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“Deeply disturbing:” Teacher’s aide at Bay View H.S. arrested after incident with student

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.
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MILWAUKEE -- A teacher's aide from Bay View High School was arrested after an incident in a classroom that was captured on camera.

The video, which was shared with the FOX6 News Facebook page on Wednesday, April 20th, shows a physical altercation between a 39-year-old teacher's aide and a 14-year-old student at Bay View High School. It shows the teacher's aide push the student into a desk, and then hold him down on the floor. The teacher can be heard leveling expletives at the student during the entire incident, which happened shortly before 11:00 a.m. Students tell FOX6 News it happened during a freshman biology class.

CLICK HERE for update on story -- teacher's aide fired, faces assault charge

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"I was just watching it like 'this is unreal.  I cannot believe this,'" Jacquan-Anthony Wilder, a student at Bay View High School said.

"The student was cussing at him and everything and he was like 'come on -- let's go in the hallway,'" Angel Quiles, a student at Bay View High School said.

"They kept on arguing and getting into each other's faces," Wilder said.

"First he pushed him, then he slammed him on the floor and was holding him down," Quiles said.

Students told FOX6 News security came into the classroom and broke up the fight.

"It was actually kind of scary. Like, I cannot believe this is happening," Wilder said.

The teacher's aide was arrested for physical abuse of a child. The student was taken to a hospital for treatment of minor injuries.

FOX6 News showed the video to the grandmother of a Bay View High School student who watched in disbelief.

"I'm saddened by it.  I'm saddened these things keep going on in schools," Candice Zielinski said.

The investigation is ongoing and when it is complete, the case will be presented to the Milwaukee County District Attorney’s Office.

Tony Tagliavia, a spokesperson for Milwaukee Public Schools, issued the following statement in relation to this incident:

"MPS finds this incident deeply disturbing. As soon as the school administration was notified of the incident, the Milwaukee Police Department was contacted and the staff member was removed from the classroom. We are cooperating with MPD. This staff member – who is a paraprofessional (teacher aide) – faces disciplinary action, including termination."

Congresswoman Gwen Moore has issued this statement to FOX6 News:

“As a parent and grandparent, I was deeply disturbed by a video that recently emerged of a student allegedly being assaulted by a teacher’s aide at Bay View High School. Luckily, the student only sustained minor injuries, but that doesn’t change the severity or magnitude of this incident. When Milwaukee parents send their sons and daughters to school, they reasonably expect that school to serve as a safe space for their children to learn and grow.

Many of our city’s youth find themselves facing a host of obstacles when it comes to their education. Some go to schools that are in dire need of repair. Others are dependent on their schools as the only source of nutritious and balanced meals, but violence at the hands of an adult staff member should never be one of those obstacles. I consider such conduct as blatantly inexcusable.

We still do not have all the facts about this incident, but as details continue to surface, I ask my constituents to remain calm and measured as the proper authorities conduct their investigation.”

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  • Libsareliars

    I praise this teacher. We need more teachers like him who won’t take any of this crap from some punk. By the way Fox6 you people might call this disturbing video. I find it to be very refreshing!!

  • Equal

    If a parent/guardian can be charged with abuse for disciplining their own child what gives a staff member the right to do it and not be charged… If we are at a job and allow a child to take us to losing our cool then perhaps that’s not the right profession..WE MUST NOT LET NO ONE ELSE ACTIONS/WORDS DEFINE THE OUTCOME OF HOW A SITUATION CAN TURN INTO CRIMINAL CHARGE

    • Opinion8d

      I completely agree. Efh the left and how they define Criminal behavior…..hopefully common sense will prevail and nothing will happen to the TA. So sick of how the lefts actions and bullying make discipline into a crime. Kudos on your post!!!

  • Just Me

    I could not agree more with you! We had a teacher that was like this, grant it it was 20 years ago. The man was arrested twice from an MPS high School BUT you respected him and what he said, because you knew there were consequences!

