House Speaker Paul Ryan reacts to Clinton email probe: “Hillary Clinton…thinks she’s above the law”

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MILWAUKEE  -- House Speaker Paul Ryan is asking intelligence officials to block Hillary Clinton's access to classified information for the rest of the campaign. Historically, presidential nominees have access to classified information after the conventions.

House Speaker Paul Ryan

House Speaker Paul Ryan

Speaker Ryan says that Clinton can't be trusted -- and that she should be "cut off."

"Hillary Clinton I believe, thinks she's above the law," said Ryan.

Paul Ryan tells FOX6 News why he wants the director of national intelligence to revoke Hillary Clinton's access to sensitive information.Hillary Clinton

"The FBI director himself just said that even though all this mishandling and reckless behavior occurred, compromising sensitive, classified material, he didn't recommend criminal penalties but he did recommend administrative penalties. typically what happens in this case, that person's cut off ," said Ryan.

If intelligence officials don't do it, Ryan says Congress might consider legislative action.Congress

House Republicans were already in action Thursday, grilling FBI Director James Comey for hours about his agency's handling of the case.House Republicans

Meanwhile, Democratic U.S. Senate candidate, Russ Feingold, broke his silence about Clinton -- who he's endorsed for president.

"I'm saying I'm troubled by it. Of course. It was a mistake. She shouldn't have done it, she said that. It was not a stellar moment, you have to put it in the context of her overall career," said Feingold.James Comey/Hillary Clinton

But Feingold calls it "absurd" for Republicans to go after the FBI.

"This is purely for political reasons to keep this going, to try to tarnish Hillary Clinton," said Feingold.

Russ Feingold

Russ Feingold

Theo Keith: "How far do Republicans in looking into the FBI's handling of this?"

Ryan: "I think we just make sure that the trust is known. I think if the FBI releases the facts, the unclassified facts, the people can make up their own mind."

Ryan also says that House Republicans had a productive meeting with their candidate, Donald Trump Thursday morning.

Ryan says it was the first chance for many of them to ask questions of Trump, although some Republicans still have their concerns.


  • Martin Payne

    Paul Ryan thinks that spending and wasting million of tax payers dollars because it suite his party selfish political end is OK. 8 Benghazi investigation and Hillary made you look like fools in the end.
    When she POTUS I know for a fact your life is going to suck. LOL :) Kama That and Swallow.

  • Igor

    What are you going to do about Hildabeast Ryan you candyass? Nothing did you say because she’s part of your uniparty??
    Quit embarrassing yourself Pauly, we’ve figured you out.

  • Rosa

    Dear Mr. Ryan,
    I have been very disappointed in your stance. We are a 2-party system and to not support Donald Trump is to vote for Hillary. Stop it !! Please bring unity by supporting Mr. Trump Now and TODAY !!

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