Chris Larson campaign aide quits amid criminal investigation, but he will NOT be charged

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MILWAUKEE — A top aide to Wisconsin Senator Chris Larson (D-Milwaukee) has quit the campaign for Milwaukee County executive while facing a criminal investigation. But FOX6 News learned on Thursday evening, January 28th he will NOT be criminally charged.

Political Outreach Director Mike Wilder resigned Wednesday afternoon, January 27th — the third staffer to leave the campaign since it began in October. Wilder earned a $5,000 per month salary, said Josh Kilroy, Larson’s campaign manager.

“He resigned (Wednesday) afternoon because of a personal matter that demanded his full attention,” Kilroy said.

Kent Lovern with the Milwaukee County District Attorney’s Office said Wilder was the subject of a criminal investigation. Later, Lovern told FOX6 News the DA’s Office would not be bringing charges against Wilder.


Wilder started with the campaign in mid-November and was the second-most senior member of Larson’s team, Kilroy said.

The campaign’s finance report filed in January does not show the total amount paid to Wilder. That’s because the Wisconsin Democratic Party has been acting as the campaign’s payroll manager, Kilroy said.

Wilder earned less than $200 directly from the campaign for consulting work, the finance report indicated.

“We are learning about this with everyone else and have no additional facts to provide at this time,” Kilroy said in a statement earlier Thursday. “We are shocked and saddened by this development.”

Wilder is a Milwaukee-based activist who worked most recently with the liberal group Wisconsin Voices, according to an earlier news release from the Larson campaign.

Larson’s former campaign manager, Rick Coelho, resigned in November. The campaign didn’t provide an explanation, and Kilroy was hired that same month. In December, the campaign replaced its field director.


  • Wilson

    Why would this larson even keep running for office after all these problems with his campaign staff?? Oh yeah he’s a liberal dem loser!!

  • Angela

    This is the same Mike Wilder that was paid to organize and attend the Dontre Hamilton protests? The same one who is buddies with the guys who burned flags at the debate protests? No way. Has to betwo Mike Wilders.

  • rolandmelnick

    Chris Larson is a putrid individual, his own behavior has demonstrated this before AND after he entered political office. It is no surprise he attracts putrid individuals. Electing him as MilCoExec would be a leap backwards. Abele has done good things for Milwaukee County and despite his liberal bonafides, he’s mostly been a responsible leader. My only quarrel with him is he has let his personal beef with Sheriff Clarke influence his budgeting for the Sheriff’s Department.

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