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‘Blue Lives Matter’ initiative: WI lawmaker wants targeting of officers to be considered a hate crime

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Should the targeting of law enforcement officers be considered a hate crime? One Northeast Wisconsin lawmaker thinks so.

WLUK is reporting Rep. David Steffen, R-Howard, has scheduled a news conference for Monday morning, July 11th at the Brown County Sheriff’s Office to announce his initiative.

“Every day our police officers place themselves in harm’s way in order to protect and serve our communities,” Steffen said in a news release. “Over the past several weeks, I have been working on the ‘Blue Lives Matter’ initiative which works to protect those who protect us. I strongly believe that anyone who targets these brave men and women, solely because of their profession, should face serious penalties. This legislation sends a clear message that the despicable attacks we’ve seen against officers throughout the country will not be tolerated in Wisconsin.”

Steffen plans to model his bill after a law passed in Louisiana earlier this year.

Sheriff’s officials say they will also provide comments at the Monday news conference.

This announcement comes after twelve officers were shot, and five were killed after a suspect opened fire during a protest in Dallas over back-to-back killings of African-American men by officers on Thursday, July 7th.



    That should be a given. Just make it a national law, if you intentionally shoot a Cop or Fireman it will be death penalty. Simple. No state by state law. Shoot a cop or fireman you will die. I would think that Donald would push that through in hurry.

  • Big Man

    If you shoot or attack a police officer, the sentence should be life in prison without the possibility of parole. Period.

  • DaTruth

    There should also be a law against innocent black lives and innocent lives being lost across the country. No black man/woman should have to die just from having police contact. There is something wrong if across the nation, you have innocent black people being murdered by hateful police. Some people can let their authority, carry their unjust hatred and their hateful ways on others forward, because they have a vendetta against black people. I just saw a video where a police officer conducted a traffic stop on black males and tossed the driver out of the car unto the ground for no apparent reason, then another squad car pulled up and a officer jumped out with gun drawn, then told the passenger to let him see his hands. The officer stated to the young man to put his hand on the thing. After the officer said that he told him if he move his hand he would put a round in his ass so fast. How many Caucasian citizens is treated like this? How many Caucasians have a threat of losing their loved ones to hateful police. No one was guilty in the car and did anything to be treated like that, they were surprised by the reaction of the officer. This sort of behavior doesn’t make police contact with black or brown citizens to have a feeling of safety. You are not guilty until proven otherwise, but it seems that crooked individuals are playing judge and executioner. Innocent is just what the word means and if no police is subject to a life-threatening situation, then no guns should be drawn. There seems to be a bloodlust with these crooked officers and what law is in place to defend these atrocities. The power of their authority doesn’t make it okay to just go around murdering innocent people. you see what happens when things hit close to home, there is the same feeling of despair that is experienced by “people” who have families. It is not okay on neither end and that needs to be treated more seriously. If a organization is corrupt, the good things that have been done is totally wiped away. To protect and serve is just that and that doesn’t mean to harass and kill. Police officers are regular people with feelings and emotions, just like the rest of us and they can let their anger get the best of them. But there is a difference between making a mistake and correcting it versus being hateful, a killer or a racist.

  • Michael Neils

    Should be a law only if it is ALSO a hate crime when a black attacks/shoots/rapes/accosts an ordinary white. Like that white girl at state fair WI who was beaten up by black mom and daughter and auntie because she wasn’t black enough to play minnie the mooch on her sax. (forgot what year) Never became a hate crime. And you KNOW if it was a black dud paying Sinatra and 3 white guys did the same thing there’s be hate crime charges, marches, burning cars, rocks at windows etc. It was never a hate crime when the blacks were jumping only the whites leaving state fair (2010?) It is already a given that shooting/harming or intending to harm an officer gets a separate charge.

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