Thief dresses as Walmart worker, walks out door with four HDTVs

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CHESTERFIELD COUNTY, Va. — A Virginia man dressed in a Walmart uniform stole four televisions from a store in Chesterfield County, according to officials.

According to police, the man was wearing a blue Walmart vest. As shown on surveillance video, he placed four HDTVs in a shopping cart and walked out of the store through an emergency exit.

“They were loaded into a waiting, full-size SUV,” a Chesterfield County/Colonial Heights Crime Solvers spokesperson told WTVR.

The crime was reported on Jan. 14. The suspect was not an employee at the store or any neighboring Walmart stores.

“He was approximately 5 feet 10 inches tall and had a thin build. He wore tan cargo pants and a light gray, hooded sweatshirt under the blue Walmart vest,” the spokesperson said.

Anyone with information is asked to call Chesterfield County/Colonial Heights Crime Solvers Program at 804-748-0660.


  • unreal

    Clever. Next time he’ll just drive a fork truck full of tv’s out the back door. His head is on full paranoid swivel so he must’ve stood out a bit from all the real zombie Walmart workers!

  • ps

    I truly see the day when most stores will have some type of loss prevention laser gun at any & all exits & entrances to the stores. If anyone try’s to get out the door with an item that has not been scanned thru a cash register, they would be zapped by lasers with like 100,000 volts or something. I feel there would be a lot of smoking pissed off people laying all over the place. The day is coming.

  • Nathaniel H. Harris

    The amount of effort Obama’s sons put into crime is impressive. Just imagine if they put a quarter of that effort into getting educated and employed.

  • Nathaniel H. Harris

    So the suspect was 5-10, had a thin build, and was wearing a Trayvon hoodie (AKA the criminal uniform), under a Walmart vest. There’s a detail missing here; was he green? Orange?

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