Documents reveal inappropriate text messages between New Berlin H.S. teacher and student

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WAUKESHA COUNTY -- More than 60 pages of documents have been released in connection to a New Berlin West High School teacher accused of having sex with her student. The report reveals an inappropriate relationship that began last summer.

Sara Domres

Sara Domres

At the Waukesha County Courthouse, 28-year-old Sara Domres enters the courtroom, accused of crossing the line with a student. She's charged with two counts of sexual assault of a student by school staff.

Newly released documents reveal their relationship began last May, when the English teacher started texting her 16-year-old student.

The texting turned to meeting up, and eventually to sex.

Investigators found evidence on Domres' phone where they refer to each other as "baby boo." Texts read, "I love you!" -- and, "You're extremely attractive to me!!!"

The report says the two had sex at the Park and Ride on Moorland Road in New Berlin -- and at the Motel 6 off of Bluemound Road in the Town of Brookfield, "the same day (her husband) had his bachelor party."

Sara Domres in court

Sara Domres in court

The boy admitted to police, Domres sent selfies (to him) while she was on her honeymoon. At one point, the report says her husband caught the two hanging out in the parking lot of a New Berlin restaurant.

Friday, Domres' husband stood by her side -- they walked out of court together. Now facing one of the biggest challenges to their marriage -- time behind bars.

Sara Domres in court

Sara Domres in court

Officials with the School District of New Berlin said they learned of the allegations against Domres on January 15th. She was immediately placed on administrative leave.  After an internal investigation by the School District of New Berlin, Domres was fired.

Domres entered not guilty pleas to both charges in court on Friday afternoon -- and waived her right to a preliminary hearing. The judge also set cash bond of $1,000 for Domres -- which she paid -- and then bound Domres over for trial.

Domres has been ordered to have no contact with the victim.


  • MilwaukeeNative

    Glad to see New Berlin School District is taking this seriously. Administrators at Martin Luther High School hid two separate in appropriate student/teacher relationships over the past few years. Inexcusable.

    • Tom

      Lol, your just jealous you couldn’t pull in a teacher when you were a 16. He wasn’t taken advantage of and no one was doing things they didn’t want to. You can drive at 16 and take on responsibility’s that go with it so why make it a big deal.

      • David Elliott

        So Tom, I assume you’d be saying the same thing if it was a 28 year old man & a 16 year old girl?!? Right?!? Of course you wouldn’t. For an adult to have sex w/ a child is categorically, and legally, WRONG! Plus this woman was MARRIED (or getting married)- she’s a low life & if I were her husband, I’d dump her & let her rot in jail!

      • Kik & Melissa

        Tom, grow up little boy. This is the real world. Not fantasy or your mom’s basement with a porn.

      • Priscilla

        So, you would feel the same if that were your son or daughter? Teacher’s are supposed to TEACH our children not have sex with them!

      • ZeeMan

        I’m with you, Tom. Her biggest offense IMO was cheating on her husband. Otherwise, these were two consenting individuals. Sure, I get that legally he can’t consent. In reality he did consent and probably was just as much an instigator in this as he was. I would have the same opinion if it was a male teacher and a female student. I’m sorry but 16 year olds are biologically not children. Contrary to popular belief they are capable of making decisions and in most cases know exactly what they are doing.

    • jpar

      Kik & Melissa! there was no child molested or hurt in the making of this film! but there was a hoe, a man hoe of 16 who had the ride of his life!!!!!! LOL!!!! This so called boy is in no wise innocent! If I had my guess he was the one that started it!

  • Alpha Co.

    Attention Sara’s husband: I’m certain you or someone who knows you, will research the news articles on this story and most likely see the comments. I get you want to be the “good guy” in this situation, and probably love this woman. But listen brother, you deserve better than this. This isn’t about you looking like a “chump” or a fool, it’s about trust, loyalty and the fact that this woman didn’t love you. File for divorce, move on with your life and let this woman face her actions alone. Some where out there in this world, you will find a woman who will actually respect you, marriage and love. She will not sneak around, having sex with a minor and basically let you believe she is faithful, when she just had “relations” with another man (in this case boy). Good luck brother, it’s going to suck for a while, but you can do this! Now, ruck up and move out!

