Fight leads to gunfire inside tavern on Milwaukee’s north side

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Shooting incident near 31st & Villard

MILWAUKEE — The Milwaukee Police Department is investigating a shooting which occurred near 31st and Villard early Sunday, January 31st.

A 27-year-old victim was shot around 2 a.m. inside a tavern during a fight. He was treated at a hospital for a non-life threatening injury.

The suspect is in police custody and the investigation is ongoing.

Shooting incident near 31st & Villard

Shooting incident near 31st & Villard


  • Michael Neals

    Too Old-it’s happening in a lot of places. For far too long it seems to have been a crime to punish the criminals-they just need anger classes, community service, more taxpayer programs, more free things. . . thus with no consequences for committing a crime AND a comfy lifestyle without having to complete high school without having to work. . .the community ends up with the entitled criminal element trying to run the show. The hard working people who DO legally carry are terrified to defend themselves because they know THEY will end up in prison for being racists=(completing high school having A job, having a car, being respectful of property and others, not expecting someone else to pay for their kids,budgeting their hard earned money etc) REALlity in the USA today. Look at Detroit.

    • libertarian

      Yeah you think it’s a big joke but look how the dumbass Republicans and their conceal carry have destroyed Milwaukee!

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