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“I just felt an impact out of nowhere:” Teen recounts being shot, wounded during Milwaukee unrest

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MILWAUKEE -- The weekend unrest in Milwaukee left a lasting imprint on the people who witnessed it. That is especially true for one teenager.

18-year-old Ben Olson removes the neck brace he now has to wear after being shot in the neck near Sherman Park around 11:30 p.m. on Sunday.

20160816_142133The photo to the right shows you what the gauze is covering up.

Olson was taking his friend home after leaving the Wisconsin State Fair. He noticed a lot of people in the Sherman Park area -- and decided to check it out. They walked to the intersection of Sherman and Burleigh.

"There was a more rowdy group across the street throwing big bricks and other things at police. But we were with the more moderate group," Olson said.

When police moved into position, OIson and his friend moved to what they thought was a safer area.

Ben Olson

Ben Olson

"And then when there were no bricks or anything being thrown, I just felt an impact out of nowhere. My body's immediately running backwards and I can't move my arm," Olson said. "And my friend immediately covered it up and carried me over to an apartment."

A short time later, police surrounded them, got Olson into an armed vehicle and took him to a hospital. The friend called Olson's father, Richard.

Richard Olson with son, Ben

Richard Olson with son, Ben

"It went right past his artery, right past it, just to the outside of it," said Richard Olson.

Needless to say, Richard Olson is a grateful to still have his son.

"As a parent, to realize that the boy you love so much could have been gone just like that," Richard Olson said.

Thanks to his father's sound advice, Olson is now writing down the events that happened in a journal -- to help him process the shooting.


  • Shonnie

    I’m sorry what an idiot. Im 25 and African American I won’t even stop at the gas station in that area at night if my truck gas light is on. Yet you see a full blown crowd of people black people running you get out your car to “check it out” that’s the problem stay where you belong! You were already sticking out like a d$@m sore thumb to begin with.

    • sparkles!

      This is exactly what is wrong with the City of Milwaukee. We all should be able to go anywhere, without feeling intimidated. I grew up on the North Side of Milwaukee and I have great memories. Part of me would like to visit my roots. I remember Sherman Park, and all of the other parks on the North side, Still hope someday, my dreams come true.

      • Shonnie

        I’m not sure what era you were born in but I’ve lived on the north side my entire life and quite frankly I’ve always been told put your purse on the floor of your car, Windows shouldn’t be lowered too low when driving, I’ve been robbed twice minding my own business coming out of a business. Once by a Caucasian once by an African American. So that’s life and you USED to live and frequent that area try living over here now.

      • Kaelin Fox

        I used to ride my bmx bike, at 12yrs old from Capital Court to North Ridge and Mayfair in the mid/late 80’s. It was moooostly safe. I, too, miss the parks around there. Hoyt, Dineen, and McGovern.. You won’t catch me around there now.

    • k9

      white people are so afraid of being called racist these days, that they have made themselves willfully oblivious to danger.

  • Always Outspoken

    So apparently when a white kid gets shot in a crowd of wilding blacks it’s no big deal.

    Had this been a black kid who was shot in a crowd of whites it would be a national incident.

  • Reese MacGruder

    Complete silence from the national media about this white victim of black racial hatred.

    Their willingness to report on this is not too hard to understand once you realize that the same media are the ones pushing the lie of “black victimization” which is the primary animator of the rampant anti-white violence in America today.

    • Shonnie

      He was not victimized 😂😂 he got out the car acting like he was on an episode of law and order playing detective! He had every opportunity to drive through it and keep going. I was driving through that same havoc and you know what I did ?!? Drive faster through it so my car wouldn’t be torched or my safety wouldn’t be in danger! So this is not national news this was a life’s lesson!

      • Tabs

        He was shot during a protest. The so called protesters were openly calling for attacking whites. They are on video. He was victimized solely for his skin tone. You know if he was black in a white crowd it would be national news. Stop being blinded by bias.


    If you choose to be around a bunch of crazy savages throwing rocks at Police at 11:30 on a Sunday night you are a frickin idiot. Father raised a rather stupid one. Darwin has you in his sights. I was at the fair Sunday night. As we were leaving I noticed many police all over the north gate and crowds of minorities getting in. I knew nothing about Saturday night activities at that time. I purposely limit outside news on weekends. My GF actually started crying as I made her walk so fast to get us out of there. Survival is the name of the game.



    • sparkles!

      That is not right. We know that certain neighborhoods are not safe, however, everybody should be able to go into a neighborhood and if they are not causing trouble, leave them alone.

  • Z

    Lesson learned here. Don’t be out with the savages. You never know what will happen. This kid is lucky to be alive.

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