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Transgender woman attacked on train as riders watch, do nothing in disturbing video

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NEW YORK -- An aggressive subway rider berated a complete stranger aboard a New York City train using homophobic, transphobic and racist slurs – all while others looked on and did nothing.

“When I sat down, I saw the woman in front of me and she keeps talking about me," said Pearl Love, who was on the receiving end of the tirade last Thursday. "All bad things, for 5 minutes.”

The Bronx woman, who identifies as transgender, tried her best to ignore the subway rider, but the verbal attack escalated quickly on the Manhattan-bound No. 4 train.

“She gets even louder and even aggressive and I did not say anything,” she told WPIX. “I don’t even know who she is, she doesn’t know who I am and [finally] then she stood up, got so mad and hit me.”

That’s when the video ends. Love claims the woman continued to assault her, even chasing her at one point.

“No one around me is helping me basically because that’s the way it is,” she said.

“It’s everyday life I mean, [it happens] at least a few times a week.”

A reluctant Love posted the footage of the April 28 incident on Facebook on the advice of friends. It has since been viewed nearly a quarter of a million times.

Incidents like these happen so often, Love says, that she didn’t even consider pressing charges on her attacker.

In 2014, she was the victim of a brutal stabbing. A year later she and a friend were attacked in the East Village. Both times, she said, she was targeted for being transgender.

“So much of that happens [often] that I’m kind of ok [with it] now,” she said. “I think it's good that now I know my rights because I have to learn how to tell people on how to protect themselves.”

A native of Taiwan, Love came to New York nearly 20 years ago, seeking a piece of the American dream.

Harassment and violence are unfortunately part of the daily struggles for her and members of the trans community, like that of finding a job.

“My dream is to just get a job,” an emotional Love told PIX11. “I don’t want to get benefits, I don’t want to get anything.”

“I just want to work, I just want to get my own money and that’s very difficult," she said. "I cannot talk about it because I start to cry.”

As of this report, Love had not filed an official police report on the incident, therefore there is no active criminal investigation.

She did reveal she has more video of the attack that ensued after she got off the train.

However, she has no immediate plans on posting those videos.

She says the main reason why she posted the first video was to educate others on the daily harassment the trans community deals with.


  • Andy G

    To bad, get over it and get used to it. When you try to be something that you are not people will make fun of you, because you are being stupid. People do not like stupid people pretending to be something that they are not.

    • cruncherella

      Andy G-

      It’s easy for you to say “something you are not.” It’s easy for someone who does (or doesn’t!) feel comfortable in their own skin to judge someone and say they should or shouldn’t be a certain way. You will never know the struggle that consumes someone’s life until you have lived it yourself. It is not your place to judge someone else’s life. Everyone has their own struggles. Everyone has felt what it is like to be uncomfortable with who they are at some point in their lives. This person decided that- instead of living uncomfortably as someone they are not- they would rather live more comfortably as someone they connect with.

      Stop judging this person and worry about your own life. I’m sure they could care less about what YOU think of THEIR OWN life choices. Maybe if you worked on making yourself a more accepting and loving person, you wouldn’t find it necessary to put someone down in order to bring yourself up.

  • Opinion8d

    It’s a bogus video. Why was he filming?? Trying to play a victim without any context to what happened before the video – and yet doesn’t want to pursue the matter??!?!? Yeah, please quit making this BS news!

  • truth hurts

    What the phuq was that…oh that’s right that’s what’s using the bathroom with your kids. And that woman was black i thought blacks couldn’t be racist.

  • Mel

    This is pathetic. No one in that dump could tell this nut job lady to leave her alone!? No one could stop her from being physically abused in public by a stranger!? I am a straight female but to sit and watch this makes me absolutely sick. No one, regardless of whether they are Transgender should be abused like this! That crazy woman and all the onlookers should be ASHAMED of themselves! This transwoman was not hurting anyone and everyone else just watched her get assaulted!? Wrong! I know a lot of LGBT people and Transgender people have it the hardest, they live their lives as the wrong sex and try to show people how they really feel inside, only to have people like this crazy woman abuse them when all they are looking for is acceptance. They cannot help being who they are! So maybe, just maybe of you see someone else around you getting accosted you should SAY SOMETHING instead of just watching it!!! Be compassionate and care about your fellow man, regardless of how you feel about their sexual orientation.

  • Dolores Brown-solorzano

    that woman that was attacking the transgender woman should be hunted down and arrested for what she did because she is a violent person and acts like she has mental issues and i feel for the children in her life and for the men in her life to have a violent person like that in their life

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