Girl suffers life-threatening injuries in beating caught on camera: Police say no one intervened

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GALION, Ohio — Police say an Ohio teenager was lured into a group beating — and multiple witnesses hit ‘record’ on their cell phones, but no one intervened.

The girl has been in the hospital for a week since the attack — with serious injuries.

Police say the cell phone video shows a 16-year-old girl attacked by what appears to be another teenage girl. Moments later, two other girls are seen joining in on the beating.

“This is the first time in her life that she has ever been in a fight. She had no idea what was going on,” Bill Baker, a family friend of the victim said.

Baker says the victim’s name is “Maddie,” and that she suffered life-threatening injuries in the fight. He said Maddie is recovering from a ruptured spleen, fractured ribs and internal bleeding.

“There’s a community responsibility here. Parents aren’t paying attention to what’s going on with their kids. Kids have the wrong impression that violence is OK. If you get Facebook likes, you’re more popular than somebody else. I don’t know the mentality behind it, but it’s dangerous,” Baker said.

The fight took place in an alleyway.

Galion, Ohio’s police chief said multiple people recorded the incident with their cell phones. He called the fight disturbing on many levels.

“Everybody had the cell phone in their hand and was willing to videotape it, but not one of them was willing to 9-1-1. There were plenty of people there to stop it and they chose not to,” Chief Brian Saterfield said.

Police say they’re trying to identify the participants and their roles in this fight.

Maddie’s family says they’re doing whatever they can to help her recover.

“The physical scars will, probably, go away long before the emotional ones do, so it’s going to be a long-term recovery,” Baker said.

Maddie’s mother says she’s hopeful she will be able to leave the hospital soon.

In a statement, she said society has reached a point where everyone wants to be the first to get into something on social media instead of being the first one to get help. She said there are consequences for inaction when someone is in danger.


  • Avid fan

    These idiots that were too STUPID too intervene need to be arrested and prosecuted. I cannot get over how brainless and idiotic these people are. Im applying to be a Deputy myself, and I just hope that I never see a case like this, because I would tell those fools off.

  • Judas Priest

    Everyone that recorded this should be prosecuted as well with assault charges as being a party to a crime for allowing this to happen

  • who cares

    Couldn’t be my child cause everyone who was there im just going to say god have mercy on their soul. It took all those cowards to beat up and record that baby getting jumped on 😢

  • coolidge

    Pretty sad state the young people are in…no compassion or empathy at all. Just think, these losers will be in some low paying caregiver jobs at a nursing home in the future. Scary.

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