Kenosha man accused of running drug operation, says “I’m doing what I need to for my family”

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Chad Holster

Chad Holster

KENOSHA COUNTY — 36-year-old Chad Holster of Kenosha is accused of running a drug operation out of his house — which also happens to be located near an elementary school.

Holster faces the following charges:

  1. Manufacture/deliver THC, second and subsequent offense, on or near a school
  2. Possession with intent to deliver THC, second and subsequent offense, on or near a school
  3. Maintaining a drug trafficking place, second and subsequent offense, on or near a school
  4. Possession of drug paraphernalia

According to the criminal complaint, the Kenosha Police Department executed a search warrant on Holster’s home on 52nd Ave. in Kenosha on Friday, May 13th. The complaint said “complaints had been made by other citizens that there was a lot of traffic to and from the defendant’s residence and they suspected that there was drug activity taking place.”

The complaint indicates officers stakes out Holster’s home — and were ready to stop any vehicle that may leave after a short visit. Around 4:26 p.m. on May 13th, officers pulled over a vehicle. As officers approached the vehicle, they “could smell a strong potent and pungent odor emanating from the vehicle.” They believed it to be “fresh or unburnt marijuana.” Base on their suspicion, a search of the vehicle was done.

The driver of the car told police “he purchased marijuana from the defendant approximately 20 times” — usually one to two ounces at a time.

The complaint indicates officers then executed the search warrant on Holster’s home.  Officers spoke with Holster’s wife who “stated that on average, four customers come to the house each day.” The wife “admitted that she is aware of the drug sales.”

Officers located the following in the execution of the search warrant:

  • 993.1 grams of marijuana in the home
  • 631 grams of marijuana in a camper trailer
  • 200 grams of marijuana in a backpack
  • Five edible marijuana candies weighing 41 grams
  • Drug paraphernalia including pipes, scales, baggies, butane and glass cylinders
  • Money totalling $2,010.40

When interviewed by police, Holster told police “he is not a bad guy, that he broke his back and ‘now I’m doing what I need to for my family.'”

Each of the charges Holster faces comes with a maximum penalty of up to five years in prison.


  • Tommy McTrolley

    Legalize pot already,this is redicoulus. The war on drugs has been a huge costly failure. It’s time to change.

  • Patrick Romano

    Seriously it is 2016, 57 percent of Americans want Cannabis Re-Legalized. I get it that “Weed” is still illegal federally and in our State. But 4 States and the District of Columbia have Re-legalized Cannabis and 25 states allow medical Marijuana. It is time to end this Marijuana Prohibition. Let our law enforcement concentrate on serious crime. Allow law enforcement to go after the Prescription pills, Heroin, Cocaine and Methamphetamine. As these are the drugs that are killing and destroying our community. Not Cannabis.

    • Lia

      So because you don’t agree with how this man was trying to do whatever he could to provide for his family you feel you’re better than him lol its 2016 Wisconsin just hasn’t caught up with legalizing it yet I know this family and they are a great bunch and he is a loving dad always helping with the school stuff etc I’m sure others in the pto smoke etc too get your head on the right focus next time. Why not think how the kids are doin etc instead of talkin trash

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