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Gov. Scott Walker signs drunken driving sobriety proposal

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Scott Walker

MADISON — Gov. Scott Walker has signed a bill allowing judges to place offenders in a sobriety testing program rather than force them to drive with ignition interlock devices.

The Republican-authored bill has drawn criticism from Mothers Against Drunk Driving, which has urged Walker to veto the bill. The group says sobriety checks won’t stop drunken drivers from getting behind the wheel.

The sobriety programs would require at least twice-daily sobriety tests. The bill’s authors say the sobriety program will provide help for those addicted to alcohol and reduce the financial burden of concurrently installing an interlock device.

Walker signed the bill Tuesday at the Old Courthouse Square Museum in West Bend, along with a bill adding $2 million in grant funding for counties offering alternatives to incarceration.

CLICK HERE for a statement from the Governor’s Office on this bill signing.


  • Klaatu

    Yes the ignition interlocks are expensive but that’s part of the price you should expect to pay. Their not required on your first DUI, but on your second round in front of the courts you need to learn a lesson. Sobriety tests would cost the taxpayers in some way – the interlocks are paid for by the offender.

  • Stupid idea

    Interlock prevents you from starting your car while drunk. A sobriety test is what your gonna be getting after you killed someone driving drunk. This is a huge mistake.

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