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“See something, say something:” Greenfield police to hand out magnets with non-emergency numbers

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GREENFIELD -- Greenfield police are launching a new campaign with a familiar name. Called: "See something, say something," police are encouraging people to report anything suspicious to police.

And there's a new tool to help you do that.

Officers will now be handing out magnets with a list of non-emergency telephone numbers of them.

This initiative is piggy-backing off the well-established Homeland Security saying, but police say having these telephone numbers handy can make a big difference.

"Oftentimes we go to cases and they say 'oh, I didn't call. I didn't think it was that important, -- and we find out their information would've been very helpful," Peter Regenfelder with the Greenfield Police Department said.

Greenfield police say the non-emergency numbers often encourage people to call police more often, and it's quicker than 911.

The magnets are free.

Greenfield officers will carry them around with them -- or, you can simply pick one up at the police station.

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