Homicide in Milwaukee: 20-year-old man shot, killed outside home near 39th & Galena

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MILWAUKEE — Police are investigating a homicide that occurred near 39th and Galena in Milwaukee on Sunday, April 3rd.

The fatal shooting happened around 2:30 p.m.

The victim, 20-year-old Devante Reed, was shot outside a home by a male suspect during circumstances that remain unclear at this time.

Reed was pronounced dead at the scene.

Milwaukee police continue to search for the suspect.


    • Libsareliars

      I’m surprised JS online even mentions how many murders have occurred since they will not let anyone comment on crimes in Milwaukee.
      You can comment and ridicule Scott Walker but cannot comment on the thugs running loose in Milwaukee. How screwed up is the media these days???

  • Left Wing extremeist

    Ban guns! Start saving lives in America. The government needs to get guns out of America.

  • Clueless In Milwaukee

    I know how we can solve this problem. Let’s just keep doing the same thing over and over again and hope the problem goes away. We can elect Tom Barrett mayor again and keep the same police chief. That should do it.

    • Michael Neils

      insanity-doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. You have nailed Milwaukee’s way.

  • Michael Neils

    What is the homicide by gun toll in Milwaukee so far this year? I tried a search and got prior years but nada @ 2016. Anyone know?

  • A yooper

    Mr. Nieils,
    We are lagging on dead. Lots of shooting but these savages can’t hit s–t while shooting at those lives that matter. Gun control means hitting your target. If MPD would only pull over every unregistered & recklessness operating car in town we would find so many guns & outstanding warrants. Vote Donovan!!!!!!

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