Family members of Dontre Hamilton push for memorial bench in Red Arrow Park

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MILWAUKEE -- In April of 2014, Dontre Hamilton was shot and killed by Christopher Manney, a former Milwaukee police officer following an altercation in Red Arrow Park in downtown Milwaukee. Manney was later fired from the Milwaukee Police Department for not following proper protocol. Now, Hamilton's family says they don't want to lose the opportunity to memorialize him.

Nate Hamilton

Nate Hamilton

"A landmark that says change is coming to the city of Milwaukee. That's what we think that this memorial would bring," Nate Hamilton, Dontre's brother said.

On Tuesday, Nate Hamilton and others with the Dontre Hamilton Memorial Planning Task Force spoke before a meeting of the Milwaukee County Board's Parks, Energy and Environment Committee -- pushing for a Dontre Hamilton memorial bench in Red Arrow Park.

Dontre Hamilton

Dontre Hamilton

Committee members heard from those who support and oppose the proposal.

"I should be able to bring visitors there without feeling embarrassed by the fact that you can't put anything in that park unless there's an advertisement stamped on it," a supporter said.

Red Arrow Park

Red Arrow Park

"We are against having any other memorial in Red Arrow Park, but the big, Red Arrow, red granite monument," Theodore Welch president of the Red Arrow Veterans Association said.

Red Arrow Park

Red Arrow Park

Welch said he was sharing the position of countless veterans.

"They don't have a problem with Starbucks being there. They don't have a problem with the kids ice skating there," Maria Hamilton, Dontre Hamilton's mother said.

Maria Hamilton

Maria Hamilton

Nate Hamilton said he's not certain what the bench's design would be, nor it's cost, but he said he feels fairly confident that -- should it be approved -- family members and supporters of Dontre Hamilton will be able to cover the latter.

Ultimately, the Parks, Energy and Environment Committee voted 5-0 to file the remarks made Tuesday for further consideration.

The committee will next meet on June 14th.

Dontre Hamilton

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  • Dylan

    It is not a memorial.for private citizens..they can have ever a memorial the cemetery he is buried at….if you had a bench every place someone in Milwaukee has perished….there would be hundreds….they should save the money for dontre Hamiltons illegitimate child….

  • I support MPD

    Maria is right we dont mind starbucks being there because they dont or in this case didnt attack an officer of the law.

    They feel they can raise the money for the bence what about maintaining the bench. If their go fund me page For Dontree Day on Apr 30 2016 is any indicator of their ability to raise money. Im confident they never will. They were hoping to raise 30,000 last time I looked they only raised 1,140

  • joey komas

    don’t worry this stupid idea won;t pass, it just the idea of naming the park after him, if this happen, you will see a REAL riot..

  • head hunter

    this a park that salutes heroism, where is there any bit of heroism in the hamilton family, those soldiers fought for this country,what did the hamiltons do ?take the handouts created from the soldiers heroism!!!!

  • Chancellor Palpatine

    What nonsense. A goof abandoned by his family for refusing to take his meds. He’s a vagrant at a County park. Starbucks called the PD multiple times complaining about him. When questioned by an officer he attacks the cop and is shot. Why would anyone want to honor this dirt ball?

  • Stu

    I couldn’t agree more with the comments. I am so sick and tired of the ridiculous antics of the Hamilton family. Your 15 seconds of fame are up! Just go away and get to work.

  • Black Lives don't matter

    Awesome! Now other uncaring black families can dump their unwanted relatives there! That’s what they wanted all along no? Hopefully this attention-whoring campaign can end now.

  • Dave

    I am totally against naming a bench after a person nobody cared about before. I would be far more acceptable if the bench would be named for all the kids that are being murdered in Milwaukee that nobody seems to care about.

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