  • Esca

    You kidding me? I went to BayView, class of 97′ here. We actually had to deal with more than this back then. Personal experience: Try having your teacher call you a spic on a daily baises. I could actually smell the achohol on his breath as he spoke to me. He also would talk about how he had f..cked my mother the night before, etc. Always teasing me. Someone would always start a fire in the garbage can in the class we he was not looking and security would be call. Sometime the teacher did not have a phone in his room to call security. It was always getting kicked off the wall by someone so there were only wires sticking out of the wall. There were always fights seeing a teacher do something like this was normal. I saw our gym teacher get jumped by 4 guys once when he called them out on stealing walkmens and pagers, etc from the gym lockers. He defended himself best he could. That school was horrible both from students and teachers. I saw a teacher in the middle of class slam a kid on a table and slide him across it. Then he told him to get the out class. Oh boy do I have stories from back then. How about the guy that got shot outside after school…. I swear nothing back then got covered like this. Now it’s all a big deal.

    • Fat Clarence

      The kid who got shot was Clarence. Also I remember a kid who threatened people or beat them with a wooden sword.

    • Sonji M Kirk

      I understand that you had some issues with some of your teachers. But,I tell you they are fed up with some of these disrespectful kids. They are rude, and talk dirty, and cause chaos within our schools across the nation. I said some. But the some out weight the good. I don’t feel sorry for this student at all. I seen his kick the teacher and I can tell he was showing out and being very disrespectful. I hope the teacher only get fired. He’s burnt out dealing with kids like this. I’m sure you as a student at that time if you are truthful know for a fact those kids be acting a doggone fool. I had a stepdaughter that went to Bayview at that time and it was always some bs going on up there.

    • seventiesbaby

      I went there in 97 as well, I remember gang fights, freeway-flyer bus riots…ect.–without media coverage! I bet our graduation rate was higher as well. this kid just almost killed someone robbing them a few days prior…the TA should have kept squeezing!

  • Lbj

    Let a teacher do that to your kid just one time… possibly injur him/her, I don’t think you’d be singing this song.

    Wth is wrong with those of you glorifying this man who ALLOWS a kid to take him to that level. The man is weak minded therefore he gets angry and depends on his muscle to handle it.

    Plus i guarantee that won’t bring the kid into compliance. It’ll just make him angrier.

    Figure it out!

  • Dylan

    Funny how they only tell you one side of the story, isn’t it. Guessing that kid had done something really bad to set him off like that. Whatever happened, that kid should have been raised better and honestly got what he deserved. Discipline can go a long way. Sadly, today’s parents just don’t care enough anymore. You need a license to drive but they let anyone have a kid….with that said, the teachers aide could have handled that more professionally as well, he also got what he deserved.

  • Opinion8d

    If that is truly your opinion, please take a moment and spend some time in the inner city school with disrespectful hoodlums. This isn’t a ‘boy’ and he definitely isn’t an innocent person here. I’m sure he got what he deserved! These type of kids shouldn’t even be with the normal student population. But thanks to lefties, we need to ‘integrate’ them so we don’t make them feel different. I’m sure you would be in favor in sending your kids to school with these eager to learn kids.

    • Diana

      I agree. My kid would not be within 10 feet of any of these schools. The real shame is that u do have some good kids that go to the troubled school but they are robbwd of any type of education because the teacher spends so much time redirecting the behavior of fools.

  • Opinion8d

    Who are completely out of touch. It sounds nice, but clearly you have not seen enough examples of kids having zero respect for authority. Please tell me how you handle this??? Because I’m sure your answer is exactly what go us to the point we are at. Let them scream, yell, swear, throw things, say vile things, hit, kick, etc all with no regards to the teacher/police telling them to stop. Then what?? say Please? tell them they won’t get a star today?? Honestly, these kids have no regards for anything or anyone. They murder because they are ‘disrespected’! Then when the police are called in to deal with these delinquents, the police get the blame for being ‘rough’ on little Johnny or Susie. Why do you think so many police are in schools today?? Did you see the story about the pregnant girl getting in a fight? The Mom blamed the teacher for standing nearby not doing anything. That is not how school is supposed to be!

  • Sonji M Kirk

    I have no sympathy for this teen. I saw what he did and heard what he did. He was being rude and talking back. Would not take his set and kicked this man. I do feel that this teacher aide is burnt out and needs a career change. I remember when we could get out tails spank at school. There was no issues like that back then. Sad how times have changed.

  • Sonji M Kirk

    I so agree with you. I feel is just snapped and is burnt out from dealing with mess on a daily basis. I hope this will not haunt him for the rest of his life. I’m sure the courts will understand in a sense.

  • ed flynns mistress

    Teacher should have got a medal and promotion. Someone has to teach these ingrates manners, respect and to know their place. They don’t learn them at home.

