Alderman Bob Donovan concedes; Mayor Tom Barrett wins re-election for fourth term

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MILWAUKEE -- Alderman Bob Donovan, challenging incumbent Tom Barrett in the race for mayor of Milwaukee conceded the race on Tuesday night, April 5th. That meant Barrett was re-elected to serve a fourth term as mayor of Milwaukee.

"I am especially pleased tonight because it is clear to me that the people of the city of Milwaukee want a mayor that is going to do everything that he can to bring this city together," Barrett said.

Barrett hosted an "Election Night Watch Party" Tuesday evening at La Perla in Milwaukee.

Barrett has been mayor of Milwaukee since 2004.

Tom Barrett votes in Milwaukee

Tom Barrett votes in Milwaukee

Barrett was re-elected in 2008 with 79% of the vote, the largest percentage a mayoral candidate had received in 40 years.

In 2012, he was subsequently re-elected against challenger Edward McDonald with over 70% of the vote.

Tom Barrett votes in Milwaukee

Tom Barrett votes in Milwaukee

During his 11th "State of the City" address, delivered on February 8th -- striking a confident tone -- despite a spike in homicides and a federal review of the Milwaukee Police Department. He discussed the positives in Milwaukee -- like improvements made to neighborhoods plagued by abandoned and foreclosed homes, an increase in employment and an investment in Milwaukee's youth. Barrett also highlighted the decrease in teen birth rates in Milwaukee, and an increase in the number of lead-safe homes.

In his address, Barrett said the plan to address the challenges facing the state's largest city includes economic development, health care and violence prevention, and said 2015 was a challenging year for Milwaukee, as it relates to both homicides and car thefts.

Tom Barrett

Tom Barrett

"But it has not deterred our officers, who took more than 2,500 guns off our streets in 2015," Barrett said.

Barrett said if there was large turnout Tuesday, and if that turnout was heavily Democratic, he would be assured victory.

"The year of Donald Trump and even Bernie Sanders for that matter -- they'll be bringing out a lot of new people, so I was taking this election very, very seriously," Barrett said.

Tom Barrett and Bob Donovan

Tom Barrett and Bob Donovan

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  • buzz

    very bad move milwaukee!! why do you think waukesha county ran him out? he is touting signing up people for health care, you honest tax payers will be paying for it! detroit will be passing you up pretty quick

  • Bean

    Barrett will be your Mayor as long as he’s willing to keep running. You’re stuck with him. Too bad you couldn’t figure out what he was all about back in 2004. Best of luck to you all, and have fun riding that silly trolley!

  • hoodhater

    And just like that Milwaukee’s future has become the current Detroit. Shows the hood doesn’t want police and security in their neighborhoods. Let it burn to the ground.

  • James

    Great job Milwaukee. Allow this clown to do nothing as crime gets worst in Milwaukee. Stupid kids committing crimes and we let them loose. Milwaukee is already ranked 6th most dangerous city in US and soon it will be top 3.

  • Reagan 84

    Of course all the THUGS,WELFARE LEECHES,AND OTHER Non-Working BRAINDEAD DUMBASSES voted for this USELESS POS!! I won’t feel bad if any of you morons are victims of your own Libtard THUG criminals!! Good riddance!!

  • Angry Dad

    That’s what I was thinking… I voted for Donovan and so did everyone I know. Nobody wants Barrett but he gets 79%? Something smells fishy here besides the fact us working poor now have to pay up more property tax to pay for his highness’ trolly.

    • Peanut

      79% was in 2008, they havent released his numbers this time around. its too bad the best milwaukee could do was put donovan against him, he was never going to win

  • Libsareliars

    Barrett said that he is pleased that the majority of voters want a mayor that is going to bring this city together. Hey Tom what kind of drugs are you taking to make a stupid comment line that?

    • Reagan 84

      You are so right. He has to be on drugs!! I saw that dumbass one evening at Mayfair Mall over a month ago (by himself,no GOONS),and he was staggering around,seemed to be lost. All the retards who voted for him must be on the same kind of drugs to be that stupid!!

    • chris

      Wasn’t the drugs. It’s The Ill Effects of being beaten with a crowbar at State Fair. Drunk should’ve smacked him 2 more times and he’d have been deemed legally retarded.

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