DNR shuts down popular nude beach in south-central Wisconsin

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MADISON — State officials have decided to close a popular nude beach in south-central Wisconsin.

The Department of Natural Resources has owned the beach on the Wisconsin River just outside Mazomanie since the late 1940s. It’s become a popular destination for nudists from around the country.

But agency officials have been struggling to curtail illicit sex and drug use on the property for over the last decade. They’ve tried closing down areas of the beach and closing the beach entirely on weekdays.

DNR officials said in a news release Tuesday that they’ve decided to close the entire beach, effective immediately, saying behavior there is making people avoid the area and consuming wardens’ time and resources.

They say they hope to upgrade the property to include shelters and a canoe landing.


  • KaitiLu

    Close the beach due to illicit sex and drug use. OK. Then upgrade the property to include shelters and a canoe landing. So did they think nudity was the cause of the problem, but it will be all better if we upgrade it and throw money at it?? What is the point of the article in the first place?

    • annoyed

      illicit sex and drug use” was never the problem at the beach. The DNR will have problem, though, cleaning up the trash and beer cans from the canoers. The building of those shelters will raise the cost of up keep and the DNR will need to regularly clean the area in order to keep the trash from polluting the river. The nudists that gathered at the beach were the ones maintaining the beach all these years. The beach brought people from all over Wisconsin, Illinois, and Michigan. No ones going to want to travel that far for something as common as canoeing.
      There is nothing wrong with nudism, just that, it’s simply bothers closed minded individuals.
      To dislike people who openly enjoy being naked is like dislike yourself when your in the shower or walking around your own home naked.

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