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“Where are the geese?” Milwaukee County rounds up geese in Greenfield Park; donates meat to food pantries

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WEST ALLIS -- They're almost as common as the park goers themselves, but for some reason they've gone missing. Several people have contacted FOX6 News, asking us to find out what was behind the disappearance of all the geese in Greenfield Park in West Allis. The answer has some park regulars upset.

Greenfield Park

Greenfield Park

Caryn Moczynski can't get enough of Milwaukee County's Greenfield Park.

"I try to get out here at least five days a week. It's a great place to come out, exercise, you get out in nature -- it's just so much fun," said Moczynski.

Lately, the park hasn't felt quite the same. Normally, there would be geese all over the place.

"Like nonstop geese. Like snorkels of geese if you will, gaggles of geese," said said Moczynski.

Caryn Moczynski

Caryn Moczynski

But now, there's not a goose in sight.

"Today I thought to myself, 'What happened? Where are all the geese? Did they go somewhere? Did they take their babies somewhere?'" said Moczynski.

Greenfield Park

Greenfield Park

Other park goers wondered the same thing.

Chelsea Shapiro goes to the park almost every day to watch the wildlife. She says the geese went missing about a week ago.

Greenfield Park

Greenfield Park

"It wasn't just a family was gone or a couple of the babies were gone, there were none whatsoever -- and we did fear the worst then," said Shapiro.

FOX6 News reached out to the Milwaukee County Parks Department to find out what happened.

A spokesman says the department tries to use non-lethal goose management techniques as much as possible, but a roundup of the Greenfield geese happened about a week ago.Greenfield Park

As for why, the parks department says an increasing number of geese posed several problems, including harassing people, defecating on park lands and creating unhealthy conditions.

Some aren't happy about the roundup.

Chelsea Shapiro

Chelsea Shapiro

Shapiro was so bothered by it, she's been staying away from the park.

"We were upset. We adored watching the babies with the parents and I think it's a way that they were killed is sad," said Shapiro.

The parks department spokesman says roundups are done as a last resort, and on a case-by-case basis at the discretion of the USDA. He also says they test the goose meat and then donate it to local food pantries.



    All well and good to donate meat to charity. I consider myself a fair cook & sportsman. Wild goose does not taste like chicken. It takes a bit to make something edible of goose meat. Hope that they gave out something like Chicken helper to mix it into. Geese are mostly rats with wings.

    • Daniel Kaye

      Geese – and ALL birds for that matter – are among the cleanest creatures on earth. They constantly preen their feathers which have to be in good shape for flight, and they bathe frequently. More than some people.

      The extent to which people posting here know virtually NOTHING about waterfowl or wildlife in general is mind-boggling. Alsmost as mind-boggling as their irrational hatred for animals that are simply trying to survive.

      Anyone who uses that tired old incorrect line of rats with wings or rats with feathers is already demonstrating a remarkable lack of intelligence and knowledge.

  • Anthony Teemer

    Wow, that is such a bad idea, they’ve been pouring algae and weed killing agents into that lagoon for decades, feeding them to the homeless is a serious malfunction.

  • Sara Jerry

    I live in Racine and I love seeing animals of every kind in the community. Geese already stay in Wisconsin longer then they ever used to and now these poor animals fecal waste is a problem so you kill them ? An to justify it you donate the meat to homeless shelters? Should the same be done to humans, I mean Waukeshas treated waste is going to be routed through my community to pollute the Root River and Lake Michigan. Your reason is ridiculous. You could have relocated them, but now a days everyone wants to kill EVERYTHING.

  • Relax, this really isn't a bad thing

    1: You can’t relocate Geese.. they fly and will find their way back.
    2. Eventually other Geese will find the park and you can see them again.
    3. At some point the droppings reach a level where it is truly hazardous for people.
    With the insane numbers of Geese currently at all the parks, rivers, and any other water they can find the number of them culled from Greenfield Park isn’t even a scratch in the total population. Fine you all have a right to be a bit upset, but get over it and move on. In the big picture this not only keeps the park cleaner but for as many as were in that Park, they would start getting sick and dying anyway from overcrowding.

    • Metal Maniac

      You speak common sense, where are these people coming from who do not understand this? It’s like they have never been to a park. You are walking down the trail and constantly looking down for goose poop. Then you get on a bike and run over the goose poop god forbid none of it gets flinged back at you with the rear tire. If a human was pooping all over the park and on trails these people would have a problem with it, but NOOO don’t hurt little goosey goose.

      • Daniel Kaye

        There’s a real useful device called a HOSE. Put volunteers to work or make it community service for minor infractions using it to wash the goos poop – you’ll have the greenest grass in the world (best fertilizer ever).

  • Car

    Good. Now we can walk at the park without staring at the ground the whole time to avoid poop on our shoes.

  • Carmen

    What a disturbing news about what happened to the geese specially to the baby ones, is hard for me to believe that the birds arrasing people when is all the way around and the birds are the scare ones and their meat is donated that is one os the sickest thing I ever heard.

    • Metal Maniac

      Sounds like you gotta Re’up on life. You live in some sort of bubble? maybe under a rock?

  • Milo

    What other weak excuses this “people” can find they mention the bird droppings are a health issue, let me mention real health issues in this city: contamination, violence, people without health care and without food in their tables, drogs, alcohol…and much more that this comment space is not enough to mention them and Not the geese droppings.

  • craig

    Maybe if all the idiots would quit feeding them they might act like wild geese and try to avoid human contact.We need to remove those that refuse to leave in winter and allow things to return to the way nature intended.AND FINE THE HELL OUT OF PEOPLE WHO FEED WILD ANIMALS!

  • A brain

    You live in a world with wild life. You are the exmplify the problem with humans– “its all mine I’ll do whatever I want to whomever I want.”

    The only thing worth anything is my own life and my shoes, and my truck, and my stomach.

    Eff em all! ‘Merica!

    This planet is doomed if we cant even live next to geese.

  • Daniel Kaye

    The USDA deliberately seeks out communities to get their contracts with their Wildlife Services division that kills these geese. This is all about a lucrative revolving door of income for them, and plenty of articles have been written about how relentless this agency is. It’s not about spreading disease because geese and ducks DO NOT – just check with Atlanta’s Center for Disease Control. No one anywhere EVER caught any illness from waterfowl. They live symbiotically with their environment and their droppings are harmless – if that were not true, humans would have been poisoned off from bird droppings eons ago.

    This is all about a community not doing appropriate and non-lethal management the right way and then thinking killing is a solution. And intolerant, compassionless, ignorant people who hate nature and just want to kill everything that inconveniences them.

    Donating the dead geese to soup kitchens is pure BS. Almost all of them end up in landfills no matter what you are told; reputable soup kitchens will not take them because the testing of gooseflesh for toxins from eating pesticide treated grass is too costly. Poor people alreayd have compromised immunie system and need PRODUCE more than they need goosemeat. Interesting that they are foisted on the poor – because they don’t matter any more than the geese to these local governments. And gullible people are fooled into getting behind the killing programs by being told this is charity. It’s not charity, it’s nonsense and your tax money pays for this plan that doesn’t work.

  • Holly

    Wow! We don’t live in barbaric thinking times. Definition of barbaric
    a : of, relating to, or characteristic of barbarians
    b : possessing or characteristic of a cultural level more complex than primitive savagery but less sophisticated than advanced civilization

    Which because the poop is everywhere we have to kill them. Is a barbaric thinking mentality. This is not a reason to kill all these animals.

    A lawsuit needs to be administered to the City for allowing this to happen. The city’s, town, people are taking away all of the animals land and habits. They need places to go.

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