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“Nobody had to stop,” but some did after a bad crash on I-94, and the victim wants to say ‘thank you’

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MILWAUKEE -- A Milwaukee woman was pinned underneath her vehicle after a nasty crash on I-94 near Ryan Road. Some Good Samaritans rushed to her aid, and now, she's hoping to find them -- so she can thank them.

Veronica Gibbs says she was on her way to work just before 7:00 a.m. on Thursday, May 12th when some wildlife got in the way.

Veronica Gibbs

Veronica Gibbs

"I moved over to miss some ducks," Gibbs said. "I don't remember anything."

Through police reports, Gibbs has been able to piece together what happened.

"My car skidded on the passenger side and then flipped over. It says that I was partially ejected and the car was actually on my shoulder and my chest.  I have a broken foot. My spleen was bleeding, a hematoma in my brain," Gibbs said.

Crash on I-94 at Ryan Road

Crash on I-94 at Ryan Road

Gibbs is now on a mission to find those who stopped to help her.

"Nobody had to stop," Gibbs said.

Gibbs says there's been one clue. At the scene, Gibbs was able to tell one person her mom's telephone number.

"Phone rings, from someone I don't recognize. Tells me he's a Marine," Theresa Enk, Gibbs' mother said.

Crash on I-94 at Ryan Road

Crash on I-94 at Ryan Road

After the crash, Gibbs' father, who lives in Florida, raced home.

Christopher Gibbs

Christopher Gibbs

"The hardest flight I ever had. We'd like to reach out (to these Good Samaritans) and buy them a steak dinner -- whatever we need to do," Christopher Gibbs said.

For the seven or eight people who stopped and likely want nothing in return, Gibbs hopes she's able to give them a heartfelt 'thank you.'

"I just want to do my best to show some appreciation for you for what you did for me," Gibbs said.

Gibbs said she thinks she can find a couple of the Good Samaritans with the help of the police reports.

If you were one of those who stopped on I-94 near Ryan Road on Thursday, May 12th, Veronica Gibbs would love to hear from you.

We invite you to email FOX6's Ben Handelman at -- and he will be able to get you in touch with Gibbs.


  • Wilson

    Obviously not a good driver. She sees ducks and panics turning sharply and rolling her car on dry pavement. Partially ejected probably because she isn’t wearing a seatbelt. Probably should go to driving school for a review.

    • The Majority

      Amen Wilson. Glad to see that she survived and will hopefully heal without too much permanent damage. However, how much are her Injuries going cost all of us? How about the damages to the all the vehicles involved? Ill wager this accident alone will cost over a Million dollars when all is said and done. And this is why we live to feed the insurance companies – because of twits like her placing more value on a ducks life than her own, and that of others around her.

    • EugenePWynne

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  • fritoLay

    I agree Wilson! Ooo look at me look at me , I cant dive and could have hurt a lot of people but hey let’s do a story on it . she must be the only person to ever have people help after a wreck! Wow ! Amazing!

    • georgia lee

      What is wrong with you people, this lady could have lost her life….they are trying to find the good Samaritans that helped her…trying to do something positive…felt good to read something positive came out of a bad situation….i guess you would rather read about all the negative things going on in this world…sad for y’all…

      To Veronica so happy you were able to survive this awful accident and are remaining positive…but wish it hadn’t happened…prayers for a speedy recovery and hope you are able to find these wonderful people that helped you thru this….

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