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Two of three suspects in custody after robbery, car theft on Milwaukee’s northwest side

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MILWAUKEE — Milwaukee police arrested two suspects and are searching for a third following an armed robbery on the city’s northwest side on Thursday, March 31st.

Officers responded to the neighborhood near 60th and Leon Terrace around 8 p.m. Thursday — where they met with the victim, a 34-year-old Milwaukee woman. She told officers a female suspect stole car keys from her hand and fled in the victim’s car.

Officers located the car a short time later and began to pursue it until the vehicle crashed into a pole near Teutonia and Wright Street.

Three individuals fled from the car and two, a 15-year-old girl and a 17-year-old boy, were taken into custody. The female suspect was arrested and charged for an armed robbery in December 2015. The male suspect was out on bail for the same armed robbery as the female suspect. A third suspect remains on the run.

MPD will present this case to the Milwaukee County District Attorney’s Office in the coming days.

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  • SoTired

    So when is the legal system finally gonna wise up and lock these useless monsters up and impose some real punishment? It is so sickening to hear the same stories over and over in the news about these pathetic kids that keep committing crimes with no consequences. They would be better off locked up then staying in their current environment where it is not encouraged to go to school or get a job and they obviously have no healthy parental role models.

  • Libertarian

    These people need rehabilitation not lock up. Conservative leaders are the true crime masters with their gun wielding permits and gun carry laws. They should all be arrested and thrown in prison for the crime they have caused this nation. Thenpain and suffering by families due to guns.

    • LiberalBS

      Get a clue! You can take away all of the guns from responsible law abiding citizens and have all of the crazy liberal gun laws you want but the criminal element is still going to get their hands on illegal guns and ignore the laws since there are no consequences to them. Also we all know rehab is a joke to these kids!!! They don’t have heathy family structures to major any attempt at rehab effective.

      • Mark

        *wishes some useless thug punk would bust a cap in Libs ass one of these days* Then we’ll see if he still feels the same way about rehabbing everybody that breaks the law.

  • A yooper

    Mr. liberaltarian, Rehabilitation means “restoring to original state.” What would that be?

  • Libertarian

    The government needs to open stores what have you to supply the city folk with the needs and luxuries the wealthy have. These poor people are out just trying to make better lives for themselves. Many of these familys have multiple children they need to feed and cloth. Most of these kids are just trying to survive in the city. The government should require people who make an excess of say $80,000 a year have to give back 10% of their income to the government to help supply these poor city family’s with the Luxury’s the wealthy have. Its hard to blame the kids for stealing stuff. Bernie Sanders has big plans I know to help the city people. America needs to set limits on the wealthy and make the rich give much more to the poor.

      • Stopfreeloaders

        Those that want to live on handouts as a way of life should stop having a gaggle of offspring that us hard working taxpayers support. The baby daddys needs to stop the gang banging, stay out of prison and finish high school and get a real job to earn the things in life for your children that us hard working folks bust as for. What a concept!!

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