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“Makes me sick:” Protester seen stomping on American flag outside Trump town hall at UWM

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MILWAUKEE -- There were protesters outside the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee's Mainstage Theatre, where Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump was set to host a Fox News Channel town hall event scheduled for 3:00 p.m. on campus. Fox News Anchor Greta Van Susteren moderated the event.

A FOX6 News crew estimated there to be about 70 to 100 protesters on hand outside the theatre. Most were a part of the group #WeLove, which was started on Facebook.

An exchange occurred Sunday after a protester was seen stomping on an American flag outside the theatre.

More than 100 Trump supporters waited in line to see him speak, but outside, things got heated as protesters and supporters came face-to-face.

At one point, the opposing groups got too close -- and police were forced to create a line to separate them.


An organizer of the protests said they were there to "fight hate with love."

"I think students in general are very unhappy, although we appreciate that as a public university, we need people of all different beliefs to create dialogue," Mike Sportiello said.

Some weren't happy to see protesters disrespecting the American flag. FOX6 News is told the man who pulled out the American flag and stood on it was not affiliated with the #WeLove group.

"That`s our flag. That`s our country. I mean, that`s -- we`ve got family members, they`ve got family members that died for their right to do that and there is just no gratefulness, no respect. There`s no appreciation and it makes me sick. It thoroughly makes me sick. I think it`s sad," James Turk said.

Tom Luljak with UWM tells FOX6 News one person was arrested during the protest ahead of the Trump event on campus. That person was arrested for disorderly conduct and ticketed. Luljak said the arrest happened when the individual tried to go through police into the security area.

Later Sunday, Donald Trump was set to host a town hall event at Nathan Hale High School in West Allis.

All three of Trump's events in Wisconsin on Saturday, April 2nd went off without any interruption from protesters.

The crowds in Racine, Wausau and Eau Claire were enthusiastic but orderly.

Twice in Eau Claire, Trump stopped because an audience member yelled at him — but the shouts turned out to be supportive. Some in the crowd seemed almost disappointed there wouldn't be the spectacle of a demonstrator being removed.

The celebrity businessman said Saturday that his campaign was deliberating planning smaller events, making more thorough screening possible.

Outside the Eau Claire rally, some of Trump's supporters traded shouts with a few dozen demonstrators across the street.


  • Amerikiss

    People really shouldn’t get all worked up about this. That guy in the flag is Van/Van Mayes. He does this all the time. He loves getting people angry about it, then using their angry words in screenshots to build his popularity/infamy. It’s best to just ignore him. It’s his right to desecrate the flag. I don’t agree with the action, but I’m also not going to play into his need for attention. This is thr same guy who did it at a downtown protest months ago.

    • USA

      Look at this woman “morally against trump”… She’s immorally against America. “Fight hate with love”? You stomp on our country’s flag, that isn’t love. That’s fighting love with hate. These people are totally backwards.

    • David Fercho

      It is not his right to desecrate the American Flag. It is according to Federal Law illegal to “stomp, desecrate, mutilate” the American Flag in any way. Part of the United States Flag Code Law’s which list how flag is to be treated and what is illegal. Stomping on it definitely falls under this category. If this guy keeps doing this he is not just protesting, he is dishonoring OUR COUNTRY and should be arrested immediately! Why is Milwaukee Police Department not dealing with this matter?

  • Hector Ortega

    Please contact the office of the Chancellor and let him know we don’t pay taxes for UWM to behave this disgraceful:
    Office of the Chancellor
    Chapman Hall, Room 202
    University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
    P.O. Box 413
    Milwaukee, WI 53201
    Phone (414) 229-4331
    Fax (414) 229-2347

    • Geoff

      It wasn’t UWM you meatball….It was some maladjusted idiot that didn’t ‘represent either side….these malcontents do this crap all of the time to just get attention. …

  • Ambidextrous Anne

    Interesting that both the twitter user and the author of this article are both named Julie.

    • Michael Neils

      Except in the USA the protesters are sometimes on welfare; where in Iran they sometimes have to wear explosives.

  • TONI

    Stupid squirrel y ass that stomps on Flag can leave any time he wishes and take the rest of his nuts with him. As for the YOUNG Girl that is Morally Against Trump, well we all have been young, stupid and uneducated at some point in our lives. Let her have her dreams for now. When she grows up pays taxes, stops getting financial aid and has to pay bills. Then she will “get it”. Hahaha. No More Free Handouts Kids. GO TO WORK.

  • David G Rabideau

    If anyone wants to protest something, let them protest. Anyone who desecrates the flag of the United States of America needs to be considered an enemy of this country. Benedict Arnold comes to thought along with traitor and terrorist for such behavior.

