Brown Deer police: Three suspects armed with gun rob Tri City National Bank on W. Bradley Road

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BROWN DEER — Brown Deer police are investigating following an armed robbery that took place at a Tri City National Bank on Friday, May 13th.

According to Brown Deer police, at approximately 10:40 a.m.

Officials say three suspects entered the Tri City National Bank located near W. Bradley Road and N. Sherman Boulevard, and one suspect displayed a handgun.

The suspects were able to obtain an unknown amount of money and fled the bank in a vehicle traveling southbound on N. Teutonia Avenue — according to police.


No one was injured in this robbery.

This incident remains under investigation.

Anyone with information regarding this robbery is asked to contact the Brown Deer Police Department at 414-371-2900.

Google Map for coordinates 43.162870 by -87.964386.


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    I guess it must of been three white males, everyone watch out for them, if you see them call police.

  • Wilson

    Why did they stop putting those exploding dye packs in the bag with the money so the money would be worthless and the punks would get splattered with the due???

  • The poison will be in my cup because you're a smart smart man smart man and you think I'll switch them. But on the other hand...

    That bank lies directly between Sherman and North Teutonia. It’s somewhat interesting that they chose to take Teutonia to get away. Sherman would have been a left turn, instead of two rights, but it also leads a slightly different way.

    • Rig

      Too late….the rats have already infested and destroyed brown deer. What a shame. I had family that lived their for decades and then got wrecked by the inner city rates with no respect for property or people.

  • Ovomit is the Anti-Christ

    Obviously Ovomit voting THUG LIBTARDS did it. Libtards commit 95% of all the crime in southeastern Wisconsin. They don’t want jobs anyways. Most Libtards can’t read or write because they didn’t;t go to school and get educated like Conservatives. Libtards would rather do drugs,and commit crime.

  • Libby

    Get real! Like these 3 thugs had legal guns and conceal carry permits??? You could ban all guns tomorrow and take away from the law abiding citizens and these losers would still get illegal guns in their hell hole hood just like the drugs. Liberal stupe!

  • H

    So tired of this thug trash coming into our community as well as causing this in the city of Milwaukee. Our community had akways been a good one. When I was growing up this hardly happened. I know it does happens everywhere but this is getting ridiculous. It’s about patenting and that seems to be lacking these days. We have also come into the entitlement society. This is what happens. This

  • rebel84

    Nobody is safe from ghetto trash. Eventually they infest every neighborhood and turn it into an extension of their crap pile inner city. But let’s not call it what it is, let’s coddle them and give them their entitlements every month and ensure that they never amount to anything other than uneducated garbage.

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