Alleged shooter charged after 16-year-old boy shot during drug deal near Bugline Trail in Sussex

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WAUKESHA COUNTY -- The second of two suspects accused in a shooting near the Bugline Trail in Sussex that happened during a drug transaction has now been charged. According to a criminal complaint, both the alleged buyers and sellers in this case were apparently trying to rip each other off.

London White

London White

22-year-old London White of Milwaukee is the alleged shooter in this case. He is facing the following charges:

  • Attempted first degree intentional homicide, use of a dangerous weapon
  • Possession of a firearm -- convicted out-of-state felony
  • Possession with intent to deliver THC -- less than 200 grams, as party to a crime

White has been in custody since the early morning hours of May 16th -- two days after the shooting.

Charges were filed against him on Wednesday, May 25th -- the same day he made his initial appearance in court. Cash bond was set at $250,000, and a preliminary hearing was scheduled for June 3rd.

The 16-year-old boy who was shot in this case remains in critical condition, as of May 25th, according to Waukesha County Sheriff's officials.

Niikwame Bell

Niikwame Bell

Niikwame Bell faces one count of manufacturing/delivering THC (less than 200 grams), as party to a crime, and one count of maintaining a drug trafficking place in this case.

Officials with the Waukesha County Sheriff's Department said Bell was arrested on May 14th, shortly after the shooting.

Bell appeared in court in Waukesha County on May 16th for a probable cause hearing, and he made his initial appearance in court on May 18th after formal charges were filed. Cash bail was set at $5,000, and a preliminary hearing was scheduled for May 27th.

Ted Szczupakiewicz, Waukesha County district attorney said in court Bell is on probation in Illinois for armed robbery and was convicted of delivering a pound of marijuana in Illinois.

White in 2015 was convicted of a felony out of Illinois -- for manufacturing cannabis, according to a criminal complaint.

Kevin Osbourne, Waukesha County prosecutor said in court White has also been arrested in the past for robbery and disorderly conduct and for having a stolen firearm.

Bell is accused of driving White to Sussex for a drug transaction on May 14th.

Sussex shooting8

According to a criminal complaint, a witness told investigators that the 16-year-old victim in this case had set up a drug deal -- where he intended to "rip people off." This witness said around 1:00 p.m. on May 14th, the 16-year-old boy and three others were at a home, when the victim said they were "going to do a deal for between $700 and $1,000 worth of marijuana -- a quarter pound."

The victim said his plan was to get into the backseat of the buyers' vehicle -- and then ask for the money, leaving a backpack in the vehicle before fleeing. The victim said he did not actually have a quarter pound of marijuana to sell.

According to this witness, the victim said they would split the money four/five ways after they "ripped these guys off."

It was determined the victim and one other person would go to the buyers' vehicle, while the two others waited near the Bugline Trail.

One person who was with the 16-year-old shooting victim said when they arrived at the location near the Bugline Trail and the Pick 'n Save store in Sussex, a black man in the buyers' front passenger seat (London White) rolled down the window and said: "Which one of you is doing this?"

The 16-year-old boy then said: "I am."

Sussex shooting10

White then asked that the 16-year-old boy get into the vehicle, and the boy entered the vehicle via the rear passenger side door.

Bell told investigators White had a .380 Black Cobra gun, and the 16-year-old victim had a .357 revolver that he pulled out while in the car -- while asking White and Bell for the money -- eventually grabbing the money from White, according to the complaint.

Less than a minute later, a person who was with the 16-year-old boy said the boy took off running towards the Bugline Trail -- as White fired five to six shots from a handgun at the 16-year-old boy. A witness told investigators they saw the shooter standing over the 16-year-old victim -- giving him "one last shot."

Bell told investigators the victim and White were shooting at each other during this incident.

A witness was flagged down and called 911. Officials were notified of the shooting around 3:30 p.m.

Sussex shooting7

After the shooting in Sussex, prosecutors say Niikwame Bell led Butler police on a chase, after his vehicle was spotted near 124th and Silver Spring Drive. That pursuit was eventually terminated.

The complaint indicates a .357 revolver was found on 119th Street between Capitol and Hampton, along with multiple $50 and $20 bills that appeared counterfeit. The pursuing Butler police officer noted that Bell was throwing items from the vehicle during the pursuit, according to the complaint. Officials also recovered a plastic baggie that appeared to contain marijuana.

Investigators learned that a serial number from one of the bills matched a ripped $50 bill found at the shooting scene in Sussex.

According to the complaint, Bell was apprehended on May 14th after he reported to the Wauwatosa Police Department that his vehicle had been taken in a carjacking at approximately 3:15 p.m.

The complaint indicates Bell said he was visiting his aunt near 121st and Burleigh when someone carjacked him.

Wauwatosa police transported Bell to the Waukesha County Sheriff's Department where he was turned over to detectives.

Sussex shooting6

According to the complaint, Bell eventually admitted to detectives that his vehicle had not been stolen.

He said he and another person had gone to Sussex on May 14th to "smoke some weed," and "buy some dope." Bell admitted he gave that person a ride to Sussex for this purpose. Bell indicated his passenger had set up a deal for an $800 to $1,000 drug transaction. Bell told investigators his passenger and another individual had produced firearms and "exchanged shots," according to the complaint.

Eventually, investigators learned Bell had dumped the car near 84th and Capitol Drive after White jumped out.

The complaint indicates Bell threw both guns from the vehicle during the pursuit.