  • Roger Smith

    Dear Cheeseheads, (Wisconsin Primary)
    Black Lives Matter = anarchy, socialism, race-baiting & Islam = no Americans. These protesters (along with RNC/ DNC elite & Super PAC $$) are your typical anti-Trump.

    • Catherine Gill

      those couple of people were not representing the rest of the crowd and were off somewhere else, probably before or after the protest because people at the protest did not ever see this happen. INn the photo, you can see there is no crowd near them

  • Tina

    Meanwhile, FOX 6 who was only out there for a few minutes never noticed that police officers badges and name tags were both covered up. The flag stomper was not even a UW-Milwaukee student but a person wanting publicity that he received.

  • Catherine Gill

    Please look closely at the photo of the 4 people stepping on the flag. It is obvious that they are no where near the crowd of protesters. I am here in Milwaukee. People here who were there protesting yesterday , in the crowd, did not at any point see anyone stepping on a flag. The footage was taken either before or after the protest – you can see they are nowhere near the crowd. Suddenly the issue of someone stepping on the flag distracts from the issue of al l lthe students who were protesting Donald Trump.That stunt was probably staged

  • Craig Munson

    If I am out there and I see somebody trampling on our flag, out of defense for lady liberty and our country I am going to knock the guy’s block off. There is zero tolerance for this kind of disgusting behaviour. The guy has freedom of speech that extends to the point of disgust and at that point let me take over.

  • Maurice Gaxiola

    I’m just curious why is it that when college students protest it usually means violence? Is it that they’re trying to get noticed, or are they being graded. For these individuals to show their content by stomping on the very thing that men and women have bleed even lost their live just so these misguided morons can act out like a fool emulating those who are responsible for their intellect. It doesn’t say much for the parents, the teachers and professors because it is these individuals who are responsible for their conduct I am not saying the individual himself or herself are not responsible for their own action but to step on the flag that so many people throughout our history and the chances are even those who stomp on the flag had uncles cousins nephews aunts who have sacrificed blood and even their lives in these pathetic morons would never sacrifice a single thing in their life shame on them. But why is it it’s always individuals who are from colleges and universities that does this type of stuff

  • Maurice Gaxiola

    This young lady whose is trying to stare down a police officer you remember a while back a young black male who did the same thing. I guess this young lady never got the attention when she was a young child so she can only emulate what somebody else has already done so I can only assume she’s been watching television and starting for affection so somebody please go over bridge arms rather than tell her to go home everything will be okay.

  • David Fercho

    TO THE IDIOTS IN MILWAUKEE THAT HAD THROWN OUR NATION’S FLAG ON THE GROUND AND ARE STOMPING ON IT LIKE IT MEANS NOTHING TO THEM, YOU MAKE ME SICK TO MY STOMACH! I dont care what your Political views are, I don’t care who you choose to vote for. Whatever party or Candidate you choose to favor is your choice, but that does not give you or ANYBODY the right to stomp on the U.S. Flag on the ground like its a piece of garbage! There are people fighting over seas for that flag right now. Many have given their lives for our freedom! Don’t forget that! Think before you do something so stupid next time!

  • person

    Why the hell don’t they lock those bastards up. Free Act: An American can’t even make an honest statement these days without getting put in jail for prejudice or some some crap! And these bastards can step on our flg. Next they will be pulling out guns. Are you all NUTS! Lock them up. This country needs TRUMP more than I even thought.
    . This is one of most horrible things I have witnessed while the cops stand and protect them. Is everyone NUTS!!!!
    Arrest their asses – they are probably part of a terrorist group to boot. HORRIBLE JUST SO DISRESPECTFUL.

    Give them Hell Trump Dont’ take a word of this..These people are absolutely AWFUL if I could call them what I want to I would probably be told I couldn’t say it. But……..These BASTARDS can disrespect the American Flag.

    Hey, Mr. Trumps B-day is June 14 which is FLAG DAY! My moms Birthday too.


  • Bob C

    Things have likely never been as good for so many minorities as in America yet they choose to walk on the symbol of their blessings. What a great nation we live in let’s not let Hillary carry on Mr. Hussain’s trend of ruining it.

  • Ross Trovato

    These losers are apparently too ignorant to realize that what they’re doing basically amounts to spitting on the graves of every American who ever made the ultimate sacrifice for what our flag represents. They’re nothing but hypocrates and cowards. When they go to Russia or North Korea, and try this with THEIR flag, then I’ll respect them as the “heroic” individuals they seem to think they are. Untill then, if they hate this country so much, perhaps they should back up their convictions with action, and leave – preferably for good. Mabey they could join ISIS – our troops can always use some target practice.

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