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“I strangled him:” Woman accused in the death of her 2-year-old son in Sheboygan Falls

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SHEBOYGAN FALLS -- Sheboygan Falls Police Chief Steven Riffel laid out on Friday, August 5th the details of a child death investigation that unfolded on Thursday afternoon. The victim in this case is a two-year-old boy. The woman who has been jailed in reference to the death -- is the boy's 27-year-old mother.

Officials say just before 3:00 p.m. on Thursday, the Sheboygan County Emergency Dispatch Center received a 911 call from a female stating that there was a two-year-old child that was strangulated. The woman also made reference to injuring the child.

Sheboygan County child death

Sheboygan County child death

Emergency crews responded to a condominium complex on Woodview Ave. in Sheboygan Falls -- and officers approached the residence. They came upon the 27-year-old woman in a stairway. Officials say she was armed with a large butcher knife and initially ignored orders by the officers to drop that knife. Eventually she did drop the knife -- and the officers attempted to restrain her. Officials say at that time, the woman moved again and advanced on the officers. She was tased twice because she struggled aggressively with the officers. The woman was taken into custody.

A Sheboygan Falls police officer and Sheboygan County sheriff's deputy proceeded into the residence -- and located a young child in a room. The child was not breathing. They began life-saving measures on the child. However, the child died at St. Nicholas Hospital in Sheboygan a while later.

Sheboygan County child death

Sheboygan County child death

Officials say an autopsy, which is being conducted Friday, will determine the exact cause of death.

Sheboygan Falls Police Chief Steven Riffel

Sheboygan Falls Police Chief Steven Riffel

The mother was initially taken to the Sheboygan Falls Police Department. She has since been transported to the Sheboygan County Detention Center where she is awaiting charges.

Chief Riffel said officials believe this was "an intentional act." Investigators believe the mother is the one responsible for the child's death.

With little emotion in her voice, the mother told a Sheboygan County 911 operator she killed her son.

911 Operator: "You what?"

Mother: "I killed my son."

911 Operator: "How did you kill your son?"

Mother: "I strangled him."

The woman says her child had been dead inside her home for a half hour.

911 Operator: "Can you tell me what led up to this?"

Mother: "I have no idea. I feel like I have lost my mind."

After several minutes passed, the caller was suddenly quiet.

911 Operator: "Are you still here?"

Mother: "I have a knife."

In the distance, police began to shout, "drop the knife, drop the knife."

Riffel also told reporters the officers involved in this case were wearing body cameras -- and the struggle with the suspect was indeed caught on camera.

"I can tell you that based on our observations at the scene, our investigations and speaking to individuals on the scene, this was an intentional act."

Riffel says the mother was alone with the child and is the sole suspect in the case. He's waiting to release her name and the victim's name until charges are filed.

"Obviously, when you're dealing with someone who intentionally caused the death of another person, you're looking at very, very serious charges," said Riffel.

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  • Klaatu

    There’s a special place in hell for that waste of humanity.
    Thoughts and prayers for the rest of the family.

  • Mark

    when a life is taken in the commission of a crime, jealousy, etc…….. anything that points to a reason why 1 person took the life of another, I agree with you. In this case, along with the one that happened the other day with the father drowning his young son, I have to stop from voicing any negativity towards the suspect, simply because I do believe there are instances where mental well being comes into play.

    • Wow

      Dumb. Issues or not, they know right from wrong. She knew if she didn’t drop the knife she would be shot by police. Where do you draw the line otherwise? Jeffrey dahmer was crazy, but knew enough to dispose of bodies, wear condemns. That takes thought and planning. Enough excuses. Acceptable behavior and unacceptable behavior. Society now is too interested in making excuses for everyone’s evil behavior.

  • lana mcdermott

    It mostly seems to me in these cases that the killer is getting back at their lover, husband, wife. So sad. RIP little man.

  • Sam

    Cop should’ve finished her off with a bullet. Now we’ll have to foot the bill for her “trial” just to see the jury declare “not guilty”

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