FOX6 Investigators take a closer look at the criminal past of Sylville Smith

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MILWAUKEE -- The unrest in the City of Milwaukee stems from the officer-involved fatal shooting of Sylville Smith. At 23 years old, Smith had already racked up four criminal cases -- three of them felonies -- two involving guns. But one of those cases was dismissed.

Sherelle Smith

Sherelle Smith

"My brother gonna walk around with his gun regardless. That was his way of saying, 'I'm safe,'" said Sherelle Smith, Sylville's sister.

Sherelle Smith is one of eight siblings mourning the death of Sylville.

"This brother that y'all talking about is the sweetest brother I got," Smith said.

But even Smith's sweetest brother had racked up a hefty list of criminal charges. In 2013, he was charged with felony theft for allegedly stealing more than $1,600 in DVDs from a south side Walmart. That case was eventually dismissed.

In 2014, Sylville Smith was arrested outside a Walgreen's and convicted of carrying a concealed weapon without a permit.

Sylville Smith

Sylville Smith

"My brother carried that pistol for safety. For safety reasons! He never shot his gun, ever!" said Sherelle Smith

In 2015, Sylville Smith was charged with shooting another man outside a home on Grant Blvd. in a dispute that allegedly stemmed from a fight between girls. The victim, Willis Turk-Stokes, identified Smith in a lineup. But while that case was pending, prosecutors say they obtained jailhouse recordings of Smith instructing a woman to get the victim to change his story. A short time later, Turk-Stokes wrote a letter recanting his statement.


Smith was charged with felony intimidation of a witness. But without the victim's cooperation, both the shooting and intimidation charges were also dropped.

"I think they were phony," said Sherelle Smith.

Smith said of all her brothers, she cannot believe Sylville would do those things.

"The other ones, I probably would believe that, cause they meaner. My other brothers are mean. Sylville is the sweetest brother I have!" Smith said.


  • WashCoTaxpayer

    What a great family. It’s nice the Black Community has icons to rally around as they torch auto parts stores. Don’t be too hard on John Chisholm’s staff though… there’s only so many hours in the day to pursue that violent son-of-a-preacher Scott Walker and his band of evil Republicans.

  • Honky

    He was caerying his stolen gun for safety? Makes sense. Oh my bad she forgot the word “stolen” in her statement? Who needs protection?

  • Robin

    One of EIGHT siblings… Dad just got out of jail. Every single one of them raised on the tax payers dime. Does the father and the two sisters actually realize HOW STUPID THEY SOUND when they open up their mouths???

    • You Know Who You Are

      8 siblings, but how many different “fathers” are there? Some of the other siblings definitely had different last names. Thank “mom” for churning out illegitimate kids for that monthly check. Sick and disgusting culture these ghetto blacks live in.

  • Klaatu

    I pity that young woman. This is the result of the liberal agenda coddling the criminals, making plea deals and enforcing zero actual punishment for significant crime in many cases. This young woman, like many others, cannot differentiate between abiding the law and breaking the law. Listening to her and again reading the statements she made, it’s obvious there is a generation of people out there who don’t believe the law applies to them, and that they should be able to do whatever they want because they have justified it in their own way.
    Thank you very much liberal DA’s and Judges for helping turn a once great city into a cesspool of crime.

    • Paul Frantizek

      I pity anyone that had to be exposed to her and her whole rotten family. From the way she describes it, in a just world the cops would have kicked in their door and shot the entire family.

      Instead of Governor Scott Walker, it sounds like Wisconsin needs Governor Rodrigo Dutarte.

  • Mark

    he was carrying his gun for safety. How’d that work out for him?
    He never shot his gun, ever!” said Sherelle Smith
    In 2015, Sylville Smith was charged with shooting another man outside a home on Grant Blvd. in a dispute that allegedly stemmed from a fight between girls.

      • Anita Delgado

        And how do you know it was a stolen gun? THE BALLISTICS ARE STILL NOT BACK. …. THE SERIAL RUN IS STILL NOT BACK? because they narrated it to you and you believed him. I cant wait till all this media besmurging bites you all in the ass. You dont stand up for RIGHTS that means they are using us to take your rights away. MORON.

