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National Gun Violence Awareness Day observed in Milwaukee: 41 fatal shootings since January

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MILWAUKEE -- "A sea of orange is better than a sea of red." Those words were spoken as National Gun Violence Awareness Day was observed in Milwaukee on Thursday, June 2nd.

Gun Violence Awareness Day

Gun Violence Awareness Day

You may have noticed that some things were orange on Thursday in the Milwaukee area -- and there was a reason for that.

Back in 2013, a Chicago teen was murdered -- and her friends asked people to wear orange in her memory. That effort has now gained national attention.

The numbers are jarring. There have been 41 fatal shootings, 221 non-fatal shootings and more than 1,000 illegal guns seized just in Milwaukee, since January 2016.Gun Violence Awareness Day

Gun Violence Awareness Day

Gun Violence Awareness Day

Whether a result of a gun suicide, a gun homicide or an unintentional shooting, National Gun Violence Awareness Day celebrates all survivors and the fight to end the violence.

"I'm wearing this button because I actually survived a robbery and rape at gunpoint many years ago," said Kristina Paris.

Zelodius Morton works with families of gun violence. Most recently he worked with the family of nine-year-old Za'layia Jenkins, who was shot and killed by a stray bullet while sitting in a home at 15th and Meinecke.Za'layia Jenkins

Morton was recently asked to share a video made by Za'layia's aunt -- explaining how lost they are, and asking for help.

"All I want you to do is stop the violence," said Morton.

Gun Violence Awareness Day

Gun Violence Awareness Day

Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke said he does not support this day. He declined to do an interview with FOX6 News, but in a statement posted to his Facebook page he said this day does nothing to stem crime and violence -- and instead, it mistakes activity for accomplishment.


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    • Notta De wun

      And just how do you propose to do that without stripping legal gun owners of their weapons?

      • Jacob

        What’s the problem with that? Majority of gun violence happens by a legal gun owner selling a gun to someone who shouldn’t have it, even if they know the person is not legally allowed to have one such as the shooter in Kansas office shooting, the San Bernardino was a neighbor giving it to the shooter to store the guns. Whether you like it or not, legal gun owners have had some type of involvement in many instances showing the ignorance of those people and that they shouldn’t have the right to purchase or own a weapon. We have more issues with someone who was locked up voting than them getting their hands on a gun.

      • JR kurie

        Jacob, First your facts are completely wrong. There are illegal gun traffickers, just like drug dealers, and they represent 80% of the illegal gun trade. The majority of the rest are stolen weapons not weapons sold by private citizens. The issue here is violence, the willingness of one individual to do harm to another. Your issue is with a tool used facilitate inflicting massive trauma. Just remember, while there is an attempt to demonize semiautomatic long weapons the true reason has nothing to do with protecting the citizen but rather protecting the ruling class. More people are murdered with blunt force trauma than all rifled long guns (semi auto “assault style” weapons, hunting and target rifles, popular older military weapons etc.). Chicago is an example of multiple social. political and law enforcement failures to dael with violence. 2.7 million people, over 2700 homicides in 2015. Then look at NYC. 8.4M people, 350 homicides in 2015. So far this year violent crime is down 14% and gun deaths are down 22%. People, communities, law enforcement and elected officials working together. You will hear about sensational dysfunctional issues in the media but seldom anything that could be a model for positive change. Note: to go from 2100 homicides in 1990 to 350 homicides in 2015 required a concerted effort from all involved – they didn’t just pass a law. For an example, look up the NYC “gun court”. No new laws, just an improved model of enforcement and adjudication.

      • Jose D (@JoseD89344985)

        Black gangs are the problem, Not the Guns..Liberals don’t want to blame the black gangs…..Put the black gangs in jail and you will end the gun violence , but Liberals are after the law Abiding citizens guns…They can END the gun killings by locking up the black gangs , but they don’t care to do that, they want to take your guns period.

      • imcrazy

        I don’t support taking guns from legal gun holders, . Guns in the hands of felons is illegal. Adding more laws is not going to change that. If the present laws can’t be enforced what makes anyone think that adding more laws will stop gun violence?
        Enforce the laws we have and the problem will diminish.

  • Fingcrap

    I love the liberals with the signs that have the fake stats. I’ve owned a gun since I was 8 and have never shot myself or anyone else. Maybe I’m just a bad shot

    • Larry Bloomer

      I agree with you, I have owned both rifle and pistol for more than 50 years. The only injury during this time is a pinched thumb from incorrect grip. I don’t think that we are bad shots….I think you and I have defective guns. It is my firm belief that there is no such thing as gun violence, they are inanimate, it is the person using the tool that is the problem.

  • Opinion8d

    Thumbs up while your comment lasts……the truth isn’t allowed -it may hurt peoples feelings so they have to report it and then remove it. What a lovely world…..

  • Liberal 2

    You gun wielding Americans are going to lose your guns! We will continue to fight until all the guns are removed from society. Guns kill period. People who own guns are on the edge type people who will shoot at anything. Most have criminal records and are Republican supporters. Cops are also very dangerous with guns. Government needs to force all gun owners to turn in their guns . Until then they will continue to kill and take human life

    • liberated mind

      My neighborhood is almost all republican supporters and all my neighbors have guns but we dont shoot eachother like the Hillary supporters in Killwaukee do. Milwaukee doesn’t have a “gun problem” Milwaukee has a black problem. I’m sure if you check stats or do a survey, most residents in high crime majority African American areas are democrat supporters. Until the decietful democrats and dilusional white libertards acknowledge the black problem there will always be higher rates of gun violence in every black community across the nation. Blacks will never solve their problems with the democrats always telling them its “not their fault”. Self responsibility is key, harsher punishments, less special treatment. Democrats are spoiling blacks to the point where they subcontiously believe they have lower expectations which contradicts their whole “equality” idea. The modern black community is like the spoiled child of the USA and Democrats are their weak parents. Malcome X said “All blacks who vote democrat are chumps” Than a democrat shot him.