  • ibn nate

    Protests should be held in front of the courthouse with chants of “FREE THE TEACHER! FREE THE TEACHER! FREE THE TEACHER!”

  • Melissa

    Kid got what he deserved. Sad that we have kids like this that have no respect for authority. If he would have kicked a judge or a cop he would have gotten the same reaction and tased too, and then arrested. Put the little punk in jail so he can get a taste of what his future holds.

  • Melissa K

    I am betting that this little thug mouthed off and basically got what he deserved. All these little punks think they are the next gansta rapper or gang leader. 4 or so years from now, he’ll either be arrested for drugs tor shooting someone, or he will be dead himself.

  • buzz

    watch the start of your video, the kid either kicked him or something near him, these kids think they can do anything they want, lawsuit coming????


    What is disturbing from this video is the kid disrespecting the teacher. The state of MPS is a disaster, all the teachers know it and the students know they can get away with anything. THE SCHOOLS ARE A FAILURE AND THE TAXPAYERS SHOULD MAKE THEM ACCOUNTABLE.
    1. Propose all students wear a school uniform. White button up shirt, tie, black pants.
    2. All kids absent from class to be tracked down and brought in and parents arrested.
    3. Pledge of allegiance every morning lined up outside.
    4. Teachers will have the right to suppress and defend themselves without fear of prosecution.
    5. Punishment will be given out in the form of solitary study room.
    6. Repeat offending students will be sent immediately to military style disciplinary barracks for further enrichment.
    7. Parents to be held accountable with fines or street cleaning duties for those that are on snap.
    8. Any student that misses their gpa grade requirement, see no. 6 for clarification.


        Someone already is running. I can give you a clue who should win: Their logo isn’t an arrow. Not from Canada. Not a city in Switzerland. Not where the football hall of fame is. But something that fell on Sir Isaac Newtons head is the place.

  • Jarhead Dwayne Barr

    Real Barbershop Talk: My buddies and I are sitting in my shop and this type of news is aired. One guy said, “95% of the time, the media only shows PART of the incident and not the beginning. If it is reported that the Student was asked to STOP KICKING the AIDE but Continued; then why isn’t there any Video being shown of that first?” Another said, “Teacher/Staff are pretty much have their hands tied behind their back due to fear of termination when a student is the aggressor; no support from the District and if a proper investigation concludes the student did ASSAULT the Aide and/or others then disciplinary actions should be warranted against the student. This has to STOP when Students causes a disturbances first and the teacher gets fired.” #LetsBeFairNSchool

  • Natasha

    I am on the teacher’s aids side. Most kids now a days are rotten. Parents are so immature they have no idea how to raise kids to be reslectful young adukts and so forth. They go to school for all thr wrong reasons instead of getting an education. If parents would do Their job and raise good kids teaching them respect and responsibility then they wouldnt be getting whooped by teachers in school!

  • Malai

    I understand that everyone is praising the TA for his actions but cmon guys, this was a little excessive! He man-handed that little boy. The boy obviously wasn’t taught right at home or else he would be very knowledgeable of other people’s private space and keeping his hands and feet to himself. Sometimes it takes the right person to reach out to kids like this. I guess the TA wasn’t able to take that route. He took a detour and kicked his ass ☹

  • Me Lady V

    i am a black woman–just to be clear; and while I don’t condone what the teacher did, alot of these RUDE and OBNOXIOUS kids need their a$$e$ kicked–early on in life with hopes that some of them will be scared-straight and get themselves together before it’s too late. No adults/teachers should not be allowed to put their hands on kids but these kids should not be permitted to disrupt the learning process for other kids who DO want to learn, either. People snap–and this may have been one of those times.

  • Lynn Finch

    Wrong is wrong but why are minorities in charge the only ones ever arrested or held accountable for when violence is caught on film? This was no worse than the school liaison officer that abused the black student at her desk. Where’s the justice?. Oh I forgot black lives don’t matter.

