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Former Bay View H.S. teacher’s aide expected to plead guilty after altercation with student

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MILWAUKEE COUNTY — 39-year-old Jasmine Pennix — the former Bay View High School teacher’s aide charged with child abuse following an altercation with a student that was caught on camera is expected to plead guilty next month.

Pennix faces one count of child abuse — intentionally causing harm.

Jasmine Pennix

Jasmine Pennix

Pennix was in court on Monday, June 13th, and this case was adjourned for a projected guilty plea.

A plea/sentencing hearing has been scheduled for July 6th.

Video of the incident, which happened on April 20th, went viral.

The video shows the former teacher’s aide shoving a 14-year-old student to the ground.

“I think we’ll be able to show it was more than just words. And I think if we get into the prior acts of this person who is referred to as the victim in this case, if we get into prior acts what he’s been up to, this case is going to take on a whole different story,” said Kohn.

Bay View fight

According to the criminal complaint filed against Pennix in this case, several boys in a biology class at Bay View H.S. were “ripping on each other.” The complaint indicates the boy who was pushed by Pennix “got into an argument with (Pennix).” Pennix then “became upset and pulled the back of the chair that (the teen) was sitting on, causing (the teen) to fall to the floor.”

The complaint indicates the teen was put in a headlock and a witness heard the teen “tell the defendant to ‘get off me.'” The two separated — and a witness heard the teen state “‘come do something’ and then observed the defendant shove (the teen) into a chair and then observed the defendant push (the teen) to the ground with his hands around (the teen’s) neck.”

Bay View video

Pennix was soon terminated from Bay View High School.


  • sparkles

    Out of control kids. Who do they think they are?????? Fricking Brats. School is where you learn. Do not come to class if you do not want to learn. Did your low life parents teach you how to scam? I bet they did. Get the hell out of our schools. To the guy that tried to reprimand that brat, KUDOS TO YOU.

  • Opinion8d

    Why don’t they take this to a jury. People are sick of this stuff and I would hope they would let him off. What BS!

  • BG

    No way would I plead guilty. That thug of kid should be beat to a pulp. This poor man will never be able to work with kids. If anything that thug, idiot kid should be charged and put away!

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