$3.3 million: Former UW Coach Bo Ryan was highest paid UW System employee in 2015

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Badgers Head Coach Bo Ryan

MADISON — Former UW-Madison men’s basketball coach Bo Ryan was the highest paid UW System employee in 2015.

Ryan made $3.3 million.

Ryan, who retired abruptly in mid-season in December 2015, wasn’t the only employee in the college sports department who claimed a top spot. The top four highest-compensated people in the UW System all work in university athletics for UW-Madison.

UW-Madison Athletic Director Barry Alvarez brought in about $1.18 million.

Badgers football coach Paul Chryst made $1.16 million.

The highest earning employee at UW-Milwaukee for 2015 was former men’s basketball coach, Rob Jeter, who was fired from his position in March, drawing $456,949 for the year.

The highest paid employee who doesn’t work in athletics was UW System President Raymond Cross, who made $525,000.

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  • wasteful spending

    Yet the UW school system is crying for more money or programs will have to be shut down. What a joke. I attended a Wisconsin state school. Some of the electives were unnecessary, but we were required to have a certain amount of credits that did not apply towards our major. Line dancing, bowling, etc.

  • Opinion8d

    Funny how people will despise CEOs of companies, yet not blink an eye at what athletes make (or coaches for that matter.) My guess is that the Athletic department brings in more money that it pays out. If not, shut it down!

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