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Bernie Sanders nets only four delegates for 13-point Wisconsin primary win

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MILWAUKEE -- Democratic presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders did not gain much ground on Hillary Clinton despite a convincing 13-point win over the frontrunner in Wisconsin's primary Tuesday.

Sanders will get 48 Wisconsin delegates to Clinton's 44, according to a final delegate tally from the Wisconsin Democratic Party plus superdelegates who have committed to a particular candidate.

Sanders won the delegate count based on Tuesday's results, 48-38, making gains for his statewide win and strong results in Madison, the Milwaukee suburbs, and western Wisconsin.

Yet six of Wisconsin's 10 superdelegates -- who don't have to follow the primary results -- have already committed to Clinton. Sanders has no Wisconsin superdelegates. The remaining four haven't committed.

In an interview Wednesday, uncommitted State Rep. David Bowen appeared to be planning to support Sanders but stopped short of doing so.

"I'm going to support the voters of our state, the Democrats of our state who have made their voices heard," said Bowen, D-Milwaukee. "That's all I can say at this time."


Democrats award pledged delegates proportionally based on primary results.

Sanders picked up 17 statewide versus 12 for Clinton. Sanders also gained more delegates than Clinton in Wisconsin's Second, Third and Fifth congressional districts. The candidates split the delegates in the remaining five districts.

U.S. Sen. Tammy Baldwin, U.S. Reps. Gwen Moore and Ron Kind, and other Democratic superdelegates Martha Love, Christine Bremer Muggli and Michael Childers have committed to Clinton, according to news reports and the superdelegates themselves.

U.S. Rep. Mark Pocan, Democratic Party of Wisconsin chair Martha Laning and Jason Rae have said they plan to wait until the summer to commit.

Sanders supporters have regularly complained about superdelegates. The delegate process led Clinton to proclaim confidence in the face of Tuesday's loss.

"I'm considerably ahead in both the popular vote and most importantly the delegate count. I'm feeling very good about where we are," Clinton said on CNN. "He knew what the rules were when he decided to run for president."


The Wisconsin delegate count was more certain on the Republican side. Ted Cruz picked up 36 delegates and denied frontrunner Donald Trump of all but six of the state's delegates.

Republicans award delegates in a winner-take-all fashion statewide and in each of Wisconsin's congressional districts. Cruz won 18 for his statewide victory and 18 more for winning six congressional districts.

Trump won two congressional districts in northern and western Wisconsin.


Cruz still trails in the nationwide delegate count, but has forced Trump to win 60 percent of the remaining delegates to secure the magic number of 1,237 and avoid a contested convention. Trump has admitted he is at a disadvantage at such a convention.

Speaking in Milwaukee on Tuesday night, Cruz said he was "more convinced" he would win the nomination.

"Either before Cleveland or at the convention in Cleveland, together we will a majority of the delegates," he told a crowd at Serb Hall on the city's south side.

Gov. Scott Walker, who has endorsed Cruz, predicted that the Texas senator would win as early as the second ballot at a contested convention in July.

Walker had previously said that a Republican who's not currently a candidate could emerge at the convention, but Wednesday said the race was between Cruz and Trump.

Voters in New York, the home state of Clinton and Trump, head to the polls on April 19.


  • notahypocrite

    This is why your vote doesn’t count with Hilary picking up the super delegates, #YOUR VOTE DOESN”T MATTER

  • Liberty

    Delegates take the real choice out of the voters hands. Just another ploy to make our votes meaningless. The Elite choose not us. The 1% make all the choices, they just make you think you count.

  • TED

    Which is why the Democrat party is not democratic. It is truly a communist party where your vote really does not count.

  • Veronica

    New York is not Hilary’s home state. It’s Bernie’s. He was born in Brooklyn. She was born in Chicago. Does the media ever report truth? I mean those are basic facts…..

