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Milwaukee officials unveil plan to reduce crime, improve traffic safety

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MILWAUKEE -- Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett, Milwaukee Police Chief Ed Flynn and Alderman Terry Witkowski introduced on Tuesday, June 14th what they call the "Milwaukee Police Department Traffic Safety Plan" -- a plan aimed at reducing crime and improving traffic safety in the city.

Officials say they are getting a $150,000 state grant that allows them to put more enforcement in high crime, high car thefts areas through traffic enforcement.

Mayor Barrett has noticed drivers scoffing at the law.

"Just running the light -- my reactions range from, 'What are you doing?' to 'This is insane,'" Barrett said.

It's more of a problem than many think. Now, police are beginning an enhanced traffic stop enforcement project in areas which have high violent crime and stolen cars.

"When car stops go up, shootings robberies, and car thefts go down. When car stops go down, shootings, robberies and car thefts go up," Flynn said.

Would this create more stops targeting the poor and African-Americans? Common Council President Ashanti Hamilton said it was an initial concern.

"Many of the folks that are living in those areas are also asking for police presence. So we really want to give them that," Hamilton said.

People who live in the neighborhood such as Laura Walton just want the danger to stop.

"It's dangerous. A lot of kids die like that. A lot of people die like that from speeding and not paying attention. It's unfortunate," Walton said.

Flynn said another challenge is high-speed chases. He would like to see stronger prosecutions and if need be, a change in law to punish criminals who simply take off.


  • Klaatu

    Sounds to me like they only plan to hand out more speeding tickets……….have to wait and see what BS ‘plan’ is in the works……………..
    This just pmo to no end!
    We don’t need a “plan” to fight crime. The Cops are already doing a great job catching the crooks. The problem is in the system after the cops send the crooks to court.
    PUT THE CROOKS IN JAIL AND THEY WON”T COMMIT ANYMORE CRIMES!!!!! Is it that freaking hard to understand?

  • Rick Nielsen

    There are no enforced traffic laws in Milwaukee, especially in construction zones. I really wish they would go back to issuing more tickets so it would be safe to walk across a street. Stop more people and you will catch more criminals, you know the ones the jack cars and kill people. Milwaukee is more concerned with high speed car chases that should never happen. Use your radio, it’s faster than you can drive.

    • Klaatu

      The Cops already catch the criminals. They do a much better job than people give them credit for. We need the criminals to actually go to jail…not just a lecture from the court and then be dismissed with a group hug and probation.
      Car jackers don’t stop when the Cops tell them to pull over. All this will result in is the honest tax paying citizens paying out more when they send in their money to pay the tickets.

  • harry

    Lets be honest. Most of the carjackings in Kilwaukee are done by juveniles. The police department does a good job catching them only to have the stupid juvenile justice system release them in a few weeks. Want to reduce crime then start prosecuting the juveniles.

  • imcrazy

    Enforce the laws and PUNISH THE CRIMINALS. That’s all that needs to be done. The problem is in the justice system but they must have a different agenda than protecting the citizens.

  • Thinblue

    Here we go again trying to fix the dam with duct tape. No amount of traffic stops will prevent violent crime. Dummies!

  • Big Man

    Let’s see. Here’s a plan. Get rid of Barrett, Flynn and several of the aldermen (Witkowski) who do nothing. Hire more police officers and turn’em loose. Go MPD !!!! Barrett and Flynn (and Witkowski) are total failures.

    • Brian

      Especially since in the next 18 months over 500+ officers can retire. The time to hire a “younger” force is now, not when these individuals retire. If new recruits get hired on while the veterans on the force they can learn A LOT in the active policing in the city of Milwaukee. I know as someone who is pursuing a career in Law Enforcement would much rather learn and be taken “under the wing” of a 15+ year veteran versus being with a 2-5 year veteran. Policing is and always will be an evolving field but, some of the best techniques have been around longer then these veteran LEOs.

  • Tired of the BS

    OMG! These “leaders” are laughable! They are so out of touch with real life in Milwaukee, I coukd just scream! Do they really think the thugs are going to stop for the police? Smh in shame …

  • homosapien

    Fire the police force and hire private security. We need community policing these cops don’t live in our communities. How can you police something you know nothing about?

    • Realist

      Really? Police officers live in the communities! Obviously not every officer can police in the community that they reside. They want the force in each district to be a representation of the community they are serving.

      On a separate note….we need Tougher penalties on the criminals that commit crime. The idea of placing a bandaid over a gushing wound will leave a trail of blood with a scent of others to follow. …

      Next option is to have officials held to a higher standard. You have 6 months to prove your proposed plan is working … Or hand over your seat to a better qualified individual.

  • Clemenza

    Eh, this is not how we treat our fellow citizens. Uh, you know it’s like this it’s like that in the inner city. We need the head of the departments to create a manager to take care of these criminals by hanging them after they find them guilty or not.

    • Hyman Roth

      I going to take a nap. After I wake up and I see them hanging, I will know they are guilty. If not then I will know they are not.

  • Merlot

    Long overdue. These areas are completely out of control with regard to the traffic laws. Licence plates? Registration? Insurance? Driver’s licence? Stop signs, red lights, right turn only lanes, speed limits? All optional. Unfairly targeting minorities? Not at all. They aren’t going to stop someone becasue of their race. They are going to stop them because they are breaking the traffic laws. If that produces arrests for outstanding warrants, or results in fines or the impounding of vehicles, or removing unlicenced drivers from the streets, so be it. If that exposes illegal actvities then that is great news too. Illegal weapons, drugs, stolen merchandise or vehicles. There are laws, enforce them; and at the same time remove all of those with zero regard or respect for the law, and make the street safer for everyone. Sounds like a win-win to me

  • dighard

    Deer on headlights syndrome by the city leaders.
    If they don’t do there job can we taxpayers vote to remove there lavish pensions?

  • Good night politricks

    The people make the community and they have an average IQ of 80 with the tendency to chimp out very easily. Liberal democrats make it worse. The police in Milwaukee our doing a great job but nothing will change unless we get a hero with a spine in office and in the court room. These people need tough love, not free breaks.

  • Diversity makes us weaker

    Menomonee Falls cops have it easy compared to what Milwaukee police deal with, but with the “diversity” agenda in action, I bet in 20 years the dark plague will spread west and Menomonee Falls will eventually be an out of control slum town too.

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