  • John

    She is a pedophile. How can a married woman cheat on her husband with a 16 year old boy? There should be no question in his mind whether or not to stay with her. She will cheat on you again. She is a female child molester. #femalechomo

    • ZeeMan

      Unless the “victim” here hadn’t hit puberty by age 16 (and I say “victim” in quotations because I too was a 16 year old boy once…, she’s not a pedophile. She’s only a criminal because of the arbitrary age we’ve decided on.

  • Rediculous

    I can tell exactly by the comments who the Catholics are! Yet they turn a blind eye when a priest sexually molests a 10 year old. Nuff said.

    • Captain Paul

      Your comment is quite concerning. I think its appalling you would come on here and make such a horrific comment that denounces the Cathoilc religion in such a way. Priests are an authoritve figure who deserve RESPECT! If you would of made a comment like this 25 years ago and were identified the Catholic church would have punished you severely!

      • Left Wing lovers and gay rights activist

        Captain Paul, why don’t you go to Catholic church and take one up the rear!

  • Guys a lose

    He probably went to his bachelor party and actually behaved like a normal guy, all the while this ho is buying boys kids meals and washing em down with a side of snatch. He’s hanging on to her because obviously he’s never had anyone else. What a dork.

  • John

    I have a son that goes to school in the New Berlin School District and he is only several years away from being this victim’s age when this pathetic “teacher” did this insane nonsense. Teenage boys get the book thrown at them these days for screwing around with other teenage girls and end up being labeled sex offenders and having their lives destroyed. We all know darn well that if this were a 28 year old man having sex with a 16 year old girl, even if the girl was “all for it” and “enjoyed it” the man would be ruined, would do hard time in jail, have his career ruined, and labeled a sick predator for his entire life, and rightfully so. Therefore, when this woman pleads guilty or gets convicted after trial this judge should throw the book at her. She should sit in jail for the maximum allowed under the statutes and should be labeled a registered sex offender for life. What is good for the goose is good for the gander. There is no difference based on the genders of the parties involved. Men and boys are completely discriminated against in the family courts, the criminal courts, and I matters involved involving relationships and interactions with the opposite sex. I this day and age of equality there is no room for feminist dogma that promotes misandry. This woman is a criminal and the pathetic losers that are saying it is okay because they have “hot for teacher” fantasies about it their parents basements are just perpetuating the unequal treatment of the genders in these types of circumstances. If the judge in this case does not impose a firm sentence on this crazy bimbo I will definitely not be voting for him when his next election comes around and I will petition they Waukesha County community to vote him out of office. Enough of the double standards. It’s time to protect or boys and end the double standards. Further, this woman’s husband is a complete disgrace if he continues to stand by her. Wake up man. Your new wife is scandalous nymphomaniac. She is not that attractive and you could get way better. She is not going to be able to contribute to your family in any meaningful way now that her career is destroyed and if you have children and she lives with you your future children’s friends will not even be able to come over to your house because you will be living with a convicted pedophile. Wake up and grow a pair. Get out while you are still young and can start over with minimal damage to your life.

    • Dougie fresh

      I’m all for what you said but if you come in here saying she’s not attractive and wouldn’t take her to Ol Johns woodshed out back you are a blatant liar.

  • K

    I think all the news papers should get on the same sheet of music you all have different stories with different “facts” are you sure that what you are doing with out providing the evidence isn’t slander to this woman and her family? Are you checking your “sources” those teenagers that turned them in should really think about the accusations that are made and if this comes back how this will affect all three of their families with a law suit! We all know people lie so how about the courts do their job and be innocent until proven guilty and not the other way around. This is just wrong and these stations should stay out of it until u can actuallt prove anything and as for now you can’t. For goodness sake these are humans beings who have feelings and families!

