Teen facing felony charge after allegedly refilling water cup with soda at McDonald’s

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ARKANSAS — A teenager from Arkansas is facing a felony robbery charge, after he allegedly put soda in a water cup at McDonald’s — and refused to give the soda back.

The accused is 18-year-old Cody Morris.

Officials say Morris and two of his friends ordered three waters in the drive thru at a McDonald’s restaurant.

Then, they went into the restaurant, dumped out the water, and refilled their cups with soda.

The McDonald’s manager told them to return the soda.

Officials say two of the teens did so, but Morris did not.

The McDonald’s manager tried to stop the teens from leaving the restaurant, but he was hit by their car.

Police eventually found the teens’ vehicle and Morris was arrested. Police say he was the driver.

Morris was taken to jail, and charged with felony robbery.

A hearing has been scheduled for Friday morning, April 22nd.


    • LeontheProfessional

      So wait, where in the article did it say ANYTHING about skin color? It says “Teen”… that’s the only distinguishing factor listed. Quit trying to invent racism everywhere.

    • Patricia

      Why did you feel the need to make your statement about skin color? I did not see anywhere in the story were the teens skin color was mentioned. You just felt the need to say it’s “not just a black crime”? I certainly DID NOT ASSUME it was black teens. Why did you?

    • RobertMMiller

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    • imcrazy

      I was not the first person to comment on this. There were more comments before me that brought up race.
      Those comments may have been deleted.

  • Truth hurt don't it

    Oh wow it amazes me you pick one race. When I have seen all races do this. Should it be done no! But is it done yes. Now is it done by just one race, no, but by all races, yes. Oh and by the way the guys that did this and the guy that is being charged with this is white.

    • JokeEnthusiast

      Nope it’s a felony. Car hitting manager is “employing physical force”.

      AR Code § 5-12-102 (2012)
      (a) A person commits robbery if, with the purpose of committing a felony or misdemeanor theft or resisting apprehension immediately after committing a felony or misdemeanor theft, the person employs or threatens to immediately employ physical force upon another person.

      (b) Robbery is a Class B felony.

      • Jamal Hernandez

        Lol the manager asked for the soda to be returned…what was he gonna do with it, put it back in the soda machine, greedy man

      • D la Uz

        Obviously, the Manager wanted these to stop and think next time before stealing soda. Or maybe start charging for water.

      • Nathan

        He was going to take it from the idiot. Why do they care about people who do gas n goes? After all, it’s not like they can siphon it back into the tank!

        LOL if you’re too stupid to get away with something that simple you return it like a good douchebag. Pure, simple.

      • Angry Dad

        Really Jamal?, How about returning it because it’s not his and he stole it? It doesn’t matter if he can or cant do anything with the product once it’s been stolen. Maybe he was going to give it to a local homeless person, you never know, but more importantly you don’t’ get to decide because it’s not your business or product. You sound like a liberal douchbag thief yourself by taking the robber’s side. Are you mad because you have a felony robbery too? You are not entitled to other people’s stuff douchebag. Go get a job and earn your own stuff and quit being a whiny worthless b!tch.

  • JokeEnthusiast

    I like your name. It shows a complete misunderstanding of “black lives matter”. “Black lives matter” doesn’t mean that ONLY black lives matter, it means that people think black lives don’t seem to matter (due to several issues I’m not going to go into here) and the group is drawing attention to that perception.

    You haven’t filled a water cup with soda? I’m white and I’ve done it. It’s stealing, but the most basic and harmless form of stealing there could possibly be. Wrong, but not felony wrong. This kid is likely being charged for a felony due to the car hitting the manager, otherwise it would be petty theft.

    • Stormsta

      Black lives matter = Good
      Asia lives matter = Good
      Anti-racist is a Code Word foe anti-White

  • pryce waites

    Wow I usually like Fox6 but this is a horrible clickbait article. It really makes people think he got the felony for stealing soda, not attempted murder/assault etc etc. Next on Fox6: Man’s alarm goes off and he’s faced with a felony (after waking up and robbing a bank). This type of journalism is expected from Buzzfeed, not Fox.

  • Bob Ruppert

    Looks like he’ll be getting free beverages for awhile.

    People do this all the time. If you get caught, you get caught. Dump it and move on, like his friends did. Given the obvious lack of functional brain cells, this kid seems to be a danger to himself and others. Maybe he should be in prison. I’m sure that some of you will suggest some form of counseling first, but if he won’t listen to his friends and is willing to escalate to such an extreme, I hardly think discussing his mommy issues over milk and cookies is going to do much good.

    • Nathan

      Hey, that’s spilled milk worth crying over! :-)

      Great comment, hit it on the head. You get caught, you get caught. Not the manager’s fault he couldn’t do something this simple discreetly.

  • dighard

    Who was the hack reporter on this one.
    Did they even read the article???
    It matters to you because we slant the reporting to matter.
    What a joke.
    Whps the news director, Bozo the clown.

  • Aintskeered

    How did this turn into a race battle…next it’s gonna be what kinda soda was it…who makes that soda, is Coca-Cola part of the illuminati!? Get with it people!

  • Mark Desade

    For a $1.49 this person has affected their record and probably won’t pass a background check for many years. that means no jobs. Companies don’t like to hire thieves. All for $1.49.

  • James Cranford

    i think that if they had just gone inside in the first place. my guess they have done this before. i can see the manager asking them to leave- but following them out to the parking lot? i think the manager getting hit by the car cinched the charge. i cant see making criminals out of them over a few cents of soda. maybe this will scare them enough to ‘
    straighten up and fly right’

  • Anonymous

    I’m going out on a limb here, but I would think it a much more severe felony to have struck the manager with the car*, that stealing a soda fill. Most states have a dollar value pinned to their misdemeanor/felony indictments. I wouldn’t
    think stealing a soda fill would trigger a felony threshold. There’s more to the story here.

    * “The McDonald’s manager tried to stop the teens from leaving the restaurant, but he was hit by their car.”

    • Angry Dad

      Not as stupid as the liberal douchebag who committed a violent felony who threw his life away for a dollar.

  • Adrian Brohma

    What a joke. How is a felony even possible for theft of under $1? Sounds like a case of the friggin state pillaging the people again. They’ll drop the charges, but nail the kid with $500 in “court fees”

    • Angry Dad

      Did you even read the article before making that uninformed comment? He was charged a felony for trying to run down the manager who caught him not for the actual stolen soda.

  • Nathan

    Very misleading headline. Makes it look like the stooge was charged with robbery for stealing soda. I’m guessing the whole *hitting the guy with a car* part played a role in his arrest, but that’s just me. Doesn’t matter who was driving either, it happened while he was committing a crime. WHOOPS, see ya in 15-25!

  • Nathan

    This reminds me of an incident when I worked at a McDonald’s. A group of three came in, one guy ordered the largest drink, the other two waters which were dumped and replaced with the guy’s soda. The store manager spotted this and informed them they couldn’t do that. Yes it was paid for and no, I can’t say whether or not I agree, but apparently that is the rule. I can tell you they didn’t mow anyone down with their car. This was some 13 years ago so perhaps things changed. I figured this was both interesting and relevant.

  • Jagdpanther

    You are some kind of fudge packing thug rapper wannabe. I bet you like it up your hershey highway.

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