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Himalayan-style fish fry dazzles customers at The Cheel in Thiensville

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THIENSVILLE -- This Lenten season, Brian Kramp has been giving you stories on six unique fish fries. They're all very tasty -- but he may have saved the best for last. It's a Himalayan-style fish fry found in Thiensville. The Nepali word for eagle is "cheel" -- and thus, "The Cheel" and its success story was born.

About The Cheel (from website)

Our authentic Nepali dishes, unchanged for centuries in their ingredients and preparation techniques, are offered as “tidbits” or small plates of momos and aachars. Traditional dishes such as Thali and dal are offered as “bigbits” or sides along with familiar American fare glammed up with a decided Kathmandu-kick.