A look ahead: This upcoming construction may impact your commute

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MILWAUKEE -- Ryan Luck with the Wisconsin Department of Transportation joins FOX6 WakeUp to talk about all the upcoming construction that's going to impact your commute.

HWY 67 Project
This is a reminder that Sunday night in to Monday morning (overnight 5/15 into Monday Morning 5/16). The I-94 West exit ramp to WIS 67 will be fully closed on the morning of Monday 5/16 until mid-late June. Motorists should exit one exit earlier at Sawyer Road. If they miss the Sawyer Road exit it is 10 miles to the County F / Sullivan exit so we would like to highlight this closure and detour both this Friday and next Friday.

Zoo Interchange Project

Monday, May 16
Beginning Monday, May 16 there will be a 10 day closure of 84th Street entrance to Pettit - Pettit Center visitors should enter via 76th Street and Main.

Tuesday, May 17
Overnight Full Closure of I-41 South from Watertown Plank Road to Zoo Interchange - 10PM - 4:30AM
Overnight Full Closure of I-41 North from Greenfield Avenue to Zoo Interchange - 11:59PM - 4AM
(closure includes the Zoo Interchange ramps from I-94 West to I-41 North and I-94 East to I-41 North - 11:59PM - 4AM)

Wednesday, May 18
-I-94 East full closure at Moorland Road - 10PM - 5AM
-I-94 West full closure at 68th Street - 11PM - 4:30AM
(closure includes the closure of Zoo Interchange system ramps from I-41 North to I-94 East and I-41 South to I-94 East - 11PM - 4:30AM)
Wednesday, May 18 - Friday, May 20
Overnight Full Closure of 84th Street North/South from Schlinger Avenue to Honey Creek Parkway(we could skip this one if time is tight)

Friday, May 20
Overnight Full Closure of I-94 East at HWY 100 - 11PM - 2AM for crane mobilization

Hoan Bridge Project
The entrance ramp from Lincoln Memorial Drive to I-794 East (Southbound) was reopened during the night (of 5/12). This ramp has been closed for nearly 1 year 5 months since the end of 2013.

* The exit ramp to Michigan/Lincoln Memorial Drive from I-794 West (Northbound) I-794 is planned to be reopened in August

* The entrance ramp from Lincoln Memorial Drive to I-794 West and the exit ramp to Lincoln Memorial Drive from I-794 East are both planned to open on their new alignments in early October