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Family says woman struck in Marquette Interchange was not dancing: “She was just confused”

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MILWAUKEE -- A family hard hit by tragedy speaks out. Those who know and love the young woman killed by a hit and run driver in the Marquette Interchange late Monday night, June 6th are ready to talk about the tragedy.

Bailey Hallio

Bailey Hallio

23-year-old Bailey Hallio will be memorialized next Wednesday. Today, her family gathered to talk about Bailey and what they want the public to know about what happened.

An artistic, free spirit, who cared deeply about the homeless and feeding the hungry. That is how relatives describe Hallio.

"I was the first one by her. I held her little fingers," said Auala Sefo Jr.Hallio's family

Auala Sefo Jr. tried to grab her from the center lanes of the Marquette Interchange Monday night. Just before he reached her, an SUV struck her.

The family says reports of Hallio dancing on the freeway are not true.

"She was just confused. She was scared. She looked lost. She didn't know where she was," said Sefo Jr.

Hallio was her mother's only child. But Friday, a large extended family joined her parents. That family now includes the man who tried to save her.


Hallio was an artist by trade and by passion, who attended the Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design. A graphic designer and administrative assistant at her mother's company, Rams Construction. She designed the company logo with her won hand print in the center.

Hallio's artwork graces the company's walls. The company was just awarded the bid to start the earth moving and groundbreaking for the Milwaukee arena project.RAMS

"My cousin Bailey was an artistic spirit is the best way I can describe," said Africa Lucas, Hallio's cousin.

The family asks people not speculate before the investigation brings answers to many questions.

"There's speculation as to how Bailey ended up on the freeway and our answer to that is we do not know. We would also like the public to know that we are right now seeking a separate investigation, separate than the accident as to why Bailey ended up on that freeway," said Lucas.

There is still no word on whether charges will be issued to the SUV driver who hit the young woman.

23-year-old Bailey Hallio struck and killed on Marquette Interchange

23-year-old Bailey Hallio struck and killed on Marquette Interchange

Bailey's funeral will be on Wednesday, June 15th at Krause Funeral Home in Brookfield. The family is asking people to wear white or bright colors, the colors Bailey loved.


  • Malai

    I’m confused… The family says that she wasn’t dancing (but witnesses say she was) and they say that she was “confused” yet they don’t know how why she was on the freeway? How do they know that she was in fact confused if they don’t know why she was on the freeway ? Is there a mental illness known to the family that justifies her behavior that night? This is so frustrating to think about

    • Pat Burns

      I think the person who said she wasn’t dancing was the eye-witness who teached out to try to save her, not a relative.

  • Dylan

    How and why on freeway..history of drug abuse..mental illness….didn’t belong on freeway….wasn’t normal…something horribly wrong..

  • Mel


    That’s what I thought. Sorry. What’s to be confused about. You don’t walk out on a FREEWAY! Sorry. It is an awful tragedy all the same.

  • Shona

    Someone on facebook said that they saw her panhandling shortly before this occurred. She told them she was trying to get money to get to St. Louis. They gave her some cash.

  • Leroy

    Very sad. I hope that if it does come down to some type of drug, the party that supplied it should be nailed very hard. She already paid the price. Very very sad.

  • Z

    Confused. Lost. Didn’t know where she was…yeah hard drugs will do that to a person.

    Clearly she wasn’t that great of a person.

  • Clinton

    I wonder if the little wench was all jacked up on Mountain Dew when she was dancing on the freeway. By the way, that is a dangerous thing to do so try to avoid that behavior!!


    I can’t wait to hear the results of a toxicology report. I’m guessing lots will be explained with that.

  • Non sugarcoater

    Yeah, looks pretty confused to me. Reminds me of another confused person whose family didn’t provide proper attention to. Also ended bad…Dontre Hamilton also didn’t know where the hell he was and neither did his family. But, when Dontre turned into a dollar sign, then they knew exactly where he was. Sorry for your loss…but really, why and how did this happen?

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