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Dashcam video shows trucker try to avoid tree in heart-stopping near miss

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AUSTRALIA – A driver’s dashcam captured a terrifying near-miss as a trucker tried to avoid a tree trunk lying across a bend in the road in Victoria, Australia.

The video, uploaded to Dashcam Owners Australia‘s YouTube channel Tuesday, starts with a man asking a woman who had parked on the side if she is okay. While the two talk, however, they hear the sound of a large vehicle as a tractor trailer hurtles around the corner.

The driver sees the tree and tries to brake, but it’s too late. What happens next could easily have resulted in tragedy, but, incredibly, no one was hurt, according to the Herald Sun.


  • Danny Dash Cam

    Amazing that the trucker held it together without completely jack knifing his vehicle. Not sure, but it looks like the truck definitely takes out the car on the side of the road, but also glances the truck with the dash cam running.

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