  • Mike Schwarzer

    If we want to change the media, at least one major state like California or NY has to give bernie a commanding lead. That way the superdelegates will begin their debate. Just as they did with Obama when they gave Hillary the boot. As I recall it was Obama at that time saying Hillary wasn’t qualified. So one state or the other – we need a landslide. Otherwise the media focuses on the pony race and not the substance, like it was some NFL game instead of the future of the country. It’s time to shut out mainstream media, cancel subscriptions, phone and write complaints and picket their offices. but most importantly shut their puck off. The news is just another commercial break. You don’t watch or pay attention to their crap, the subscriptions drop, the nielsen ratings decline then the sponsored walk. Until the evil they do has a price, they will just continue their immoral behavior. Remember how they sold us the 2003 war, now once again the republicans the curse of the US political system is being inflicted on us. Their sicl-o-fascist polices is why the country is in trouble and why everything is declining due to the totally failed multi-decade Reaganomics experiment which ended in total failure in 2008. The republicans are in denial.

    So not only do we have to take new directions like FDR day, but we have to back out of this deal end road by retracing as the body of corrupt law and that have the greasy fingers on big money all over it. The bill process is corrupt, it allows all sorts of bad law to be tagged onto good bills. This too is insanity. It ensures all sorts of twisted things become law or the big important bills just don’t happen. I say we meed a purified bill process with not back doors for the creepy sh*t that the republicans want.

    What are the republicans, simple it is the romance of the Plantation Slave owners. The civil war let the US with a split personality. Those who believe if the Slave philosophy, which is why Trump is so popular, and those who want social progress. That war continues in today’s politics, just another example of the unexpected consequences or war. Until this religious like dogma of the extremist right stamped out the country can never be unified or progressive without a fight.

    Trump is clueless, also after the 2003 lies of the republicans and G.Bush, I just don’t believe them. Gingride is coaching Trump. If we should have the misfortune of Trump winning, he will simply wait out and apologize as he goes. Not one promise will hold true by this wolf in sheeps clothing. He’ll reach into his pockets and say we’ve got now money we can’t do anything and then resume giving tax breaks to himself and the rich and doing everything that is republican. He couldn’t care less, he wins great, he looses it will just improve the ratings on his next TV show. A man who spins and lies, is not the character needed for president. Not even sure he would make a good drinking buddy, never mind president, but there are allot of hillbillies, that believe in his dribble. The number of brainwashed idiots in the US is a bit disturbing. You know hitler was elected, when people we desperate, didn’t end so well. Trump a semi idiot and con man with his pockets stuffed by daddy, has nothing to be proud of. He’s left allot of wreckage in the business world. and look at all those cheesy mickey mouse businesses he’s in.

    Hillary is a nice lady I’m sure, but she’s more republican then the republicans. The republicans we have now are fringe, like some sort of NEOCON religion. They are the disease that keeps the American people backward, ignorant, and obedient. Real democrats don’t exist anymore, except in people like FDR and Bernie. So Hillary at best is wishy-washy, she will likely throw a few bones the public way, but will their be fundamental change, NEVER. There will be no reversal to restoring the democracy under her. She’s part of the great disappointment with Oboma, who gave into the status que verses showing his teeth and effecting real change.

    No one can forget Trump dropping has panties for AIPAC, or how NITWITYAHOO, that despot and war criminal dropped into congress like they owned the place, behind the presidents back. Congress helped get this slieze re-elected. What a great shame on congress and every republican and even some of the democrats. Since when is the US a puppet state of Israel? Yet this is exactly how the Republicans behave – PUPPETS OF A FOREIGN STATE. Frankly I don’t see allot of difference between NITWITYAHOO and the Iatolas. Some might argue the Iatolars are more moral. We fought the Iraq war for Israel, if Obama didn’t put a stop to it, we would be fighting the Iranian war for Israel. Why? Money in politics if the root of the disease that makes the US so weak so unjust and so hated around the world.

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