  • ISWH

    It is not until you work in the system that you will experience what really goes on. In a little over two years I have seen numerous teachers get punch, spit on, pushed, bite and get disrespected in such blunt way that at times is unbelievable. This generation has no respect for NO ONE. I have seen students yell at their own parents, cuss at their own parents so what makes you think they have any respect for teachers and staff. They have NO HOME TRAINING. The level of disrespect that staff have no endure on a daily bases is obnoxious. Unfortunately, sometimes there is no way of fixing some of these kids because it was never dealt with since young. Mostly because Father was never there, mother did not care, and they have never had anyone to look up to. They look for LOVE in the streets and find the wrong kind of Love. All the news wants to do is geek a story up so they can get numbers, but there is always another side to the story. I don’t condone this kind of behavior, but I do understand it.

  • John Norton

    Our high schools are zoos. The kids are out of control and I’m surprised that more teacher don’t go off on rude, disrespectful students. One of my kids went to Tech. What a joke that place was. Totally out of control, and at the parent/student orientation, the principal at the time basically told the parents that it was. My child stayed there just a few months and then we moved him to another high school. The chances of getting a real education at Tech was minimal.

    • Entitlement Rolls Down Hill

      Dad was a teacher at Tech before he retired.. Wouldn’t even allow me to enter building cause he knew I’d snap if I heard anyone disrespect or swear at him(Contant occurace at MPS).
      The stories he has will make you shake your head in disbelief. HORRIBLE JOKE OF A SCHOOL. How dare parents or anyone assume & expect a Teacher to play
      “Security Officer”,
      “Probation Officer”,
      “Referee”, and “Negotiator” in order to Teach in a damn classroom.


    “Deeply disturbing:” NOT, the little thug shot off his mouth to many times.

  • Priscilla

    I am a BVHS class of ’87 grad. This school has gone to the dogs!! So sad-no more is it the neighborhood school.

  • Kay

    Many students, everywhere, have little respect for those of authority. Be it a teacher, police officer, parent – there’s a complete lack of respect. They feel as though the rules don’t apply to them or that they do not need to follow “rules”. THAT’S more disturbing than this video. I agree with most, before the video began its what led up to the incident. More than likely, the student should have kept his mouth shut and had respect for the teacher as well as the other students in the class room.

  • general mayhem

    what’s disturbing to me, is how long these kids have been allowed to get away with their complete disrespect, to a point where a kid thinks he’s IMMUNE to anything, because he’s a kid. At what point does he get treated like an adult? I will tell you……it’s when he does something in a way you’d expect from an adult… like what he did. cursing out the teacher’s aide, making a mess of and disrupting the class, then kicking at the aide, those are the actions of an adult.
    If he were behaving like a child, he would properly respect that man who is there to help him…and did..helped him learn that he needs to keep his mouth shut, keep himself under control and behave like a decent human being, not a thugass punk.

    • BubbaHotep

      The mods are watching you at NM, next notification you’ll get is your nomination for “GF”

  • Bej Ugo

    Looked like the kid tried to kick the teacher in the nuts. If that’s the case, it would be a reasonable judgement that the teacher aide showed remarkable restraint in not throwing any blows or kicks of his own.

  • ladyA

    I am a mixed person of color, I do not condone violence…. But I am telling you… I am on the side of the teacher! These dirty mouth little jokers no matter what color they are running around wrecking havoc, no manners, profanity, stealing, you name it just anything goes. Should have got put in his lace… A child’s place that is… Get some manners and learn something.

  • Libby

    What did the student do? Many classrooms are like jungles, but yet the teacher is require to keep ALL the students safe. Why doesn’t society worry more about keeping the other students safe than the ones who are putting them in harm’s way by their totally unacceptable behavior in class. When the students demonstrate by their behavior that coming to class to learn is the last thing on their minds, it is the school district who should be arrested for putting other students as well as the teacher in danger by leaving those students in the classrooms. Really?!!?

  • Jay

    Only thing disturbing to me is how a 14 year old kid can just cuss at a teacher and get in his face, and people think there are not going to be any repercussions.

  • MelissaK

    I feel sorry for this poor aid who is getting the shaft due to liberal cr*p. No worries. I am betting that this 14 tear old punk thug will be in prison or dead by the time he’s 18. Just gotta wait it out.

  • Thea glover

    It’s not sad that this happened to that student. A child should stay in their place! More students need to be disciplined! If he were my child, my foot would still be in his behind. If it was a situation that needed to be addressed by an adult, the student should have went home and told his parent this teacher was a problem! That way the parent could’ve handled it properly. The parents need to be happy that it was the teacher and not the cops! He probably would not have been in the land of the living!

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