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Nine-year-old girl shot during “shootout” near 15th & Meinecke; police recover more than 40 casings

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MILWAUKEE -- Milwaukee Police Chief Ed Flynn said Thursday night, May 5th a nine-year-old girl was shot near 15th and Meinecke during a "shootout" between two groups of armed individuals.

It happened around 8:20 p.m.

Chief Flynn said more than 40 shell casings were recovered from the scene.

The nine-year-old girl was taken to a hospital, where she was in critical condition.

Chief Flynn said just last week, one of his officers walked the neighborhood and spoke with this young girl's family about their concerns. Flynn said the officer jumped rope with the girl, whose only concern was whether police can keep her safe.

FOX6 News obtained a photo of the victim -- Za'layia Jenkins -- from Jenkins' aunt.

Jenkins' aunt told FOX6 News she was at work when she got a call indicating her niece had been shot in front of a home at 15th and Meinecke.

"I was at work when I got the call, telling me to go home because something had happened -- that I needed to get home quick. She didn’t want to tell me what had happened because I was at work and she didn’t want me to panic at work, but then I had figured out that my niece got shot. Her birthday is this month on the 17th, so she'll be 10.  I’m praying she’s okay.  She’s nine.  And I know her sisters and brothers is devastated just like we all is. I don’t know what happened," Jenkins' aunt said.

One neighbor told FOX6's Ben Handelman they heard 30 shots around 8:15 p.m. as they were cooking dinner.

"I was in the house cooking and I heard about 30 shots. I told my kids to get down and we got down until all the gunfire stopped and then I got up and looked out the window and that`s when I saw all the commotion out there. They were screaming -- saying 'my baby got shot. My baby got shot.' And we didn`t know what was going on," the neighbor said.


Monitor FOX6 News and FOX6Now.com for updates on this developing story.

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  • Sickandtiredofsin

    Wow… Another child is shot but what neighborhood is so pointless to even address. What matters is all lives matter and especially the lives of our precious young and innocent. The only people who cares about politics are those who put their trust in human rather than God who created human. Which is also apart of the problems today. Everything that has happened or will happen is all written in the holy bible that tells us that sin is the cause and effect that is causing these problems in the White House and the black house (all houses) and the only solution is this scripture that reads: if my people that are called by my name will humble them selves pray and turn from their evil ways and seek my face then will I hear from heaven and heal their land.

  • Lorett

    Another innocent victim. Where is the outrage? The racist black lives matter losers only care if a thug expires /for good reasons/ by a white police officer.

    • Angry Dad

      Exactly, they wont come out demanding justice for this innocent little girl, but let a (white) police officer be forced to shoot one of the POS terrorists in self-defense, and they will come out of the woodwork like black racist cockroaches demanding justice for the violent criminal.

  • Sheila Moyet

    It is past time for our city officials to get up off their asses and take some real action against the crime and violence that is destroying Milwaukee. To hell with trying to be PC and worrying about offending the black community. We need some tough action instead of ass kissing.

  • Opinion8d

    Sounds like the streets in Somalia!!! Forty shell cases???? My god, what a war zone -and clearly none can aim. That fact is that more people will be outraged that police killed a thug, than of the behavior of these monsters!!!

  • Milo

    Where is the protest for this little girl? Oh wait she is not a black thug killed by a cop. So I guess to those ” Black lives Matter” morons this little girl doesn’t matter. Stop killing your own people!

  • Mark Robles

    My thoughts and prayers for this little girl.
    “Flynn said the officer jumped rope with the girl, whose only concern was whether police can keep her safe.” This little girl learned a harsh lesson thanks to the morons running this city into the ground, NO Zilayia Jenkins the police can’t keep you safe. Not because they aren’t willing but because of politicians who coddle and suck up to special interests who complain and riot whenever a criminal is shot by police. Those politicians tie the hands of the police in order to appease a segment of Milwaukee hellbent on committing crimes no matter who gets hurt or killed. These politicians who are quick to crucify a police officer for doing they’re job are slow, almost reluctant to punish criminals instead they make deals with these animals and allow them to walk the streets free to victimize more innocents, like Zilayia Jenkins who did NOTHING to merit a bullet.
    No Zilayia Jenkins the police can’t keep you safe because they can’t be everywhere, they are a REACTIVE force! They also face the idiotic mentality of “sniches get stitches” prevalent in the inner city! Nevermind that a child caught a bullet as a result of a group of punk thugs trying to act tough by pulling a gun to solve their problems!! Maybe Mayor McTrolley’s CEASE FIRE SABBATH will work this year and his clueless appeals to the better nature of criminals will finally bring Milwaukee a summer of peace instead of mayhem and death. I won’t hold my breath!!

  • Mel

    HOWANY NEEDLESS DEATHS IS IT GOING TO TAKE BEFORE YOU BAND TOGETHER AND TAKE BACK YOUR NEIGHBORHOODS BACK FROM THE CRIMINALS RUNNING DRUG GANGS OUT OF THE HOMES THERE PEOPLE!!!??? THIS IS YOUR FAULT, YOU NEED TO REMOVE THE TRASH DEALING DRUGS, PROSTITUTING AND THE NO SNITCHING ATTITUDES THAT ARE CAUSING THIS PAIN UPON INNOCENT FAMILIES AND TAKING THE LIVES OF OUR CHILDREN!!! I urge all in this neighborhood to talk to and get to know your neighbors now, get concealed carry permits if possible, never leave your children unattended EVER and teach them an action plan if they ever see a situation like this about to erupt!!! I die inside every time I hear about poor little children needlessly killed because of violence. This girl deserved so much more and the adults here didn’t deliver. People! Please band together and take back your neighborhoods! We cannot keep having innocent people go through this awful situation over and over. My heart goes out to the little girl and her family. May her death not be forgotten and be used as a rallying cry to take back the safety of your homes!!!!

    Stop being Kilwaukee!!!!

    The change can happen only if we enact it OURSELVES!!!!

    • Mel

      If I say I will never forget and I am glad she will not be forgotten. That’s evil what they have done. There’s a special place in hell with their name etched in brimstone. Worse than the scum of the earth to be so selfish as to do that and run like a. ….. It’s unforgivable. All to preserve ones self and just not care about ANYONE ELSE as long as I got away. Pathetic, no responsibility whatsoever. Trash. People like this don’t deserve to every see the light of day. But I’d be middle ages on him. Scum of the Earth. I would want that off my streets too. It’s so pathetic our city has become a guerilla warfare landscape.
      So I would stop relying on the idiot politicians already. They don’t care, they don’t have to apply for anything, get help or live there and deal with it on a daily basis, so they come up with totally ridiculous and out of touch ideas which never work. Or are overtly racist and push away the poor like we disappear. It has to stop. And I believe it needs to stop, and apparently relying on a fellow neighbor is going to have to be the solution. Pretty sad that it has gone this far.

  • Voice of Reason

    You can do all the talking, thoughts, prayers, and more laws, but it’s a fool’s route- you can’t reason with wild animals.

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