    • 1738

      She’s not a “bimbo” a “ho” or a perv. She did something incredibly wrong and disgusting, and deserves to be punished, but no one needs to be labeling her. The kid (which I happen to have known now for 6 years) is not (that I know of) receiving any repercussions. They both knew better. They both could have stopped it at any point in the year it was happening. He would have gladly kept all of it going if it had not been for his friends. No one should be high-fiving him for “bringing in a teacher” or “smashing” because his acts were equally disgusting and disrespectful. To any of her other students reading this: do not take this whole situation and think “oh wow I had an entire English 10 class with her she could have molested me the whole time” or “I know she looked at me weird that one time” because it didn’t happen. None of us were ever in any danger of being molested. Knowing her like I knew her (for god’s sake, people, consider some people were close to her and how you talking about her makes them feel) this was uncharacteristic. This was something that she never planned to get into. She was a good person in class. Not the mentally ill sociopath the news paints her to be.

      • jpar

        Your right, he is as much to blame then her! but he walks away unscathed!!! He is as much to blame as her, and he knew exactly what he was doing, and that it was wrong!!! Her life will be destroyed for the actions of two consenting adults! not a women & a boy, but a woman & a man!

    • jpar

      The only lucky one here was the 16 year old crying wolf after getting the goods, while she has no luck, just the shaft! This was no boy, and he is just as much to blame then her!

  • elle

    Wow I don’t think she’s attractive either at 16 if I had sex with someone that looked like her at 28 I’d be ashamed. She looks as old as I do and I’m 45 and had 3 kids. That kid doesn’t have a lot to look forward to if that’s the best he can do at his age lol!

    • jpar

      Girl, if you had a prison sentence hanging over your head, and your whole life turned upside down I doubt You would look all that great either!!! LOL!!!!

  • Truthgiver

    Any bets the kid was black? American women have become vacuous, tatted-up mudsharks thanks to “role models” like the Kardashians.

  • jpar

    You know whats funny? If a 16 year old, or even a 12 year old boy kills someone, or even tries to kill someone, then they are tried as adults!In saying the courts are saying that they mature enough mentally to take the same punishment as a man. If that be the the case then this boy is old & mature enough and responsible enough at least by the courts standards for his own actions! This teacher never forced her self on him!

  • Anonymous

    I’m going to break things down for her. She has no idea how much her life is about to change. She either had a terrible lawyer that filed no motions to suppress evidence, a lawyer that has no experience handling sex assault cases and doesn’t truly know how bad this is going to end for her or the DA held the 2 charges, gave her no break and wants to make an example out of her. In most cases with good representation fighting for you shouldn’t have plead guilty to both charges….maybe one. You better hope the judge is in a forgiving mood when you get sentenced next month. Under WI state law there is a list of register-able sex assault charges that require you to be placed on the sex offender registry either for 15 years after your sentence has been fulfilled, 25 years or life (most child related offenses). Based on the statue of both of your felonies you will be required to register as a sex offender and the judge has no discretion in your case. You will be lucky if you get probation instead of being sent to Taycheetah Prison. Your life to about to forever change in a horrible way. You will be labeled a child sex offender and your face and home address will be plaster all over the internet and you probably should never have kids if you were thinking about it. Sex offenders with a child related offense can’t even go on school property to pick there children up from school without permission from the school. Even when you are completely off probation you will still need to follow the rules of the WI Sex offender registry depending on how many years you have to register and this determines where you will live. You will have an extremely hard time finding a house to live in (that is approved by the DOC) because of all the sex offender ordinances in every town and city. Outside of being a convicted felon you have to deal with the stereotype of being labeled a child predator. Your probation rules either from the start of being sentenced or when you get out of prison for extended supervision will be very hard to live with. You will need to check in weekly, give drugs tests and take polygraphs for your probation officer to make you are following your rules which will include absolutely no contact with any minor whatsoever. You will need special permission to even have contact with your family members who are minors. You will need approval to go to any sporting events, malls, movies, or any place frequently visited by minors (which is basically everywhere). You will have a curfew and you will not be able to leave your county with our permission. If and when you get a new job they will need to call your job and make sure they are aware of your child assault conviction. You will be required to take sex offender treatment and probably remain in this group until your completely off probation. There are so many more things you will learn as you go through this. I have a couple of friends who’s sons have been placed on the registry and are on probation from a dating situation (18 year old and 15/16 year old female). Their lives have been ruined.

    Was a 16 year old boy worth cheating on your husband and being labeled a child sex offender?

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