Triple homicide: Dan Popp accused of shooting three people in the head near 92nd & Beloit

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MILWAUKEE -- The Milwaukee County District Attorney’s Office issued charges on Thursday, March 10th regarding the triple homicide near 92nd and Beloit on the city's southwest side. That crime happened on Sunday, March 6th.

Dan Popp

Dan Popp

39-year-old Dan Popp has been charged with three counts of first-degree intentional homicide and one count of attempted first-degree intentional homicide.

Popp made his initial appearance in court on March 10th. He appeared calm in court as the issue of competency was raised. It was determined that Popp will undergo a competency evaluation.

"I think that he is just entirely confused about everything and I'm not sure he understands what's going on. I think he has some significant mental health issues," Christopher Hartley, Popp's lawyer said.

The victims in this case have been identified as 40-year-old Jesus Manso-Perez, 36-year-old Phia Vue and 32-year-old Mai Vue. The victims and Popp lived in the same building -- a four-unit apartment building at 92nd and Beloit.

According to the criminal complaint against Popp, police were dispatched to the neighborhood near 92nd and Beloit around 5:45 p.m. on Sunday for a report of a shooting. While walking up to the apartment building, they came across a young man who stated, "he shot my father; he is in the bathroom."

The complaint indicates police approached the building and "heard a single gunshot come from the building." Officers sought cover by the front porch.

Triple homicide near 92nd and Beloit

Triple homicide near 92nd and Beloit

About five to 10 minutes later, the complaint says Popp walked out of the building. He "had a long gun slung over his shoulder." Officers told Popp to drop the gun, but he did not initially comply. The complaint indicates Popp said, "I'm just going to go to the cop car by the curb."

Officers continued to tell Popp to drop the gun and "Popp eventually lowered his shoulder and the gun slid down his arm." Popp then laid on the ground and put both of his hands behind his back. Officers took him into custody.

When officers approached the front door of the building, once Popp was in custody, two children came to the front door and they were carried to safety by officers.

Triple homicide near 92nd and Beloit

Triple homicide near 92nd and Beloit

Once inside, officers discovered the door to Apartment #1 had been forced open. The doors to Apartment #3 and Apartment #4 were also open.

Jesus Manso-Perez was found dead -- lying on the landing leading to the second floor.

Mai Vue was found dead inside Apartment #3.

Phia Vue was found dead inside Apartment #1.

Triple homicide near 92nd and Beloit

Triple homicide near 92nd and Beloit

Before police arrived at the scene, Manso-Perez and a boy, who lived in Apartment #4, apparently ran into Popp in the hallway of the building as they were headed down into the basement to start a washing machine. The complaint indicates Popp asked if they wanted a beer -- and they declined. The complaint says Popp asked the two of them where they were from. After they replied, "Puerto Rico," Popp apparently said, "Oh, that's why you don't speak English." Popp then went into his apartment (Apartment #3). A few moments later, the complaint says he came out of the apartment, "he raised a long gun," pointed it at the Manso-Perez and stated, "You guys got to go." Popp then allegedly shot Manso-Perez.

The boy immediately ran downstairs. The complaint says "he looked up and saw that the man was pointing the gun at him and he then heard a second shot, which he believed was meant for him." The boy ran outside and headed towards some people who were outside, and 911 was called.

As for the other victims, the criminal complaint indicates Popp knocked on their apartment door (Apartment #1). Phia Vue, his wife Mai Vue and their four children lived in the unit.

Dan Popp

Dan Popp

Popp apparently asked the person who answered the door, a relative who had been babysitting all weekend, if "someone was knocking." The woman said no. About 10 to 30 minutes later, two to three gunshots were heard in the hallway. Popp allegedly then kicked in the apartment door. Phia Vue, Mai Vue, the babysitter and the four children were inside the unit.

A statement to police said "the man was holding a black rifle and he told them to let him into the bedroom." The complaint says Popp was able to enter the bedroom.

Popp is accused of pointing the rifle at Phia Vue and ordering him to leave the bedroom. Phia Vue left the bedroom, and the door was closed. Those inside the bedroom heard two to three shots, before Popp came back into the bedroom and "told them that everything was safe." The complaint indicates Popp asked those inside the bedroom to come upstairs with him.