  • SpTruth

    What is sad is she actually believes the stuff she is saying. She believes he was a good guy, because she doesn’t know any better. It is a delusion created by her upbringing. If a thug dies in the hood he’s a hero to the hood and they honor them. If he isn’t in prison yet he’s a good person, because he’s made it this long with out getting locked up. He sells drugs, but prides for the family so he’s the man of the house. When they do go to prison they celebrate their release like a graduation. This is the delusion her and many others believe. Her culture has made her ignorant to humanity.

  • G

    I gotta say I feel sorry that they were raised in a house full of imbeciles. She contradicted herself numerous times during her interview and believes everything she said lol Plus I guarantee NONE of her siblings work and they either sell drugs, are on SSI or even both…The way I see it is the cops should of let them burn more buildings on the northside since its a dump on that side of the city regardless.

  • Angry Dad

    Well when you get a government check monthly for every child you push out your vagina, it’s no wonder these women sleep around with so many different (worthless criminal) men. This is the root of the problem and not helping the black community but I don’t think anyone cares enough to address it.

    • AllLivesMatter#NotOnlyBlack

      The government is to blame for their actions. The government says, “hey have lots of kids and we will support you. You’ll get foodstamp, Medicaid, welfare checks, childcare, rent assistance, heat assistance, damn we will even build you a new home!” So here they go popping out babies from 10 different baby daddies and they are set for many years to come. We on the other hand work hard ass fuk and pay our share of tax and yet we don’t get Shiet. We are working just to pay for their living expenses while they go and get them hair and nails done. They are a bunch of leeches who feeds of welfare.

  • Ijiah Gilmore-Safforld


    • Duh

      I’m pretty sure I’m speaking for many people when I say that I automatically don’t read comments if they’re in all caps.

  • harry

    I knew this was going to happen eventually. The city is a piece of crap. WIsconsin is a terrible state and its not going to get any better. Heres a honest list of why this state is garbage. Lenient drunk driving laws, lenient sentences for juveniles, 8th most dangerous city in America, high poverty, ranked 36 in job creations, 4th poorest city in America, highly segregated, a carjacking epidemic (mostly by juveniles), 1 Billion deficit for road construction, stupid spending (BUCKS arena and trolley), dumb Mayor Barrett, and a governor who cant even balance his own finances. Your delusional if you think this is a great state. Glad to be getting the f#%÷ out of here soon. Wisconsin blows

  • WritesOnParade

    Innocent until proven guilty and here we are pulling out charges that were all dismissed but that’s none of my business.

  • phacepalm

    I am willing to bet this family of thugs are behind the recent death threats against that officer defending himself from sylvie.

  • Duh

    I wonder how long it’ll take before these “mean” brothers victimize someone and she’s on the news saying how sweet they are/were.

  • Nichole

    I was returning from an appointment Friday and had to wait at 60th and Good Hope for this young man’s funeral procession. I am saddened to say it was the most disrespectful, irreverent display I had ever seen. Cars broke from the line to use both the right and left turn lanes to swerve through the intersection, then had to speed and swerve to form a line again. (And yes, before you ask, people were waiting quietly for the procession to pass.) People were sitting in open cars windows, and standing out of moon roofs, some with cans of beer, some yelling things at the waiting cars I think I am glad I could not fully understand. I know everyone grieves in their own way, but this display did not seem like the way to start the spirit of community healing. This is truly a sad time for Milwaukee on many levels.

  • Anita Delgado

    I took a closer look myself. I looked at each charge and then the court records. All 3 felony charges were dropped and he was left with ONE MISDEMEANOR of carrying a fire arm without a license. EVERYTHING ELSE WAS TRAFFIC INFRACTIONS. No matter, that you keep trying to smudge him so people look at him as though he deserved to be killed, the fact is,,, there is no proof he did anything. Not one proof. There is NARRATION from you and from the PEOPLE WHO KILLED HIM. So INNOCENT UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY no longer stands in our country? As far as that right is concerned. And until THEY PROVE he did something execution worthy. and not just say it… they shot an innocent man.

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