White was taken into custody on May 16th at a home in Milwaukee.

Niikwame Bell and London White

Niikwame Bell and London White

The complaint indicates he initially told investigators he was home with his girlfriend all weekend.

Text messages were retrieved by investigators from two cell phones belonging to White. Those text messages confirmed the drug transaction that occurred in Sussex, and investigators were also able to observe a text message conversation between White and a friend, in which White stated:

"I'm in trouble. I shot somebody yesterday. He robbed me for g. I got it back. Shot 'em. I ran from police. Kwame did. He caught m. It happened yesterday. It was on the news. Read it on FOX6Now. Don't say anything. They don't know what I look like or who shot who. Promise. He ain't die tho. Kwame in jail. He would not talk cause they ain't looking for me so I know that part but I'm just basically low fillies dead and he free. Call me when you can. I'll explain what happen. (sic)"


  • slave master

    Sounds like he wanted to be just like a ngger thug. Better off without him. Hopefully the nggers will get big scholarships to NU

  • Joe

    Piece of crap really had to stand over him and shoot him in his head. Put the guns down and be a man and put your fists up. If it were me I’d beat the crap out of the 16 year old not shooting him. I live in Sussex to. Hope he makes it. I could give all these kids jobs rather then trying to rip people off during herb deals. Reply back if your looking for landscaping work/a better way to make cash.

    • Maura

      You want to give jobs to a group of kids who conspired to commit armed robbery during a drug deal? That is incredible irresponsible. Name where this is happening so I can stay safe by staying away.

      • Joe

        Maura I grew up dirt poor in Milwaukee made something of myself. Before that I was around drugs and herbs (herb meaning weed which is not a drug). 16 years old is not to late to change. Do something more productive. Make $20 an hr. Doing actual work Instead of dealing drugs. Gotta think about others then yourself sometimes. NEVER would have happened if weed was legal as it should be. Alcohol nicotine Crack heroine etc etc etc kills people daily. Daily. Marijuana has never killed a human being unless laced with one of the above. Do the history Marijuana is illegal due to hemp companies back in the 1850s were putting the paper companies out of business. World is all about money, who cares about drunks and high people on hard drugs though. Ridiculous. Five years ago how many states was weed legal in compared to now. About time people are coming to realize the truth. Doctors say if you have to smoke Marijuana is safer then cigarettes. Funny. Sorry for ranting maybe I’ll become a weed activist. This in Sussex and many other crimes as this wouldn’t happen as much but us smokers have to sneak around to buy something that won’t harm us. Yet I can buy alcohol and kill myself or others. Sickening.

      • Tanja

        You are, what’s wrong with this country!
        The man offering young men and women jobs to teach them a better way is a Hero!!

    • Breonte Johnson

      I agree with you Joe and I applaud your offer instead of being judgemental and trying to give lost teenagers opportunities to better their lives instead of turning your back on them like a lot of people do God Bless

  • Maura

    Why aren’t all of the victims accomplices being charged as well? This occurred during the commission of a crime, of which they were a party. Why are they being called witnesses instead of being charged. The law is pretty darn clear. We follow it here in Milwaukee. If someone is harmed or killed in the commission of a crime, then all parties involved in said crime are responsible. What is wrong with Waukesha that this didn’t happen? Let me guess….white kids? Waukesha needs to get past the bias and charge them like the criminals they are. These are some thieves and drug users…and they just get to get off the hook like that?

  • Maura

    I see what you’re attempting. Not a bad rendition of the narrator for The Dukes of Hazzard. That’s hard to achieve on the internet, but you definitely got that rural twang across.

  • Breonte Johnson

    I take it that no one loves you and you say things just to get attention smh hope you feel great now pat your self on the back big boy

  • NH

    All three are no loss to society . Black, white,green or purple…..they’re not going to be on the streets anymore. Another plus, they won’t produce off spring. Oh, make sure their entitlements are cancelled.

    • Shane

      The kids who conspired with the boy who got shot are still on the street. No charges against them.

    • Tanja DuVall

      It’s society that is lost! You have no idea of who this 16 year old is! Comes from a good family some children rebel it’s part of growing up, but with what these kids watch on tv and the big one here video games that make shooting guns killing is all ok! Did you even concider thinking of his parents, siblings, or the extended family send a prayer up or just judge saying the world is better without him, no you have not offered up a prayer as he fights for his life!

  • Joe

    The other kids had nothing to do with the actual crime that took place they knew what there friend was going to do but the others were in the woods on the trail, did nothing illegal. Didn’t have contact with the driver or shooter.

  • Clavius

    Problem is in towns like Sussex the white kids with low self esteem and no goals or hobbies seem to be brainwashed by rap and anti white media into thinking they appear more “trendy” or “bad ass” when they associate with pea brain thugs from “the hood” .These wiggers and mudsharks need a rightous role model or employer like Joe to help them figure out who they are and where they came from and where they should really be heading in life. I garentee you that over 90% of youth crime is committed by non- whites and braindamaged wiggers who idolize rappers. These kids are lost and can still be saved I bekieve. If you disagree you are delusional and should check the statistics.

  • Wipe Eachotherout

    This is a typical case of idiots. Meaning, they’re victims. Victims of the line of work they’d chosen to be in. The blacks will get what’s coming to them in the joint, but the wannabe Sussex farm boy gangster “yo” is equally as or “was” (for lack of a better word), too brain dead to think this one through. Population control at its very best. I have no sympathy for anyone involved.

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