Mai Vue told Popp he should go first and they would follow him.

Popp then left the bedroom, but eventually came back. The complaint says he dragged Mai Vue, along with the two younger children out of the apartment while the others followed. Popp dragged Mai Vue up the stairs and the babysitter and the older girl ran out of the building.

Triple homicide near 92nd and Beloit

Triple homicide near 92nd and Beloit

Each of the victims who were killed in this case suffered gunshot wounds to the head. Mai Vue also suffered a gunshot wound to the abdomen.

The babysitter in this case, and the son of Jesus Manso-Perez, were able to identify Popp as the shooter during a lineup.

In checking court records, FOX6 News found Popp has a history of financial trouble but nothing more serious. If convicted of the charges, Popp faces up to life in prison.

Popp will next be in court on April 4th.


  • Shayla

    I know that, due to his comments about not understanding English, associate this with conservatism and the call for increased response to illegal immigration – just as so many negative comments associate race with homicide in other news stories. I am conservative and I believe in the need for stronger reaction to illegal immigration — but I do not share the anger nor the ignorance of this very bad man. What he did is terrible and shameful. I don’t know a single person who applauds this act or this man.

    • Abdur

      If you also live in the US and unless you are a native Indian, you are already an illegal occupant. you think you have the right to call for illegal-immigration.


        Not how that works, first off,illegal third world mass immigration actually hurts living conditions for everybody including native americans, second of all, my ancestors came from ireland and landed on ellis Island and were hekd in an immigration center for 3 weeks being evaluated and vetted for disease before they became “legal” They were discriminated against at first for being Irish but eventually overcame and earned recognition as valuable members of society and served in many wars against enemies of the USA.
        You libertards dont get to decide whos “legal” our law makers do and our constitution permits the people to defend against foreign invasion and tyranny. We the people will preserve our American rights till death.

  • anonymous

    How ironic that you’re complaining about the grammar in this article when you can’t even string together a sentence! LOL

  • Hank

    You have got to be kidding me. This bastard new exactly what he was doing. No insane would know how to shoot for the head, and order/demand/force hostages exactly where he wanted them.

  • Mark

    I agree with you completely about this being a hate crime. but isn’t it funny how fast ‘hate crime’ gets mentioned when it’s a white suspect but very rarely gets mentioned when it’s black on white. Something to think about…

    • Anonymous

      Tell us a time when a black person asked about a white persons racial or ethnic background and then killed them after making a comment about how they aren’t like them…… I’ll wait. I’m not saying that crime DON’T happen where blacks kill whites…. BUT there have been very few … I mean almost none where it was stated that they were being killed because they are white. And FYI there were no blacks involved in this attack victim nor assailant…… so why did you bring that up? You angry at blacks?

  • Opinion8d

    Mental health issues???? Yeah…. no! -how about cold blooded killer!?!! Almost anyone who kills another person clearly isn’t in their right mind, but let’s not equate this with serious mental illness. Would have been better if he offed himself though…..

    • Bradley Hart

      While I an accept to a point undiagnosed mental health issues being the cause of all sorts of behavior, mental health issues are not an excuse for those who know they have them. I have mental health issues and know right from wrong. I know how to control my worst impulses. I know if I want to live a normal life I have to take my meds and not mix the booze and drugs. I know when things seem out of control to seek professional help. I am sick and tired of lazy ass worthless bigoted individuals with their own mental health baggage getting to use it as an excuse to do whatever they want and for those that want to excuse the worst kinds of behavior by saying of so and so has mental health issues.

  • libertarian

    Was most likely one of your typical N.R.A member conceal carry gun wielding barbarian American’s. Ban guns in America to prevent anymore murders. After November 2016 were coming for your guns Hillary and Sanders will take care of this problem I assure you. Enough is enough with all these guns killing people needlessly everyday.

  • ThankyouMrTrump

    He killed three people, was wielding the gun in front of the police, refused to follow police commands to drop his weapon, walked towards a cop car… How did he not get shot?

    • libertarian

      It is going to happen when the sensible party wins in November I guarantee it. Guns owners will be dealt a ruthless hand! There will be no choice but to comply or else?

