hopefully fairer one.

  • anonymous

    Of course he did it what are the odds he is exonerated for a crime he didn’t commit but yet this woman goes missing on his property and her car is found. Are you kidding he did it. First of all I would never send a woman by herself to that residence whether he was exonerated or not and he did do it. Her body was found on his property I know he’s going to always play that set-up card now. I’m sorry for the woman’s family. Don’t nobody from the anonymous group email me when human remains where found so let me guess he was set-up idiots?

  • Sharilynn

    The injustice and Wisconsin state corruption leaves me sickened. How Nancy Grace can support the conviction of the Avery’S is beyond us. She is obviously ignoring the facts and we are finished with her. WHAT A FOOL SHE IS !!!!

  • Christine Mark

    I am a firm believer in God. I believe these people were possessed by Satan there is no way this amount of evil is possible. Does no one else think this way ?? I mean commee on! They are blinded by Satans lies that their souls wont suffer. They have cursed their families for generations to come. This is like the story of Job in the bible, this is like what Jesus went through. Makes me think that he had such a pure soul. There is no other reason why they would just have it out for this man unless they (their evil spirits) saw something truly bright in him. This is the same thing that happens to black people too, they have been demonized by society on a whole different level. People need to wake up, enlighten yourselves.

  • Krystal Perez

    Look,if Kratz, didn’t comment or give his side of things when the story was being filmed it is because he is scared and only wants to clear himself now. Kratz is a liar, and even more he is a sick twisted pervert. And yes, I believe that he doesn’t have the right to believe the same air as we do. Stomach cancer??? Lmao! That should be the least of what Karma should have in store for this character. Hell, a slow miserable death sounds more like it… and caused by several illnesses. You always get back what you put in and you are doing just that to two innocent men. See, the funny thing about these tables of life we all sit at, is they always turn. KRATZ IS A POS!!!

  • FBI

    HEY! I’m here just in time! Turns out we have new technology again! We have this 8 ball, and it tells you the future! So I KNOW FOR A FACT that he is guilty….and I am good on my taxes…….and not cheating on my wife.

  • Mak

    Judge fox is disgusting and a complete idiot if he thinks this poor kid wasn’t coerced by police officers. The entire system is flawed! Unbelievable. My trust in the justice system has completely shattered. My heart goes out to this poor kid! Go to HELL Judge fox and all the disgusting police officers involved in this. I would not be surprised if the police officers persecuted in the Avery civil lawsuit were the ones who truly murdered this poor woman, Theresa and planted the evidence. What better way to dissolve the 36million dollar lawsuit against them. People have murdered for much less. These police officers had their entire lives and reputation at stake – enough for any moral-lacking police officer to commit murder.

    I mean – if you have children – how in your good conscience can you do this to a child??? I hope Karma/curse comes upon your own children and grandchildren – disgusting!

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