Green Bay police officers commended for replacing American flag stolen from woman’s home

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Blessed, honest and wonderful — those are a few of the words being used online to describe the Green Bay police officers who replaced the American flag after a woman said it was stolen from outside her home on Green Bay’s west side.

The Green Bay Police Department shared the story on its Facebook page — and it has gone viral.

Since it was shared on Friday, May 6th, it has been shared more than 18,000 times, and has 38,000 “likes.”

Officials say the woman hung the flag outside her home to honor her late husband who served in World War II.

She reported the flag missing on Thursday, May 5th.

When Officer Rob Ecke heard the story, he bought a new flag and placed it outside the woman’s home on Friday. Officer Thorseson, Lt. Strouf and Captain Murask were also there to help.

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  • KaitiLu

    So sweet of them. Nice as I think this is, it likely meant the world to the woman.
    People who hate on police either are criminals, people who hate authority of any kind, or frustrated wannabes who can’t make the grade. They do a difficult and dangerous job for little pay and next to no recognition. Thanks for showing their kind, gentle side. They are human, and very special ones at that.

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