Spring cleaning for your refrigerator: Tips from an expert

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MILWAUKEE -- It's spring -- which means you might be busy cleaning out the closets, bedrooms, maybe the garage. But you cannot forget one important place -- the refrigerator. Registered dietitian Tatiana Castellino from Metro Market joined the Studio A team with some healthy tips.


Start with a clean refrigerator
-Use mild soap & water to wash and dry the shelves and bins
-Put box of opened baking soda in the corner to absorb odors (remember to change every 3-4 months)

Check expiration labels - throw away old condiments and duplicates

Shop the perimeter - fill your cart and your kitchen with more perishable items
-Think a rainbow of colors
-Mostly 1 ingredient items (Fruits, veggies, dairy, eggs, meat & seafood)

Place fresh fruits & veggies at eye level, not hidden away in a drawer to be forgotten

Whole eggs are source of high quality protein
-Last longer than other meat based proteins (can keep 5 weeks past date on carton)

Keep a variety of low-fat or non-fat dairy products
-Milk & dairy alternatives, Greek yogurt, cottage cheese, cheese sticks

Nutritious dips
-Avocado, hummus, salsa

Keep heart healthy fat sources in the freezer to preserve nutrition
-Nuts, seeds, whole wheat flours, ground flax seed

Don`t forget about your beverages - keep flavored seltzer waters on hand vs. soda

Berries, Veggies (broccoli, spinach, chopped onion & bell peppers, edamame), Seafood (shrimp, salmon)