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MPS board hears testimony in support of more than $470K for “Black Lives Matter” program

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MILWAUKEE -- It is a more than $470,000 expense that is drawing a lot of attention. It is money for a "Black Lives Matter" initiative within Milwaukee Public Schools. This was discussed Tuesday night, May 24th as the Milwaukee Public Schools Board of Directors met to discuss the proposed budget.

"I hope you take the resolution more to heart," Khalil Coleman said.

Khalil Coleman

Khalil Coleman

There are a number of expenditures outlined in MPS' proposed $1.1 billion budget for the 2016-2017 school year -- but the one getting the most attention involves "Black Lives Matter."

"It's just a drop in the bucket to the deficit young people are dealing with every day," Coleman said.

More than $470,000 would be allotted for the initiative.

MPS officials say the goal of the program is to help minority students succeed. Officials say a selected council would help to "develop a cultural studies curriculum and provide staff training on restorative practices."

Part of the money would pay for three teachers' salaries.

Black Lives Matter

Speakers went before the Board of Directors Tuesday night in support of the program.

"It clearly states that we're not negating all lives matter -- but it's to say that black lives matter because black lives are the ones we are seeing laying in the streets. Black lives are the ones behind bars/ Black lives are the ones we're seeing being denied what's necessary from their community," a supporter said.

"I support the resolution. I support funding the resolution and I support any measure that will provide some sort of justice," Angela Walker said.

Black Lives Matter

This money would not be going to the "Black Lives Matter" movement, but rather, it is simply the name of MPS' program.

The final vote on the 2016-2017 budget will take place on Thursday, May 26th.


    • Love Matters

      I’m black and TOTALLY agree with you! They are in jail and dead because they keep doing stupid things, like car jacking….

  • Jim

    Ok so we don’t want the students dead or in jail so lets spend half a million on BLM instead of educational opportunities that may result in better job opportunities. And we wounder why MPS schools are failing

  • miltown

    I would assume if they came up with a program called “white lives matter” everyone would be protesting and in uproar because of how racist that would sound.

    • Klaatu

      Start a taxpayer funded program called “MY Personal Property Matters”. Teach honest citizens how to use a weapon and get a CCW permit. Then these newly educated people can live reasonably at ease without fear that they’re going to be a victim of a robbery or car jacking. When the blacks ask why even more of them are dead, the answer will be a question: who took the tax payer’s money and put it to good use?

  • chris

    What a waste of taxpayers money MPS. We need to stop giving money to this terrorist organization. Decisions like this is why Milwaukee is the sewer it is.

  • Dylan

    What about a program all lives matter..respect for authority..police.teachers..respect for others…morality..and the effects of an entitled attitude

  • Klaatu

    WTF??? THis is a total waste of tax payer’s money. The community has what they need: public assistance, public school, free medical care. Restorative practices start at home. Maybe these young mothers should close their legs and stop dropping babies to get more money and focus on raising a kid that has some socially redeeming value.. The schools have a cultural program – they teach English. These kids are already fluent in ebonics and the rap culture.
    Just another scam by the so-called minority when they cry their being discriminated upon. You know why your people are in jail and dead?? Because they make piss poor choices in life. Everyone has a choice – but you cant fix stupid – even with $700K invested in a scam to line the pockets of a few.

    • Tt

      Well said! The blacks just want to continue embracing their “culture” and toxic way of life and continue playing the race card whenever they can instead of taking responsibility for their own success.

  • guest73

    I don’t understand. How is this supposed to help the community? Will it reduce the number of shootings, robberies, carjackings, assaults? What return can the community expect for our $470k investment?

  • bw

    Here is a hint…actually attend class..Might help the black lives thing..and a half million is a drop in the bucket? Wow.

  • Michael Neils

    I don’t understand how more $ is going to help. Personal responsibility and accountability is what’s needed. There are so many programs now-taxpayer funded, church funded, privately funded-yet behavior continues to spiral downward. A teachers aid was fired over a conspiracy to commit fraud (suing MPS) by a car thief who also bludgeoned someone with a chunk of ice. The only program this kid needs is the application of the strap of Knowledge and Understanding and jail time. Spend the $ on jail, please. There is no reason to spend $ on kids who refuse school, parents and kids who refuse responsibility and accountability. The community is safer when these “kids” who do adult crime are serving adult time behind bars.

  • Angelina P

    This is a great idea a cultural studies program. Let’s teach these children who the really are. Allow them to leave behind all these BS stereotypes. We need more programs to prepare these students and keep them out of trouble.

    • Klaatu

      They already have a cultural studies program – it’s called American History. They are Americans aren’t they? Are you saying they should be taught that they’re something other than that?…something better than the rest of us? Why don’t you just teach them that they have the same opportunities as the rest of the American population (yes, they do have the exact same opportunities).
      Teach them to:
      Figure out what you want to do with your life
      Finish High School (do well and you may get a scholarship)
      Enroll in college
      Do the legwork to see what grants and aid are available to low income students
      Get a job stocking shelves or flipping burgers to start off
      Graduate from college
      Get a job and prosper in life

  • Michael Neils

    How about rewarding those who did it right-hey your kid was never truant, respected the school staff,never stole, wasn’t a “teen” parent, volunteered in the community, had a part time job-while you, the parent, worked long hours at a job that didn’t pay so hot-even when you felt sick-but it paid the rent and put food on the table-here’s YOUR check. Never hear that. It’s always “helping” the same losers who steal, rob, skip school, have umpteen kids time and time again.

  • Mary

    First, programs like this already exist in the MPS system. Second, the group of individuals who are pushing for this and want to design and implement have no academic background to do so. From the names I see in this story, none of these individuals have a degree in education or are licensed in any type of therapy, etc. Most of the people identified are professional protestors and activists. Some of the individuals involves in this group wouldnt even pass the MPS background check to be near kids. Angela Walker has been renowned for saying that she will achieve “justice” “by any means necessary”, implying that violence was an acceptable means to that end. She has “liked” and made negative comments on stories about American police officers who have been shot. She is my fellow American, and has a right to speak her mind…but her opinion is one I consider detrimental to our youth. Khalil Coleman was active alongside Angela in the Dontre Hamilton protests. They are both good friends and fellow protestors with Van Mayes, a local man who is known for his “F***YoFlag movement”. Again, he certainly has a right to free speech…but I don’t think any of these individuals are capable of teaching peace and restorative justice.

  • Look in the mirror

    Its so sad that they don’t see it… They are asking for role models, respect/self respect, and emotional support…. These are the things their PARENTS should be providing. The problem begins in the home and no amount of throwing money at it at school will change that. Look at all the disrespect kids show teachers in schools today across the inner city… a Black Lives Matter class won’t correct that, and if they don’t respect and listen to their teachers, how would adding teachers for this help? Answer: It won’t.. not one little bit. Go look in the mirrors, go look at the parents of all these kids and young adults in trouble. They are the problem that needs addressing.

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