US Bank Fireworks wow thousands of people along Milwaukee’s lakefront

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MILWAUKEE -- The annual US Bank Fireworks display on Milwaukee's lakefront created plenty of oohs and ahhs on Sunday, July 3rd -- and it was easy to see why.

About 40 minutes of fireworks shells lit up the evening sky. Those gathered at Veterans Park, the Milwaukee Art Museum, even along the shores of the Summerfest grounds could not help but be impressed by the colorful display.

The massive fireworks display was assembled by J&M Displays. They have been putting on the show along Milwaukee's lakefront for the last six years.

Since last Tuesday, crews had been preparing the display and loading up each of three barges, mortar by mortar each one of those barges is packed with more than 1,200 tubes. It was then launched with a high-tech system.

"A fireworks firing systems called 'Pyrodigital;' they have their own software you put in -- works out of our database. It is choreographed so each barge is shooting the same product or shooting in succession," said Matt Newhouse of J&M Displays.

For a list of fireworks displays happening throughout southeast Wisconsin, CLICK HERE.

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  • guest71

    I didn’t watch. Fireworks just don’t look the same on a little iPhone screen. Too bad Fox6 and DISH are still screwing around. I’ve long since given up streaming WakeUp and Real Milwaukee. Why must we play this game every other year? Do they really think they’re fooling anyone? Just raise our rates (which you plan to do anyway) and GET IT OVER WITH! Fox6 will get their cut and everyone can congratulate themselves on screwing their customers/viewers once again.

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