    • dhufpostsux

      Maybe something like Australia’s example? There is absolutely no method whatsoever to account for illegally owned guns. By addressing laws, you address the law abiding, yet the law abiding are not the ones committing crimes. But, that doesn’t stop efforts such as Australia’s, and they have had tremendous success, right? I mean, no mass shootings, that’s good, right? What else happened?
      Australia-wide, homicides went up 3.2 percent.
      Australia-wide, assaults went up 8.6 percent.
      Australia-wide, armed robberies went up 44 percent.
      In the state of Victoria alone, homicides with firearms are now up 300 percent.
      After 20 consecutive years of declining violent crime, starting the first year of the ban, home invasions…especially of the elderly…increased 200%.

    • dhufpostsux

      Actually, your comment reveals you to be extremely confused and highly misinformed. I’d suggest the latter has caused the former, leaving the door open to the possibility of becoming informed, after which if you still felt the same way, at least the attempt would have been made. We can start by doing away with any claims that you are informed because you’re mixing criminal behavior with legal ownership by law abiding persons. No matter the race or economic background, you can flood an area with legal gun ownership and have absolutely no increase in gun crime, because law abiding persons will remain so. The best pro-gun study evidence all comes from gun studies that were meant to be and prove anti-gun facts. A few were halted during mid investigation do to the pro-gun results being uncovered, while others were allowed to continue with their authors apologizing for the results as well as offering rather reaching possibilities to help explain the results, but fall quite short, A couple even seem racist…like suggesting a reduction in violence was caused by blacks having more abortions. Really? Did they just attempt to avoid giving credit to gun ownership, by actually claiming less living blacks reduced the crime rate? Being black pre-determines criminal activity? How many of those aborted blacks might have been cops, or lawyers, or doctors, or simply not committing crime? How can you take the number of black abortions, and use that number to directly impact criminal activity without so much as a +/- percentage? Because it was a left wing group against guns, and not a right wing group trying to connect criminal activity, it is being ignored. God help any right wing group that repeats it’s findings, and they should suffer, but so should the left wingers trying to attack guns.
      I strongly suggest you read the entire Harvard Journal of Law & Public Policy [Vol. 30. If you feel the same afterwards, than at least you’ll do so from an informed position.


    One solution is much stiffer jail time. Why not do that? I think that would finally stop the repeat offenders which would lower the crime considerably and also send a message to others that think they will get away witht the same things over and over.

  • Metal Maniac

    I know, they should make more laws, and more strict of punishments! Because that works with drunk drivers….. Real short sightedness on their part. Become part of the solution and learn what guns are about instead of clamoring about how bad they are. These people protesting know NOTHING about guns except what they read in MJS or NY Times.

    The reason we weren’t invaded by Japan in WWII was because almost ever citizen was armed and this is still relevant today. Countries are afraid of us because of the amount of guns our everyday citizens have.


    CCW gun owners save lives, thugs kill with guns, knifes, cars, fist, bats, spoons, whatever. Anti-gun liberals.

  • Cynthia

    Suburbanites who have never had to walk fast paced to their call from Walmart to avoid being an easy target, throw their kids and groceries in the car quickly so they aren’t a sitting duck for an armed carjacker, and leave the cart right where it is because the walk to the cart corral is just too risky….those people irritate me. I carry because it is my last defense for myself and my children in a city in which the leaders no longer adequately protect us from enemies inside our own gates. I actually hate carrying. And I will stop if the authorities can actually increase my safety in Milwaukee. Until then, don’t touch my right to defend myself. And don’t lump my right to carry in with the completely illegal use of weapons by criminals.

    • Michael Neils

      Just had this discussion @ work Tues-that you shouldn’t have to arm yourself to get your dang groceries or top off you gasoline. It’s awful to have to carry and perhaps shoot someone in front of your kids to PROTECT your kids because it’s politically incorrect to jail the criminals in the 1st place.

  • Gary Hamilton

    I 100% agree with Sheriff Clarke. Maybe all these people should spend their time trying to teach people how to better raise their children!

  • oatka

    ” ‘I’m wearing this button because I actually survived a robbery and rape at gunpoint many years ago,’ said Kristina Paris.”
    Why doesn’t she wear a button asking why that rapist was running around free as a bird? I’ll warrant that her attacker was:
    1) Out on parole
    2) Plea-bargained a serious crime down to a lesser sentence.
    3) Has a record as long as your arm
    4) All of the above
    And yet she blames the gun.

    “Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke . . . said this day does nothing to stem crime and violence — and instead, it mistakes activity for accomplishment.”
    Read that last again. It defines the liberal mentality to a “T”.

  • Patrick

    “Gun violence”….. LOL. If I pick up a hammer, and beat someone to death is it “hammer violence”? The constant semantic games liberals and Black leaders play to avoid discussing the REAL PROBLEM insures they will never solve it.

  • carlos

    is it that difficult to take guns from criminals? seem,s also hard to tell criminals from the law abiding that own guns. how people that have mental issues that somehow obtained a gun? only plan comes to mind is take guns away from everyone. we have the authorities that use guns to quick to take a life. only takes a few to cause mistrust. I still have great respect for our law officers, most are there to protect and serve. last thought, as many die from guns that are obtained illegally , or life is to hard that cause law abiding people to us guns to take a life. just think if guns taken away from law abiding people – and criminals will still have access to guns, how many more people die! seem,s a big problem to take guns from criminals

  • He's Right

    Get rid of people who are from backwardl, 3rd world hel holes and ALL violent crime drops to levels seen in Scandinavia.

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