Dense fog advisory for most of southeast Wisconsin until 10 a.m.

A big announcement from FOX6’s Vince Condella…#ThankYouVince

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BROWN DEER — FOX6’s Vince Condella shared a big announcement on FOX6 News at 9:00 p.m. on Wednesday, March 2nd.



  • Julie

    I am 35 years old. Vince Condella’s voice has been in the background of my entire life! He will be sooo missed.

  • Dennis Beier

    Thank You Vince for all the year of weather reporting you gave us. You made it very interesting. I remember when my daughter was interested in becoming a meteorologist many years ago and she wrote you a letter.You were the only one from all the local stations that returned a answer to her. She did not pursue that field but she will always remembers that return letter. Thank you again. Dennis Beier Hubertus

  • Joe

    CBS 58, wisn 12 and TMJ 4, to be blunt suck. Fox 6 is the best Vince and Ted made the news interesting.

  • robin

    My third shift at the hospital in Oconomowoc will never be the same without you giving me direction on what to look for in the night sky on my breaks! Take Care, Keep smiling and always look up!!

  • Kimberly S.

    Vince from the bottom of all our hearts Thank you! You will truly be missed but it’s time for you to enjoy a little bit of sunshine wherever the open road might lead you to! You have done Milwaukee proud your dedication to keep your viewers informed is greatly appreciated! You have taught us many things through your knowledge. I hope Fox6 will allow you to stop by occasionally to fill in or at least still be able to be spokesman for “Condellas Coats for Kid’s”. You have left a special imprint on all of our lives. That in itself should let you know you will be truly missed!Who knew that 1 Meteorologist/Weatherman could touch so many lives.So we are all blessed to have known you! ” Thank You “

  • Donna

    Bye Vince and good luck to you and your wife! I’m 52 and have watched 6 news all the years you’ve been on. It’s our favorite. Thanks for everything. Your wife is a lucky lady to have you.

  • Brian Ericson

    Congratulations Cowboy ! Hard to believe it’s been that many years, but it’s hard to believe our kids that nicknamed you Cowboy are also in their 30’s. The best to you, and thanks. Brian and Jeani

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