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Illinois health officials identify cluster of bloodstream infection cases; six deaths

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The Illinois Department of Public Health confirmed one case of Elizabethkingia in a resident who died earlier this year.

SPRINGFIELD, Illinois — Illinois health officials are reporting a cluster of cases of a rare bloodstream infection they detected while investigating a Wisconsin outbreak.

The Illinois Department of Public Health announced Wednesday, April 20th an additional 10 cases of infection from the bacterium Elizabethkingia, including six deaths. The strain is different from the one in Wisconsin, however.

The majority of the cases are from this year, but some date back to 2014. That’s because Illinois hospitals were asked to help with the Wisconsin investigation by reporting cases back that far.

Officials previously reported one Illinois death related to the same strain of bacteria that caused the Wisconsin outbreak.

It’s unclear exactly what caused the deaths because many of the people also had underlying health conditions.

The bacterium is named for bacteriologist Elizabeth O. King.

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  • Rynn Cipher

    Isn’t it cute that they put this under “health news”? So, by this logic, if six people died in a football stadium, would it be sports news, FOX6? Because I, and every rational person who knows that hell is going on with this outbreak, would say that burying this in the health news is wrong, and disgrace to humanity. FTNWO and educate yourself:

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