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Sara Domres, former New Berlin West H.S. teacher accused of sexual assault pleads guilty

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WAUKESHA COUNTY — 28-year-old Sara Domres, accused of sexually assaulting a student while serving as a teacher at New Berlin West High School has pleaded guilty.

Domres faces two counts of sexual assault of a student by school staff — felony charges. Domres pleaded guilty to both felony charges Thursday, August 4th.

She will be sentenced on September 30th.

Sara Domres

Sara Domres

According to court documents, the relationship between Domres and the 16-year-old male student began during the 2014-2015 school year. A criminal complaint states that the victim was in an English class taught by Domres, and the two “became friends and began to text each other a lot.”

Investigators found evidence on Domres’ phone where they refer to each other as “baby boo.” Texts read, “I love you!” — and, “You’re extremely attractive to me!!!”

According to court documents, the two had sex at the Park and Ride on Moorland Road in New Berlin in July 2015 — and at the Motel 6 off of Bluemound Road in the Town of Brookfield sometime during the 2015-2016 school year — “on the same day (her husband) had his bachelor party.” Investigators were able to confirm the victim’s phone had been connected to the hotel’s WiFi — and Domres “paid cash” for the room.

Sara Domres in court

Sara Domres in court

The boy admitted to police, Domres sent selfies (to him) while she was on her honeymoon. At one point, the report says her husband caught the two hanging out in the parking lot of a New Berlin restaurant.

Also in the complaint, detectives “determined that between May 14, 2015 and January 6, 2016, the victim sent the defendant approximately 619 text messages. Between March 29, 2015 and January 15, 2016, the defendant sent the victim approximately 555 text messages.”

Sara Domres in court

Sara Domres in court

Officials with the School District of New Berlin said they learned of the allegations against Domres on January 15th, 2016. She was immediately placed on administrative leave. After an internal investigation by the School District of New Berlin, Domres was fired.

Domres was criminally charged in April.


  • Anonymous

    I’m going to break things down for her. She has no idea how much her life is about to change. She either had a terrible lawyer that filed no motions to suppress evidence, a lawyer that has no experience handling sex assault cases and doesn’t truly know how bad this is going to end for her or the DA held the 2 charges, gave her no break and wants to make an example out of her. In most cases with good representation fighting for you shouldn’t have plead guilty to both charges….maybe one. You better hope the judge is in a forgiving mood when you get sentenced next month. Under WI state law there is a list of register-able sex assault charges that require you to be placed on the sex offender registry either for 15 years after your sentence has been fulfilled, 25 years or life (most child related offenses). Based on the statue of both of your felonies you will be required to register as a sex offender and the judge has no discretion in your case. You will be lucky if you get probation instead of being sent to Taycheetah Prison. Your life to about to forever change in a horrible way. You will be labeled a child sex offender and your face and home address will be plaster all over the internet and you probably should never have kids if you were thinking about it. Sex offenders with a child related offense can’t even go on school property to pick there children up from school without permission from the school. Even when you are completely off probation you will still need to follow the rules of the WI Sex offender registry depending on how many years you have to register and this determines where you will live. You will have an extremely hard time finding a house to live in (that is approved by the DOC) because of all the sex offender ordinances in every town and city. Outside of being a convicted felon you have to deal with the stereotype of being labeled a child predator. Your probation rules either from the start of being sentenced or when you get out of prison for extended supervision will be very hard to live with. You will need to check in weekly, give drugs tests and take polygraphs for your probation officer to make you are following your rules which will include absolutely no contact with any minor whatsoever. You will need special permission to even have contact with your family members who are minors. You will need approval to go to any sporting events, malls, movies, or any place frequently visited by minors (which is basically everywhere). You will have a curfew and you will not be able to leave your county with our permission. If and when you get a new job they will need to call your job and make sure they are aware of your child assault conviction. You will be required to take sex offender treatment and probably remain in this group until your completely off probation. There are so many more things you will learn as you go through this. I have a couple of friends who’s sons have been placed on the registry and are on probation from a dating situation (18 year old and 15/16 year old female). Their lives have been ruined.

    Was a 16 year old boy worth cheating on your husband and being labeled a child sex offender?

  • The one who needs no KEYBOARD to hide behind

    Hopefully she gets 20 or better. Had this been a man, he would had easily gotten double digits

  • Protect our kids

    She deserves a tough sentence…..there should be absolutely NO difference in the sentence she is given and the sentence a man would receive for this crime. Sex with a child is just with a child and it is unforgivable.

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