Gov. Walker signs Planned Parenthood defunding bills in Waukesha

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WAUKESHA — Governor Scott Walker signed two bills Thursday morning, February 18th that will cut millions of dollars from Planned Parenthood.

The governor signed the measures at Life's Connection, a pregnancy counseling office in Waukesha.

The first bill requires family planning clinics to bill Medicaid only for the actual acquisition costs and dispensing fees for birth control drugs. The change would cost Planned Parenthood about $4.5 million annually.

The second bill attempts to block Planned Parenthood from collecting federal Title X grant money. Currently Planned Parenthood is the only recipient of that grant money. Under the bill, the state could compete for the grants and could not distribute any of the money to abortion providers.

Gov. Walker signs bills in Waukesha

Gov. Walker signs bills in Waukesha

"The two pieces of legislation that we signed into law really help put the focus on making sure that, as we did with state tax dollars and federal tax dollars that come through the state, are protected and ensure that entities that receive them are non-controversial entities that provide assistance for women," Walker said.

Opponents of the law say it will restrict access to birth control, because Planned Parenthood won't be able to afford to continue supplying it.


  • hell in a handbasket

    So what are you saying George (beside the fact you have no morals) that only the poor have abortions and their dead babies should be discarded for “free” or the non poor should pay for their baby’s death??? Perhaps you should run for office on the platform of “free baby killing regardless of race, creed and national origin”. You might even give Bernie a run on that issue.

    • Richard L Feinburg

      Hell, you have no understand on what the government funds for Planned Parenthood. No government money is spend on abortion. That’s all done with private donations which is 3% of what Planned Parenthood does. But you clearly don’t understand what goes on.

  • JamesOJones

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  • bombadillo

    Does this legislation say that Planned Parenthood can receive the funding if they stop doing abortions? That’s what it SHOULD say. Then all they have to do is stop doing abortions and they’ll get their government money that goes toward what it legally can, breast cancer screenings and STD tests and whatnot.

    • Amber

      As a woman who actually knows how breast cancer screening works, I can tell you that breast cancer screening starts with a simple breast exam. If the doctor or nurse feels something irregular, he or she will send the patient to a radiologist who will then perform a mammogram. This is the exact same process that Planned Parenthood uses.

  • Nikki

    Scott Walker is so ignorant about women’s health does he even know they do pap smears. They found pre-cancerous cells they performed cryotherapy and had me come in every 6 months to make sure it didn’t reoccur. Planned Parenthood saved my life.

  • Ronald Musselman

    No George, It stop’s Planned from Scamming money out of our Tax Dollar’s!!!! So now the poor wwill get fair program’s that dont entital Planned Parent from Murdering Babies on our Tax Dollars!!!!!!!!!!!!! We shouldn’t have to pay out of our pocket’s for someone from being irasponsible & Getting pregnant & making it our problem!!!! Because it’s NOT!!!!

    • Cherie Kaczmarek

      Planned parenthood does not fund abortions wake up there are only 2 sites in wisconsin that do abortions and they are not planned parenthood sites. that is the stupidity of this law. Time to wake up and stop them from taking away from the poor….

    • Sampson

      How do you decide when to capitalize something or use an apostrophe? I’m genuinely curious. “,It stop’s Planned from Scamming money out of our Tax Dollar’s.” Why’s all of the Unnecessary Capitalization and Apostrophe’s?!!!!

  • Jeff

    Just curious? Doesn’t the implementation of Obama care and mandatory health insurance obviate the need for planned parenthood entirely?

  • Dusty

    You can do whatever the hell you want with your body….. Just no longer with taxpayer funded dollars. Birth control is not that damn expensive. Condoms are cheap… done with b.s. excuses from people like you.

    • Kat

      Without insurance some birth control such as the pill can cost more than $200 a month. Now tell me thats not expensive.

    • Sara

      If they truly are that poor they already have the option for free birth control, from their Dr, a pharmacy and tax $

    • Sarah

      And condoms are always 100% effective? Like Kat said, some birth control pills can cost upwards of $200 without insurance, and that’s every 3 months. Please go on and tell me that I can do whatever I want with my body, but the second I make a decision people like you will be right there saying that my choice is right and I am a horrible human being. The funding given to planned parenthood isn’t even for abortions. It’s so the organization can keep their locations open, pay their staff and help provide safe andeffective health care for women at a lower cost than the hospital. This is one of the few organizations out there that have women’s needs/health as a priority and not just making money like certain media wants you to believe.

  • Christine

    Why can I only see 9 posts when there are supposedly 18 comments? I’m reposting my comment from earlier. It gives another perspective that really needs to be communicated.

    (A male in support of women’s rights) brought something up in an ethics class this week. Why is it that men are still attempting to control women and keep them suppressed. If you take birth control options away from women they are the ones burdened in life with many responsibilities. This is just one way men can maintain their power in the world. In taking away a woman’s option to childbearing it is a way to suppress them. I’m tired of Walker antics. I see him in the above picture smiling and in my mind I see Hitler. Yet another person who wanted to suppress people. Wisconsin, its time to get this man out of office, we don’t need him running for president.

    • truth hurts

      Nobody is taking birth control options away and nobody is suppressing anybody, and PP has plenty of private funding in fact almost $800 million a year and it’s supposed to be a non profit. They shouldn’t get government funding if they’re making a profit (which is about $130 million) by the way. The $550+ million from us (the tax payers) can balance other budgets. And that guy in your ethics class is just trying to get in someones pants or he’sgay.

  • andy g

    I love this guy, may God bless you walker. Why do they call it planned parenthood, if they kill the baby. No baby, no parents.

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