  • Tom

    Ths is truly outrage, shooting people because thdy don’t speak English or look different thzn you. This guy does not deserve to see the daylight again, never. No need to bring up mental issue.

  • nika


  • Mimi

    My condolences to the family and I really hope your family gets justice. I think we really need to stop the racism that is brewing in our communities thanks to some of our presidential candidates who for power are willing to cause hatred among our people.

  • Reagan 84

    We need the DEATH PENALTY HERE. All VIOLENT scum need to be eliminated,and NOT a burden on us taxpayers.

  • Sean Xiong

    When a racist white person murdered minorities, he automatically got the mental instability. But when a minority defend him/herself, he/she gets life time imprisonment or worse.

    • I hate Xenophobes like you

      Calling people kid when you’re the one acting like a child. Regardless of why he killed them, he seemed perfectly aware and capable of what he was doing, and shouldn’t just get to hide behind the blanket of mental illness after murdering THREE people, and possibly trying to kill more.

  • Emily

    I’m glad this man is still alive – death would be too easy of an escape. He needs to spend the rest of his pathetic, miserable life in the shadow of what he’s done. Throw him in with everyone who isn’t white, hope he gets his teeth knocked out the first day. May the rest of his years be spent in suffering, along with every other bigot that agree with the way he’s behaved.

    I live across the street, I can’t believe I’m sharing my neighborhood, let alone this world I live in, with garbage like this.

    I wonder what kind of family he had, what kind of life he lead. No apologies will every make up for this.

    He isn’t human, nor should he be given the rights of one.

    • Emily

      That being said, my heart goes out to the families involved. I cannot imagine the suffering and damage this has done. They didn’t deserve this. I hope everyone near by shows up Sunday night. We owe them that much.

  • Zoey

    Dan Popp, you are an animal, not mentally unstable. You are a coward, and I hope justice will be served. Btw, where is the NAACP on this? #alllivesmatter

    • Lenore

      What does the NAACP have to do with a man being arrested for murder? Really? There is no reason to get involved unless the cops and prosecutors decided to not charge this guy and let him go home like they did Zimmerman

  • tyrone

    Not a peep from you racists when it’s a black person shooting up someplace. I agree, we need capital punishment back in Wisconsin it sure would get rid of a lot of demoncrats. My condolences to the family and lets lynch this pos. but he’ll still be able to vote when he votes demoncrat. Take all the libs guns away and this will stop.

  • jackie

    This guy doesn’t suffer from any form of mental illness, he’s just a racist xenophobe. Mental illness isn’t an excuse for leaving your house one day to engage in a violent murdering rampage. Every time this excuse has been used there hasn’t been one shred of evidence to defend the claim, and it’s always said whenever some ugly white dude does something utterly atrocious. The mindset here is that he’s white and must be excused for his actions or in some way innocent- I know that I’m not the only one who is tired of hearing the same heinous crap. It is inexcusable. It is not okay. And even if he did have history of mental illness well that’s just another reason to perform extensive background checks and mental health tests on people wanting to purchase firearms. Honestly situations like these are completely preventable. This guy is a full-on terrorist and should not have been able to do this much damage- if he were black or hispanic or asian he would have been stopped immediately and he would have been shot probably 8 or 9 times by police officers as soon as they saw him.

    I mean seriously! Imagine moving to another country with your spouse and children to find a better life, you file endless amounts of paperwork and are almost acclimated to the new strange environment but you are very proud to have such a wonderful opportunity. And then one day all of your hard work becomes meaningless because some disgusting ugly racist breaks into your home and shoots you in the head in front of your kids. That’s America for you!

    • Sunshine

      I agree. This is the kind of person that I can only hope lives the rest of his life alone, confined to a damp 6′ by 6′ cell. Preferably it will have a few cockroaches inside, so he can feel at home among his peers.

  • Bluegreen

    Ugh. This awful man killed the mother and father of four kids: the youngest just four years old. Not only that, but the last memory these children have of their mom is of this bastard dragging her away from them to her death! all because of the language the family spoke?!? My heart aches for these orphans, I hope they will be able to heal from such a traumatizing night.

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